Lynch’s press conference: somewhat live updates

You can hear Lynch’s entire press conference by clicking here.

Or read the updates Dustin typed as the event unfurled:

OK, Lynch is about two minutes into his opening statement. There were weekly awards. I missed those, but I know Collin Rodkey and Duwyce Wilson got one.

He praised Iowa, said the Hawkeyes are having one of those magical seasons. He vaguely hinted at the bad calls, but said that there were 170 plays in the football game and that you have to make the plays when you have the opportunity to look at one play as the reason they lost.

Lynch was, of course, asked about Indiana making contact with the Big Ten and what he hoped would happen. He said again he thought the conference would act appropriately. He was asked what exactly “making contact with the Big Ten” means, and wouldn’t elaborate. He was asked why he doesn’t just take the $10,000 fine and rip somebody, and he said “that wasn’t how I was brought up.”

He was asked if his team feels snakebit, and said he can’t let his team feel like it’s unlucky.

Lynch, discussing Wisconsin, said “They can get you in a lot of ways,” mostly with the power running game. “This is the one that really lines up and comes at you with power football.”

On John Clay: “He really is good. … Just a big physical guy that has the feet that can go with it.”

Lynch continued to praise Wisconsin’s program, talking about how when Lynch was at Ball State in 1990, Wisconsin beat his team for its only victory that year, then was in the Rose Bowl three years later.

He was asked about the offense’s fourth quarter struggles, and said the team hasn’t found a theme as to why things have gone wrong.

Lynch said Ray Fisher will have knee surgery tomorrow, but he wouldn’t say that Fisher is out for the season.

The two big plays against the secondary against Iowa were breakdowns, Lynch said. Part of McNutt’s touchdown, he said, was Donnell Jones was dealing with one arm. There was miscommuncations among the safeties that ended up in the same place.

Jones isn’t listed on the injury report because he’s going to play, Lynch said, but his elbow is going to be an issue the rest of the season.

Lynch is now going into his four quarters of the season metaphor. He said he was really proud of the way the team played in the third quarter games 6-9, even though they went 1-2 on that stretch.

Lynch said he’s was generally happy with what Adrian Burks did on Saturday. “He wasn’t perfect, but nobody was.”

The reason Burks didn’t play in the Northwestern game but beat out Richard Council for the Iowa game was because “you don’t want to give up on a guy in the middle of the game,” Lynch said.