Ohio State at Indiana soccer


7:26: Indiana suffers another heartbreaking loss in overtime. A ball goes through the box and Daniel Kelly can’t find it. Buckeye on the back post fires the ball under keeper Nemanja Kostic and a teammate ensures the ball stays in the net. BUCKEYES 1, HOOSIERS 0


We’ve got free soccer now as Ohio State threw a couple of scares into IU down the stretch, but no harm done. We play two 10-minutes overtimes — one goal will end it. HOOSIERS 0, BUCKEYES 0


15:00: There have been a couple risky balls in the box for each team, but nobody has really gotten a foot on anything dangerous. HOOSIERS 0, BUCKEYES 0

31:00: Second half same as the first, a little better for IU, for Ohio State a little bit worse. Hoosiers have shown much more offense so far in the second half, though the best chance was Andy Adlards 25-yard blast. HOOSIERS 0, BUCKEYES 0


Ohio State has really had the better of the run of play, outshooting Indiana 4-3. Hoosier goalkeeper Nemanja Kostic has four saves, while the Buckeyes’ Matt Lampson has just one. Not a real strong performance by IU, but this has been a second-half team, at least scoring-wise. HOOSIERS 0, BUCKEYES 0


12:00: What excitement there has been so far is largely courtesy of Will Bruin, who earned a yellow card for crashing into the OSU keeper on a header back and setting up some pushing and shoving. Bruin moments later broke through the defense and had his shot deflected out of bounds. HOOSIERS 0, BUCKEYES 0

30:00: As you might expect, there is no score through the first 15 minutes, and IU is still looking for its first shot. Of course, the Hoosiers have scored just two first-half goals this season, so no surprise. Buckeyes have two shots, one of which required a leaping save by IU keeper Nemanja Kostic. Matt Wiet started in place of Rich Balchan, who injured his ankle against Evansville. HOOSIERS 0, BUCKEYES 0


I’m at sunny Armstrong Stadium this afternoon for a key Big Ten clash between the Hoosiers and Buckeyes. Both teams have two losses in conference play, but could stay in the title hunt with a win. Penn State is the leader at 3-1-1 with a win over Wisconsin (3-3), but the Nittany Lions visit Bloomington in the regular-season finale Friday, so a win here and a win there would put IU on top.

Of course, the bigger picture for the Hoosiers is building some momentum and NCAA resume in these final games. Stay tuned for updates and/or follow me on Twitter.


  1. Cripes. What a lousy fall for Hoosier men’s sports.

    Thanks for covering these games, but it’s tremendously disappointing to see a Hoosier soccer team that seemed like a top-ten lock just refuse to win.

    I don’t what these guys need to get it figured out, but they better find it soon. I don’t think that even the 1993 team took this long to snap out of it.

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