1. IU would have probably lost anyway but that still isn’t an excuse for poor calls by the replay official. Indiana has been given the shaft by the replay officials all year long. The big ten has the worst replay officials in the world, hands down. Belcher caught, hand control of the football holding it in one hand with palm down when both knees hit the turf in bounds. He lost control only after rolling over the defender which happened out of bounds, why because it was being held in one hand but again it was after the play should have been called dead and it happened out of bounds. But the play was dead when he hit the turf in bounds with both knees and full control of the football, plus he was also down by contact from the defender. And the entire time he had control of the football in one hand, no bobble of the ball what so ever. In my opinion calls like that demoralize a team and a player and those calls play on you mentally. If that had been ruled a catch like it should have been then the game may have ended differently. But again, we have a Big Ten Ten replay official trying to decide a game by changing momemtum.

  2. I sat an watched another sad ending yesterday…to Purdue of all teams…It gets old watching our team not showup for kickoff ..Our offensive line..Limestone.. didn’t showup or even get in the way.Our quarterback,when he had time looked ok,but come on …he looks at one reciever and throws or throws it away…the last position I watched he threw three times and never came within 10 yds of a reciever…The Defence played hard..But played with Fire in the Fourth quarter,were had that been???? Gamestarts on the First kickoff….Just like in Arizona…started a quarted to late…As for what I think we need,well we have the players..we need a new line coach(line has the tools to better than they’re showing),quarterback coach(quarterback plays like he did in high school)….Sorry I’ve watched this Team play for to long without any improvement…When will we get some some Fire in their Bellies mand want to win every play…Give me 11 Matt Mayberry’s……He Shows up with an Attitude….

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