Sheehey to Indiana

Will Sheehey has committed to Indiana and will sign his letter of intent on Tuesday, Evan Daniels of is reporting.

Sheehey, a 6-foot-5 guard from Weston, Fla., is a three-star prospect according to both Rivals and Rivals has him as the No. 131 prospect in the country in the class of 2010.

He joins Victor Oladipo, also a three-star guard, as Indiana’s two signees in the class of 2010. The Hoosiers are still pursuing Josh Selby, a top-10 prospect. He is expected to sign in the spring.

Sheehey was expected to wait, and was asked to do so by UCLA, Arizona State and Michigan.

We’ll have more on this.


  1. Glad to see Sheehey has committed to IU. Both Sheehey and Oladipo is going to fit into Coach Crean’s style of play.


  2. Welcome to IU Will. I am glad you did not wait on UCLA, screw Howland and the way he messed with Stemler when he tried to inbound the ball a few years back at the end of the game…what goes around comes around and I love it!

  3. Welcome to Will. I’m going to take a positive spin on this one, instead of my usual “another 3-star guard” response.

    The way that the current team is playing makes me think that T.C. is counting on our current group to form a pretty strong core over the next few years. If this is the case, then plugging in guys like Victor and Will in supporting roles and letting them learn the system while Watford, Creek, and Elston develop into stardom sounds like a solid approach.

  4. Welcome to IU, Will. And before the relentlessly-negative component of the posters on this board get started, is this player wasn’t good, he wouldn’t have been recruited by Uhk-luh, ASU and the hated Wolverines in addition to IU.

    Was anyone besides me pleasantly surprised by Derek Elston’s play Friday? He looked great, albeit against less-than-fierce competition. I figured he’d be a good defender and rebounder, and score some inside, but I wasn’t expecting spin moves to the hoop and 3-point shooting!

  5. eric, yes I was impressed. I think he in one that will thrive with other good players around him. He lets the game come to him and is smart!

  6. Welcome to IU Will.

    Its going to get a little quite on the bb recruiting front until the spring. Its all eyes on Selby. Until then we do have the real thing, actual games, to keep our attention. Looking forward to that, will be listening to Fisch tonight as we take on the mighty Upstarts, errr, Uptakes, nooo, Upfronts, hmmm, UPSTATES. Yeah, that’s it.

  7. eric-

    You can’t go wrong with an Indiana kid…Always fundamentally strong..I also made many posts of Elston’s surprisingly versatile game…I was really shocked when I saw him run and leap from weak-side and take a Watford miss off glass for a gentle put-back basket…great timing and anticipation…I hope he keeps shining..I believe Husky Tom also commented that his game appeared substantially matured and advanced beyond his freshman class standing.

  8. I know IU is still after Selby #4 Rivals 5 Star G 6’2/183 from MD, but are we still recruiting Justin Coleman, #45 4 Star F 6’4/215 from VA and/or Reggie Smith, #105 3 Star G 6’0/170 from IL-Rivals lists these two as both considering IU?

  9. …I also put a lot of stock into IU football’s convincing opening 19-14 blowout victory over a division II.

    Turns out I was right on the money; the team went on to blow away Sports Illustrated’s petty prediction of 2 victories; heck, they doubled that paltry sum.

  10. I saw this on Peegs and think it is very good:This Sheehey commit reminds me what I love about IU and college bball… Reply
    There just isn’t much to not like about this one. Here is a kid, who by various reports, has the following going for him:

    – Good size
    – Good athleticism
    – Good skills
    – Good character
    – Good academics
    – Good work ethic

    He comes from a family that is familiar with the world of college basketball. He has no handlers. All of the schools he showed interest in are amongst the best academic schools in the country. And here’s the best part. In a world where a lot of recruits are impressed by promises of playing in the NBA, shoe contracts, encounters with celebrities, the special life of a college athlete on campus, etc. etc., here is the process Sheehey followed when looking for a school:

    1. He made a list of his priorities. Those included a great academic school with a strong campus life and a great basketball tradition. Basically, all of the things most IU fans take pride in.

    2. He recognized that IU was a good fit for these. He did this with no known ties to the program and living in Florida. It should make a lot of fans really happy and proud that this happened.

    3. He contacted IU, not the other way around, and expressed interest.

    4. He visited the school, learned more about it, then returned home to discuss further.

    5. After thoroughly thinking it through back home, discussing with his family/coach, he decides to commit to IU.

    Boys and girls, this makes me tingle (Edit: in a nostalgic, goosebumps-type way for those of you thinking I take recruiting way too seriously, LOL). This is how college basketball is supposed to work in our probably-not-so-realistic-anymore picture we have in our heads of why we love the sport. This is NOT another constant reminder of how much college bball recruiting has changed. This is IU selling exactly what we want them to sell, and a pretty good player (by most accounts) choosing IU BECAUSE of those aspects. If you aren’t happy about this commit and what it represents, then we don’t share the same thoughts on how we want the IU program to operate.

