Selby’s mother confirms Indiana visit’s Jerry Meyer reported Friday that five-star guard Josh Selby would take an official visit to Indiana on Nov. 14. Selby’s mother, Maeshon Witherspoon, confirmed that to the Herald-Times on Sunday night.

Selby visited Kansas on Oct. 16 for the Jayhawks’ Late Night in the Phog. Witherspoon said that trip went very well.

Witherspoon said Selby will also visit Kentucky, Miami and Syracuse. Those visits will happen, she said, after Selby’s high school team (Lake Clifton in Baltimore) begins its season.

“We’re going to be looking at team chemistry and how the coach deals with his players,” Witherspoon said.
Witherspoon said Selby would be in Bloomington Nov. 14 and 15, meaning he would miss Indiana’s season opener against Howard on the 13th.


  1. The New Coke,

    Crean recruits a lot of guards. Crean uses a lot of guards in his up-tempo offensive system. It’s well documented. Get over it.

  2. I don’t care if IU runs with 5 guards as long as they win. The bigger question is will everyone on the team be cleared to play on Wednesday? Has anyone heard???

  3. Casey wrote:

    Crean recruits a lot of guards. Crean uses a lot of guards in his up-tempo offensive system. It’s well documented. Get over it.

    You mean the up-tempo offense that avaeraged 60.1 points per game? They might need another 5 guards and two basketballs to get over 70 ppg.

  4. I think it was dam commendable for a team Coach Crean scraped together in the short amount of time to average 60 points a game. As for this year keep the second basketball in reserve because the first one will surely get worn out.

  5. IU Alum,

    No. I mean the up-tempo offense that, when operated with REAL D-1 athletes (not the stand-ins and walk-ons IU had to make due with last year), won Marquette a Big East championship and brought them to their first Final Four in 30 years.

    That’s actually the up-tempo offense I’m talking about.

    I mean, are you seriously trying to form an argument using Crean’s results from last year? The year in which our team captain was a three-year bench warmer and former walk-on? The year in which we recruited members of the baseball team simply to have enough players for a scrimmage in practice? Nice try but that’s an absolute joke. I’m laughing right now.

    Just for fun…

    Marquette Men’s Basketball Avg. Points Per Game:

    2005-2006: 75.0 (20-11 record)
    2006-2007: 71.9 (24-10 record)
    2007-2008: 75.9 (25-10 record)

    There’s the 70+ ppg average that you’re looking for. I’d list more years but that’s all the Marquette site has available. It’s absolutely ridiculous to judge Crean’s ability as a coach based solely on last year. Any rational thinker would agree with that. It’s equally ridiculous to question his recruiting techniques until we see a real Tom Crean team play.

  6. Casey – So how many PPG will IU average this season? What do you think our record will be and where will we finish in the Big 10?

  7. Coming soon…Selby’s aunt spotted wearing an IU “New Generation” sweatshirt. Go get your hopes up.

    I can only hope Crean is shrewd enough to make this a purposeful distraction…Use Selby the way his friend, Kyrie, used Crean… Hope that he pulls an about face by nailing down a truly gifted and athletic kid to play the middle..Rakeem Christmas?…a guy that can run the floor with our “up-tempo” guards…I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Crean is an evolving coach and not just stuck on what has worked for him in the past…Had enough of that with the last 10 years of Knight.

  8. IU Alum,

    I’ll go with 70 ppg, a record that leaves us somewhere around .500, and a 9th-place finish in the conference.

    My point is that Crean is literally building the program up from the ground. It takes more than one season to do that. This year, we’ll probably see a much more Crean-esque team (specifically toward the end of the season). I don’t think Crean will see the statistical results he truly wants until at least his third season.

    Your turn. PPG, record and Big Ten placing. Go!

  9. PPG is not really that important. If you score 70 PPG and give up 80 PPG you still lose.

    Twelve wins max. Two to three in the Big 10. We’ll be ahead of Iowa for 10th. I hope.

  10. I think what you’ll see is a team that makes a lot of mistakes early in the season — much like last year’s squad. The difference here is that we may be able to overcome those mistakes more frequently this year, because we have players whose natural athletic ability will bail us out on occasion.

    I think we’ll be playing strong, promising basketball by the end of the season, and will be back to competing in the Big Ten by next season. This year’s freshman will provide a very good foundation for the next few years. We just have to keep in mind how young this team really is, and how much that current youth will be worth in coming seasons.

