Marquis Teague is Marquis Teague

Dustin Dopirak and I visited North Central on Wednesday to see a big early-season game between North Central and Pike. D’VAuntes Smith-Rivera sat out as he continues to recover from surgery, but it was still Terone Johnson vs. Marquis Teague.

It was also Dustin’s first Indiana high school basketball game, and he seemed awed by the idea that people who had no connection to either school would show up to watch a game that meant, well, nothing.

Johnson got the best of Teague, as he scored 27 points and led North Central to a win. Teague did have 14 points and 10 assists, but what Dustin focused on in his story for today’s Herald-Times was what Teague did not do well — namely, shooting and defense.

Teague, the No. 2 player in the country according to, could be the best player in the college basketball one day. He makes plays that seem so effortless. In the video above, you’ll see him walk down the floor and immediately find an open man. You’ll see him drive against multiple defenders, throw alley-oops and involve his teammates.

But he also takes ill-advised shots. And he lets his emotion get the best of him. He was hidden on defense, playing down in a 3-2 zone.

Right now, Teague is just scratching the surface of his potential. I am sure that’s what makes every college coach want him so bad — they see what he already is, and what he could be. They all feel like they are the one to pull it out of him.


  1. This is a serious post.

    I like all fruit when it is in season, for the most part. But if I had to choose a favorite, it just might be the pineapple. I say this tentatively, without full confidence. Probably only because I just carved and ate one, and it was sooo tasty, even though it left a juicy mess on the cutting board. Mangos are awful good, too, though, and I’ll never get over how satisfying a slightly green banana can be, especially first thing in the morning.

    But wait, am I being too tropically biased? I musn’t forget about our continental delights. A good, crunchy organic gala apple could leave me just as happy as any of those warm climate fruits on the right day.

    Where do kiwis fit in this equation, you might ask? Ever since I figured out that you don’t need to peel kiwis to enjoy them, I have been a big fan. I wouldn’t call them tropical, though; although their color lends a certain hint of exoticism. The bag I just bought from Trader Joes up in Indy was from Italy. They are still ripening. Those suckers can take a long time before they are ready to bite into.

    I’d be happy to listen to other fruit discussion, if you’d like to pitch in. You might notice, with a hint of dismay, that I haven’t mentioned the orange. I am not sure what to tell you. I’ve had many a glorious orange, but they just don’t seem to be consistent. Perhaps I am being unfair. Maybe where oranges truly shine is in juice.

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