Purdue 38, Indiana 21


Indiana defensive tackle Anthony Carter, center, walks off the field with fifth-year Indiana running back Bryan Payton after the game Saturday. Chris Howell | Herald-Times

Four turnovers. Twenty-one unanswered points to begin the game. The Old Oaken Bucket going to back to Purdue for a 70th time.

The Indiana Hoosiers ended the 2009 season Saturday with a 38-21 loss at home to rival Purdue, putting a fitting period on the whole campaign.

Again, Indiana found a way to fight, and put itself in the game. Like it had so many times this season, against teams like Iowa, Northwestern and Penn State, the Hoosiers had moments when they looked like far better than what they are, a 4-8 football team.

“It was a tough football game from our standpoint,” Indiana coach Bill Lynch said. “Two things stand out in my mind. Throughout the season, I think these guys really battled and kept fighting and I think they did the same thing tonight, all the way until the last play of the game.”

But the four turnovers — two interceptions, two fumbles — were killers. The final interception came with 6:09 left, when quarterback Ben Chappell threw an intended screen pass into the arms of Purdue defensive linemen Kawann Short.

“What was uncharacteristic is what I think was the difference in the game, turnovers and kicking game,” Lynch said.

Indiana was down 10 at the time, and had the momentum, and many of the more than 48,000 fans at Memorial Stadium, were behind the Hoosiers.

Darius Wilis ran for 142 yards on 19 carries. Chappell, while he threw two interceptions, also had two touchdown passes (to Damarlo Belcher and Mitchell Evans) and a TD run.

It was the last game for 21 seniors.

“The thing about this season is that we basically have been trying to put this team back on the right path after really being shambles last year,” Rodger Saffold said. “We wanted to make sure everybody knew how relentless and tough we were, and how we were willing to fight to the very end. We don’t want to continue where we left off. We want them to exceed that to make sure they are even better than we were.”


  1. 2009 has been an aweful year for IU sports! Let’s hope Coach Crean can get the basketball team turned around by 2010, and that Coach Lynch can recruit/sign some playmakers on Defense to help win a couple more games next year. Too bad IU didn’t sign Jim Harbaugh to be the new football coach after Heps unfortunate passing – Stanford could be going to the Rose Bowl should they beat Cal and Oregon loses to Arizona!

  2. yet another failure of a year. yet there is nothing positive to look forward to. year after year we hear the same crap from lynch and now his buddy in failure, glass. could not stand all the PU fans in our stadium celebrating our dismal season. same experience glass…us being losers.

  3. While Bill Lynch is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, it’s evident that he has no business at any D1 school as a football coach.

    It’s time for Bill to do the right thing and resign.

    But with all the stupid money we’re paying Tom Crean, there might not be enough to get anyone to replace him.

    Until IU antes up and pays someone good to come to IU, Lynch is what we’re going to get. And guys like Bill are a dime a dozen. Hell, I’d rather have Charlie Weis.

  4. Clarion, do you have the “facts” straight now?

    Here’s another one for you to research during the off-season: some say that the world might be round. It’s only opinion at this point, but perhaps with some careful investigation you could help us move to the realm of facts.

  5. Lynch will step down. My wife will but me a 65 inch HDTV for Christmas. The new Makita drill will have a lithium ion battery that will last 9 hours of heavy use. Did I mention that, at 53, I will find that my vertical is 39 inches?

  6. There should be a special bowl game this year between Notre Dame and IU. Whoever loses gets to fire their coach. It would be a lot of fun to watch – no one would want to score, and teams would intentionally turn the ball over.

    IU, of course, would win that battle easily – no one is better at not scoring and turning the ball over at pivotal moments than the Hoosiers.

    If Notre Dame were to have any hope of losing, they would have to spend a week with Coach Lynch, in order to un-learn all of their good habits. Otherwise, they would probably beat IU in overtime, which would mean keeping Weis another year.

  7. lynch will never do the right thing and step down because he knows hes incredibly overpaid and his job = his kids job too. got to bring home the bacon reagrdless of how embarassing you are to IU.