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  11. I saw this on Peegs also and it is interesting: Subject: Re: Recruiting: Will Sheehey?
    Posted by: msheehey on Tue Oct 20 2009 7:08:25 PM

    Someone from UVA forwarded this thread to me and I thought I’d set the
    record straight. I am Will Sheehey’s father and Tom Sheehey’s brother.

    William is a 6’6″ senior wing that plays for a high school in Florida
    called Sagemont. While the importance of high school sports websites
    can be questioned, Rivals ranks him as the 131st player in the country.
    For whatever that’s worth. Schools that have shown interest or have
    recently visited his high school to watch him play include Stanford,
    Northwestern, Michigan, Washington, Vanderbilt, Indiana, Miami and
    Georgetown. Unfortunately, Virginia has never expressed interest. Jason
    Williford was recruiting William when he was at American but stopped
    when he accepted the job at UVA. No hard feelings. Basketball is a
    business and I’m sure William will find a school that is a good fit for him
    athletically and academically.

    My brother Tom was one of the top prospects in the country coming out
    of high school. While one could argue that he did not live up to this
    billing, he did score over 1,200 points for UVA and played overseas for
    13 years. He was one tough dude that always played hard and was a
    great teammate. He has nothing but good things to say about his time
    at UVA and no one in my family has any negative feelings toward the
    school or anyone there. In fact, Tom and I attended the 25 year reunion
    of his UVA team’s Final Four appearance and had a great time.

    Dave Odom never ran over the family dog. However, the taxi driver that
    picked up Tom from our house with Dave in the car did hit the dog. The
    dog was fine and went on to live a very long and happy life but it did
    make for a very funny recruiting story. In fact, Jim Larranaga mentioned
    that story to me just today.

  12. I’m confused. The last post seems to be about UVA, Tom Sheeney, Will Sheeney’s dad, and a dog. I’m still looking for the interesting part.

    Not trying to be mean, BeatPurdue. The post right before was great.

  13. I bet it was quite a scene, however, when Dave Odom’s cab hit the dog. Perhaps when he got out the dog bit the seat out of his pants or some other such outlandish detail. Kind of like when UGA, the Georgia bulldog mascot, jumped up and snapped at the crotch of an Auburn player who was taunting him. Youtube that some time, it’s good! How’s this for a random post?…….?

  14. HuskyTom, sorry about the confusion. The post was from a U VA website on Basketball. Someone had heard that Will Sheehey was good and remembered an old U VA player named Tom Sheehey, assumed it was his son and thought he would go to U VA because of the connection. Will’s Dad, Mike, Tom’s brother responded to clear up the facts. I can’t help you if you don’t think the recruiting story or the family history is interesting-we just have a different viewpoint. Thanks for the compliment on the other post. I’ll keep trying.

  15. eric-

    That last post was a 3½-star random. After I watch the clip, I could make it a legit 4-star…We’ll see.

  16. First I want to say that I love everything IU and everything Tom Crean is doing for us and this may seem a little out of line, but I kind of seems that Crean is getting “too many” “can play any position” athletes. I know that you can never have “too many,” and I’m am not saying that its a bad thing, but I think I would like to see talented “definate” or “specialized” positions being more heavily recruited and mixed into the equation. I know we have Muniru and Job, but they are more project players.

    I know its good to have a range of athletes, that play a range of positions, so in practice they are buffing up on each position. I’m just saying that I would like to have a talented (definate) center, PG, etc., so all their improvement time is more specialized.

    I like what we have, but in sports you CANNOT be complacent, and I think Crean would agree.

  17. Very interested to see Sheehey’s roots since I both knew and played against Tom Sheehey and his brother Mike (Will’s Dad) back in Rochester, NY high school and bball camps back in the 80s. Mike was a very good player for St. Bonaventure after transferring from the Syracuse bench. Tom was a Macdonald’s All-American. They were a little cocky but if Will plays as hard and jumps as well as his Dad (that white man COULD jump!), I think IU fans will be very happy.
    However, does anyone else share my concern that TC isn’t landing any really talented genuine big men? (Watford is more a “3” in my book). We keep getting all these perimeter players but still have nothing but role players in the middle.

  18. To add to the conversation, James Roberson from the Mike and Tom Sheehey high school (McQuaid) played at IU in the 70s under the Legend, Bobby Knight. I was unsuccessfully recruited to IU despite my best efforts, tho I still have an IU basketball jersey that was seen raining Js in Crawfordsville, IN and Peru at family reunion! Also got to watch the CD of IU history of basketball, a great viewing. Mike, agreed on the role player in middle, but I believe that’s the trend of the college game, tho to a lesser extent in Big 10. TC is doing good things and will get you and top 20 ranking and sweet 16 appearance in 2 years. Getting Sheehey as a recruit will provide a solid performer, strong work ethic. Inasmuch as Mike/Tom’s sister Erin may have been the best athlete in their family (a multi-sport athlete at William and Mary), from what I can sense, good match for IU. To close, I sure hope this isn’t Mike from Fairport who put it on us Tom’s sophmore year!

    Raleigh, NC

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