1. I like the way your attire(Korman’s sweater and Dopirak’s blue shirt/white t) nicely correlated with the colors in the maps at back of office…Snazzy.

  2. Where is Bob Hammel when you need him?

    In Lubbock at Bobby’s house, I’d guess.

    Should stay his loyal lapdog.

  3. When you guys gonna add a browser toolbar icon to your site? Scoop is the only one on my browser that doesn’t have one…

  4. Wow, fashion conscious. I didn’t realize that until you pointed it out. I wish I could say we planned that. And PB, all I can hear now is Jack Black cracking on John Cusack. “And what’s with that sweater, man? It’s a Cosby Sweater. A COOSBY SWETAAAAH!”Hi-Fidelity, anyone?

  5. Great Movie. Referenced the sweater on my initial question for the Web Chat today. Chris must have cut it out when my question was posted. Damn the man! Ha.

  6. PB,

    I hold no such power to alter your questions, and I would have let all talk of the sweater go through.

    I must refute the Cosby Sweater label, though. Not because I feel the sweater needs to be defended; it is ugly, and knows it. But it does not achieve the level of Cosby Sweater, and I will not accept this undue praise.

    If you want to see real Cosby Sweaters, Google the phrase. Just DO NOT read the Urban Dictionary explanation of Cosby Sweater.


    At least someone caught the extended joke there.

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