  8. Rodger Saffold said…“We want them to exceed that to make sure they are even better than we were.”

    Well that’s quite a challenge.

  9. Last year at this time I wanted Lynch fired – period. Amazingly enough, I DO NOT want him fired this year after a 4-8 blah record. Last year I thought the team played horribly, was not disciplined, and was totally out of many contests. They were much worse than the previous year.

    This year it is almost the opposite. Yes they made mistakes (Ben, the fat guy in the P helmet is NOT your receiver), but they played with an absolute ton of heart, and looked like a team that was much better than its’ record many times. They were fun to watch, and there was some hints of talent out there (love Doss and Belcher). But the X factor for me was Lynch and the absolute passion that he showed on the sidelines. Man this guy wants to win, and that passion did spill over to the players. It is just a matter of this team learning how to win in the second half, which bugged them early and mid season. It got better the last few games but still not where it needs to be to win.

    I’m willing to see how he does next year. He certainly has no excuses in terms of losing players – he’s getting most of his go-to guys and QB back. The team was better this year, no questions. If he maintains this trend a bowl trip is within our grasp next year unless the schedule is a bear.

  10. HT,

    I need to do no investigation to understand the fact you enjoyed the game yesterday more than any Purdue fan did.

  11. This was the most competitive team we’ve had in years.

    I wish we could have won a few of the close games. Maybe next year.

  12. HoosierB,

    I agree that it’s nice to see Lynch show some fire on the sideline; however, I’m not seeing it in the postgame. Just once I would like Lynch to come out and tell us how mad he is that they lost. About how badly they wanted this one and how this isn’t going to happen anymore. I’m tired of hearing about how hard the team worked in practice and how nice it is to be competitive.

  13. Same old excuses from the apologists and lynch family posters year after year. Fake enthusiasm from a lifelong sideline stiff is easily detected.

  14. This quote sums up the football season:
    Mei wo matsu,hei wa katarazu,kichi moyuru.
    (Soldiers who are waiting for orders did not say anything, just watched their base burning.)

  15. In my opinion the person that needs to go is IU’s offensive coordinator. The play calling is terrible. The execution is not much better. Also, while Chappell is putting up good numbers he could be so much better. He seldom steps into a throw. If I can see this why cannot a good QB coach or offensive coordinator? If Canada is the guy I’d get rid of him… NOW!

  16. Chappell was a lot more accurate of a passer in high school with a lot less talented receivers to throw to.

    Where he is now is after 4 years of Matt Canada as his offensive coordinator and quarterback coach.

  17. MarkMe… are you kidding me? Our offense is what kept us in games this year. Our defense leaves a lot to be desired. But offensively, we could compete with anyone.

  18. Chappell struggled in this game but kept us in many other games. He was conference’s second leading QB in YPG coming into this game; second to Elliott.

  19. Response to jonny… Absolutely! Yes the offense kept us in games but they can be so much better. The INT at 6:08 to got to their DL was not a normal thing, but what about the 1st int? Also, Chappell missed several wide open receivers. Chappell needs some better fine tuning. A better QB coach or O coordinator would help Chappell greatly. The offense did keep us in games but I think the D yesterday was hampered by poor field position, forced to play short field defense and on the field way too long. In my opinion against PU the offense lacked spark and imagination! Get rid a a few assistants and fine tune some things.

  20. I’m not buying anymore tickets to IU football until we get a “real” coach. 2-14 in the big ten the last two seasons is not acceptable for any real school. In fact id say he would be fired at any other bcs school. We beat d 2 teams by one play, i got news for you we lose a lot of defense playmakers next year. Its going to get really really ugly if he stays. Please Mr Glass do the right thing and get a coach!

  21. Jonny-

    I understand some people’s enthusiasm about “being more competitive” this year.

    To me, this outlook is fine, if you want to talk about road performances at Iowa, Penn State, and Northwestern (I think we can all agree that the Michigan game doesn’t look quite as impressive now).

