1. Man, it’s tough to be an IU fan…when was the last time we were on the blog saying “wow, what an impressive win! Can’t believe we beat those guys!” (I guess if you follow the soccer team, you might see things differently).

    Still, taking a reluctant page from the Clarion book, we saw some things in this game that were plenty reason for optimism. Rivers saves his best for the big games; VJ penetrates extremely well, Mo is not going to have many confidence issues as a freshmen.

    Anyone worried about Pritchard like I am?

  2. I’m worried about Pritchard. I hope that he can score like he did last year. He can get the boards. The main thing I hate is the TURNOVERS that is what killed us. So many bad passes or bouncing the ball of the foot.

  3. I didn’t watch many of the games last year, but I remember Pritchard, at least in the earlier games, being quick and aggressive around the rim. He had a natural knack for tipping in shots off of misses, and seemed pretty agile.

    What I see now is not much more than a tentative Kyle Taber, as I’ve said already. At this point, I would be shocked if he averages more than 6 points a game.

    As for the turnovers, most of the really bad ones seemed to come on errant passes or “fumbles” by Hulls and a few by Rivers. What’s up with the little underhand “bowling passes” by Hulls?

  4. Husky Tom said – when was the last time we were on the blog saying “wow, what an impressive win! Can’t believe we beat those guys!”

    The answer to your question is never. The HT didn’t have blogs before September 2000.

  5. Turnovers, free throws, interior defense. Work on cleaning up those three fundamentals and we have an extremely competitive team.
    At this point I really don’t see any risk to throwing Muniru in the fire. Pritchard and Jobe’s interior D have been terrible and Pritchard hasn’t been all that productive on offense. Bawa is more athletic than both, and everytime i’ve seen him in the game the other team wasn’t able to jog it through the lane for a layup. Crean needs to make Jobe hold his arms up for an entire practice, he was limp armed on D way too much last night.

  6. I am repeating the same storyline, errant turnovers, wasted free throws but what bothers me the most was lack of interior defense. Being a freshman really attached itself to Watford last night. The most memorable thing he won was the opening tip. But the one constant that doesn’t change no matter what caliber the competition is Dumes. I do believe the only good decision he has made related to BB recently is to attend IU. But Coach Crean stayed positive, kept teaching and not one player looked as if he wanted to throw in the towel. Ole Miss reminds me of the Razorback team that won it all in the 90’s. There going to hurt some good teams. If they are an average example of what the SEC has for this year then college basketball will dominate prime time viewership.

  7. I’d remind everyone that last year, IU lost at home to Lipscomb and Northeastern in December, then by the end of the year were improved enough to lose in the last seconds at home to Michigan St. (nat’l runnerup) and on the road to Penn St. (NIT champs). This year’s team has more talent, so if it improves as much, should be reasonably good the latter part of the season.

  8. Help is on the way!!!!

    Once we get more 3 Star guards next year, we’ll be able to stop teams from getting so many uncontested lay-ups.

  9. I’ve scrolled through the major IU bball blogging sites this morning and its clear that a small minority of fans have already lost patience. I really don’t know what to say other than that these folks live in a universe where reality doesn’t apply and their wishes must be granted on demand. I’m afraid we’re in for an increasing stream of posts ranting about how Knight would never have been beaten, or that somebody else was the better choice of coach, or how the poster’s high school playing experience gives them the credentials for criticizing substitution patterns. Yea!

  10. GFDave I couldn’t agree more with your post. I constantly remind myself that this University and BB Program are forever indebted to Tom Crean for coming here and taking ownership of this mess. He had to start from scratch.

  11. GF Dave- As a suggestion, although I agree with you, it is important not to give these sad malcontents the dignity of our continued attention. The only way they get stronger is when people enter into an extended dialogue with them.

    Now of course, I realize that as far as the football program goes, I often act like one of these malcontents. However, I think there is a big, big difference between bashing Crean and bashing Lynch. Crean really did start from scratch, but besides that, he brings a fabulous, high-profile track record to the table that almost certainly promises success, sooner rather than later. Lynch, on the other hand, boasts a mediocre at best D1 record with one bowl game, and his philosophy has had many years to turn the program around if you count his time as an assistant.

    Self-defense aside, my main point is to try not to grant air time to the people who have jumped ship. They don’t deserve it.

  12. HT–I hope not to engage in debate with “The Sad Malcontents of IU Basketball” (insert movie trailer here). But you never know, I may find something too egregious to let go.

    As you said, this is an interesting take coming from you, but I appreciate it.

  13. Follow Husky’s sweet advice….He’ll choose your words very carefully, GDDave…You won’t show any sign of weakness oozing out of plastic skull….For there has never been a more important time to squash the rebellion! Only acknowledge mommy with “Chatty” goodness!….Did you feel that hand touch your back, Dave? That’s the string of the “IU Basketball Sugar Cookie Crowd” for the next decade(insert trailer here). Just remember…Mommy is a big fan of the Pac 10.

  14. Chatty Tiny Brother:

    What’s with the plastic skull reference? Is that supposed to be a cute and clever way to call Husky or me, I’m not sure which, stupid? I think you’re out of line.

  15. Pretending to have any hand of influence on someone to keep their mouth shut is far, far more insulting than any “Chatty” plastic doll reference could rival…I believe my deaf ear play on such insult to freedoms of self-determining thought and speech is far less “out of line” than calling people disconnected from reality, or “malcontents”.

    I wasn’t calling anyone stupid. I would argue that your words are far more wrapped in cleverness to such end pursuits.. At the end of the day, it’s for those nameless recipients of Husky’s directives and your ridicule to decide to be flesh, or plastic.

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