Now, that’s recruiting


Doc Rivers, center, attended Indiana’s win against USC-Upstate on Monday. That, in and of itself, is not much of a surprise. Rivers is the father of Indiana point guard Jeremiah Rivers, and the families of players often attend home games and sit behind the bench.

But Rivers’ day job is head coach of the Boston Celtics. So he has some street cred, if only by association to guys like Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. The kids know who Rivers is.

And the kid sitting to the left of Rivers? That’s T.J. Bell, Bloomington South’s 6-foot-8 sophomore. Indiana has already offered Bell a scholarship, as have Oregon, Oregon State, Washington and Washington State. Kentucky is also interested.

Recruits often sit behind the player’s bench, as well. Jordan Hulls and Derek Elston were there so much a year ago, they started having their mail forwarded to Branch McCracken Court. So no rules were violated, but the seating chart was certainly helpful if you’re Indiana and looking to impress Bell.

That’s a Chris Howell photo, by the way.


  1. Wow. Look at those Northwest schools stepping it up and going for Bell early. Wonder why that is.

    Defend your turf, Crean! If not, let Romar get him.

  2. Far more happening in that photo than anything Sampson could ever accomplish on a telephone.

  3. Husky, I was going to ask the same thing. How odd is it that the player is well-known enough to have 5 major offers as a soph, but 4 of them are from all the way across the US of A, and in the same conference?? That’s puzzling.

    My question is, who’s the hottie on Doc’s right? If that’s Mrs. Rivers, I offer my apologies in advance ……. no offense meant.

  4. I don’t see the Shreck in her eyes…I think that’s Crean’s wife in the photo.

    I think a Husky named Tom once said something on a site called Basketblog about kids wanting to spread their wings when they seek the challenges of going to schools far from home….I think there’s a lock-box tucked under a tree stump in a very dark-sided suburb of Seattle that contains the words attesting to the exceptional character of individuals that venture to schools thousands of miles from home..If T.J Bell leaves Hoosierland and is part of this highly intellectual and independent rare group of athletes that are renaissance jocks, then it merely be a testament of the great attributes he shares with our very own Hoosier Husky. I bet he ends up in a Trojan uniform.

  5. Bell will be at IU unless IU screws it up in some way. I was at IU with his mom and in classes with her…he is IU all the way and that is why they moved back. My 2 cents!

  6. Almost everybody didn’t play well starting with Rivers missing two early free throws. I blame it on Doc. His being there stressed everybody out and particularly Jeremiah — but also Dumes, a bit Creek, and to various extents some of the others. Only Hulls and Tijan resembled their usual self.

  7. Ahh, yes, I now see the Harbaugh family features, albeit in a much more attractive package than the male members of her family. My apologies to you, Coach Crean, didn’t meant to cheaply check out Mrs. Crean. Please take it as a compliment. I’m sure you’re reading this message board between diet Cokes and practices down in Puerto Rico.

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