1. What’s going on with the blog? Is everything a “for pay” process now? If that’s the case I will go back to the Indy Star.

  2. if that is the case, I am done with the question and answer part. I hate that I gave my question and I cannot even read the answer…that’s bad!

  3. Interesting that there is a block for non-subscribers. I did some research and an online subscription is $5.95 for a month. Not too bad. But it’s unfortunate that the Q/A is not accessible for free as it has been in the past.

    The HT website FAQ’s does report that the following content should be free to non-subscribers.

    • Classified ads
    • auto ads
    • job searching
    • real estate info
    • videos
    • photo galleries
    • blogs
    • and some basic story content.

    It’s not clear if the Q/A falls under the blog category. Possibly it just was a mistake this time.

  4. Hopefully this was a mistake, as I live in another city and (a) have no need to order a full subscription to the H-T and (b) am not interested in paying to access all of the H-T materials online just for a very limited subset of content.

    When it comes to value specific to Indiana sports, a subscription to Rivals or Scout offers a much bigger bang for the buck.

  5. just asked for their prediction of final outcome of the PU/IU game. I really am curious as to what people are feeling. I think PU is slightly better but home field adv, even in a rivalry, should even it out. I went on to say I think IU wins but has 3rd quarter struggles…hahahaha

  6. I think Purdue will win 42 to 27. They have shown recently that they can beat good teams. IU will probably jump out to a 14-0 lead, and then it will be gone around the 3rd quarter.

  7. QUESTION: It’s been nice doing this 3 weeks in a row with you. Just wanted to say hi and that I wish I was in PR at the game tonight. Oh, to be on an Island! Predictions from the heart guys on the IU/PU game, what do you think? I think IU will actually pull this one out but as I said last week…I will be waiting for the 3rd quarter and scared to death.

    J Pat, B town


    It’s been good to have you here three weeks in a row.

    We all know that rivalry games are wacky. I happened to be in Maui during last year’s Bucket game and didn’t even get to watch. So I can’t really comment on what could have happened there. Most massacres, you’ll find, are discussed only in low murmurs.

    But that Purdue team was senior heavy, and playing for a coach who was leaving. This Purdue team is senior heavy, too, but playing on the road after a season that included beating Ohio State. The Hoosiers and the Boilermakers have the same record, but I think Indiana has more to prove. This year it is senior dominated, especially on defense, and those guys want to feel as though they’ve had a lasting impact.

    Really, though, it’s Indiana football: you never know what you’re going to get.

    Thanks for being here. Take it easy.

    DUSTIN DOPIRAK: Not gonna lie, JPat, it’s pretty nice down here. Yesterday it was absolutely miserable because it was raining biblically, roads were flooding and traffic was so bad that Tom Crean reportedly told an alumni group “It made Chicago look like the Indy 500.”. But this morning it was pretty amazing.

    I don’t know how, but for some reason I think the football team pulls it off Saturday. Somehow it would make sense for this team to win one as soon as it no longer matters.

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