1. You guys have the right question, but, unfortunately, only Glass can provide the answer: what are the metrics of success for IU football? Glass, alone, provides the definition of success so that we may understand the factors that drive football’s performance.

    Enjoy the weekend, men. The ice in my Irish malt is growing warm and demands my immediate attention.

  2. In other news, my other college team, Stanford, officially becomes bowl eligible today, just three years into Coach Harbaugh’s tenure. After picking up the pieces from the Walt Harris years and a 1-11 finish in 2006, they sit a game out of first place in the Pac-10. When asked after the game if he was happy about being bowl eligible, he replied that wasn’t their goal. A Pac-10 title is their goal.

    Why can’t Indiana ever be the subject of that kind of story?

  3. That’s why people in Ann Arbor want Rodriguez dumped and Harbaugh to take over the program. (Plus they think the fact that he went 3-1 against Ohio State as the Wolverine quarterback means he would consistently beat the Buckeyes in November as a coach….)

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