    But come on, why “being competitive” good enough in a home game against a Purdue team that was 4-7 just like us? A Purdue team that lost 37-0 to Wisconsin? I can’t believe that people are using that line to talk about last night. It’s really unbelievable. A 47-7 loss to a mediocre Virginia team, and a second consecutive year of being polished off by a pretty bad Purdue squad.

    Just shows the enormous gulf between teams having a bad year (Purdue) and a true bottom-feeders (IU).

  22. The offense kept us in games? Are you freaking kidding me? You can’t be serious?

    How many turnovers did the defense force and the offense not score points on?

  23. Clarion-

    You must have been watching the “How we won the Iraq War” video when you should have been at computer class.

  24. I am sick of being proud of our “effort” and “being competitive” and “working hard” while getting BEAT.

    Here it is boys–last, last, DEAD LAST in the conference.

    Jonny–that offense is the one that failed to score points after how many turnovers in games that really mattered–while the ILLUSION of a bowl game still clouded the minds of some?

    “We’re on the right track”?

    “We’re headed in the right direction”?


    “We are going to win __ games and go to ___ bowl game by 20___, or I’m going to accept responsibility for the failure to do so.”–?

    Fill it in for me.

    HoosierB–he/they always have excuses. Bad bounce, injury, flu-bug, bad calls, schedule too hard now that UM is back on it, gum doesn’t taste good, headphones don’t work, weight room too small, other teams are good, . . .

  25. you hit the nail on the head, the standards and expectations are so damn low, the lynch fans are completely blinded by it. the players buy into the coaches poor leadership and goals, so they are happy with good efforts, or close games. end of the day IU football is all losers, and embarassing for Btown.

  26. Simply put, IU alums want a visionary coach. Someone like Hep who says, “our goal is to play 13” games every year. Hep would have personally taken the blame for the loss at Northwestern, and would not have been afraid to take the fine by calling out the poor officiating after the Iowa game. But then again…if Hep were still the coach, I truly believe that IU would, indeed, be playing 13 games this year. If schools like Cincinnati, Boise St., Utah, TCU, and Stanford can build Top 20 programs then we can do it at IU…but it is not me who be saying this, it is Coach Lynch – and so far the only thing we’ve really heard from him is that “…we’ll move on and prepare for our game next week.” Not acceptable, plan for success and prepare to WIN!

  27. sparing everyone the details I will say that I booed after the kickoff was run back in the 3rd quarter, loud! I had 2 separate people tell me to shut up and sit down. The one guy actually came down and told me that Lynch was a great guy and a class act so I should support him. He went on to say he knew Lynch was a lousy X and O guy but I should support him because he is a great guy. At this point I just shut me mouth. Husky Tom is right on when he says only IU football fans accept this stuff, the complacent attitude. After, the hour and a half drive 4 hours before the game from the other side of B town and my lot for my parking pass being full and having to park in a ditch on 13th street and after watching the team play flat…FLAT…I am over it. I saw Mike P on the way out and I will say that I was as mad as I have ever been in my life. Maybe it matters to me too much, I don’t know. I have talked it over with my family and we are considering dropping the season tix for next year if no changes are made. I am worn out!

  28. JPat, that game was exasperating from beginning to end. The two new guys in the row in front of me–their first game in person this year–were shocked.

    What does him being a good guy have to do with it?

    How many more years of “just one more year” and “give the guy a chance”?

    Somebody has to take the lead on this thing, and his name is Fred Glass. It’s gotta be a tough situation for the guy, but he’s got to make some hard decisions. Kicks for keeps, and dollar popcorn is ok, but IU football has bigger issues. 4 wins and two of them were hold on by a thread to “inferior” competition. I would hope that he has higher expectations.

    I feel the worst for the seniors. I wished better for them.

  29. Kirlew, Saffold, Mayberry, Fisher, A. Thomas, and Middleton all have a real shot at getting taken in the NFL Draft next year…and this IU team only won 1 Big Ten game this year. I don’t care if Coach Lynch is a nice guy (remember, Bobby Knight was not really a “nice guy”, but he was a winner), this is totally unacceptable!

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