Roth injured

[7:25 UPDATE]

An IU spokesperson has said that it appears unlikely that sophomore guard Matt Roth will be able to play in Puerto Rico. He has rejoined the team after having x-rays, and will be evaluated further when Indiana returns to Bloomington following the tournament.


Sophomore guard Matt Roth injured his right foot at Indiana’s first practice of the day Wednesday. He was taken for x-rays, and at this point, the Hoosiers are uncertain as to the extent of the injury or whether he will play tomorrow. He was not at Indiana’s shootaround at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico.

I got to watch Indiana’s shootaround, though I was told that whatever happened there was “off the record.” I don’t know if that meant what was said or what was actually done. One way or another, you didn’t miss much.

There’s one thing I’d like to point out, though, which may make a difference in this tournament and it may not. The court at the Coliseo plays weird. When the ball hits floor, it sounds hollow, and I think there are dead spots out there. Not sure if that helps any team more than another, and not sure if it affects anyone at all. Just something to think about.


  1. note to self: the sum of thirteen and fourteen is twenty-seven but it doesn't accept it and I tried with and without hyphen...?! says:

    A bit like when they played last year against Wake Forest in Lucas Oil. It’s going to favor the unprepared: us. I don’t care who we play it’s going to sound like Marimba and we will win the tourney.

  2. That’s right it was Gonzaga. The game at Wake Forest was Dec 03 and then we played Gonzaga Dec 06 in Indianapolis. Sorry.

  3. Interesting observation about the court. I wonder if the moist, tropical climate hasn’t warped the maple flooring. Maui’s old court was awful until EA kicked down the cash for climate control systems & new hardwood.

    How’s island life treating you? Don Q Cristal mojitos on the beach + un poquito la comunidad especial = 1 happy tourista!

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