  11. You’re sure playing it safe, Casey..

    I think we’ll win more than 1/2 our games….Multiple scoring threats…Rivers could be a big difference maker in close games…the conveyed optimism by Crean that Jobe is on his way to becoming the next Wilt Chamberlain(Jubilee, that’s the type of big man running the floor I’m lookin’ for!), the leadership of an Indiana Mr. Basketball, a couple of blue collar forwards….The smooth game and early basketball maturity of Maurice Creek…This team could gel and surprise. It’s not totally out of reach(given a couple road game upsets) that the Hoosiers could squeak an NCAA birth. Hell with bunting..I’m swinging fences.


    -I’m going with 18 wins, 14 losses(includes 1-1 in the Big 10 tournament)
    -Tied for 6th with Tubby’s Gophers in the Big 10 standings.
    -On the NCAA bubble…We’ll get in and be sent to play in the West.

  12. The New Coke,

    I think it’s just going to hinge on how quickly the pieces come together. I think that if this group clicks quickly, they’ll be tough to beat — especially at home.

    I guess I’m just factoring in freshman inexperience, and necessary time to form in-game chemistry. I think what you’ve described is close to the best-case scenario for the season. That said, I hope it happens.

  13. Coke, I admire your optimism, but I think you’re a little high in your predictions. We’ll still have 9 freshman/sophs out of 12 players on the team. Next year I think we could have a solid NCAA team but this year I think an NIT spot, which would give us a chance to play a few games, would be wonderful. I’ll be happy to be totally wrong, however.

  14. Eric-

    Don’t trust Coke’s optimism; it is completely feigned, much in the way that high fructose corn syrup poses as real sugar. It is possible that he has a more pernicious agenda. You see, secretly he is a Crean-hater, and spent many moons on the IDS basketblog going against the current and shouting about how overrated and underachieving Crean was. His intentions this year may be to raise expectations for the team so high, that no matter how Crean does, it will seem like a failure and he can go on bashing him.

    Now, I am not saying that this is 100% certain; he may indeed believe what he writes. But there is a Boy Who Cried Wolf effect going on here – it’s hard to truly embrace his syrupy optimism.

  15. New Coke is a Looper (Knight-worshipper).

    If Crean doesn’t make the Final Four this year, he’ll proclaim the season a disaster.


    I predict we win 12 games. Maybe make the NIT. If the Big Ten weren’t so strong this year, we might make the Dance.

  16. You guys can go suck on eggs…Sorry, my predictions are sincere….I do believe the antithesis could easily be argued. Blind optimism about a coach’s ability could cause someone to low-ball their predictions so they can bathe him with unwarranted glory when he underachieves. Yippee!! We won one road game!!

    I shall error on the side of the fence that believes he and the Hoosiers can get it done…I think we have a nice mix of talent that could blossom quickly…Huge fan of Maurice Creek and Pritchard..Very surprised by the imposing size of Rivers combined with his abilities…The scrimmage posted on the Scoop was one of my first real looks at his game..I will admit that he completely blew away my expectations…He looks like a difference maker…part of the reason I’m aiming high in my predictions..

    As far as Tom Crean, does it really matter if I want to share beers with him?..i doubt if he’ll ask….I thought Knight was a great coach….He’d suck to have as ping-pong partner in a game of doubles….Who wants to be kicked in the shin?

    Go Hoosiers!!

  17. May I conclude with one final thought…To say someone is a Crean-hater is not only a strong comment, it’s a very arrogant statement…I will refrain from the same type of retaliation toward the blogger that made the comment…I believe I could just as easily put the word “hate” after the individuals he has made very unfair remarks about on the Basketblog..I won’t waste your time reading them…Why drop to such low standards of discourse..

    Have I ever critiqued Tom Crean unfairly? Of course I have. I’m not perfect…May I make a guarantee? You’ll likely hear more.

    I would hope that the readers of my posts have the intelligence to form their own opinions.

  18. Blind optimism about a coach’s ability could cause someone to low-ball their predictions so they can bathe him with unwarranted glory when he underachieves. Yippee!! We won one road game!!

    Downing…How you contradict yourself… for this is almost the exact attitude you enforce with Bungalow Bill and the football team. Although to be fair, I believe that you don’t really have a sincere opinion about IU football; your only “investment” is to get a rise out of the regulars by being controversial and contrarian.

    At any rate, I am excited that you are excited about the team this year, now that you’ve declared yoru sincerity. Your comments about Rivers continue to confirm what I have heard from many. One might surmise that getting Rivers this year might be equivalent to getting a 4 or 5 star recruit – or even better.

  19. Aren’t we all contradictions, Tom..Is this where we self-disclose and expose?….I said “my predictions” were sincere..Don’t make too much of it. I didn’t say I was sincere..I’d hate to put a blemish on your fine character..We wouldn’t want anyone to think you could be making a wrong blanket judgment. I may just be insincere about everything I write…Hell, for one night in March I might have even been a Purdue fan. I might have even been fantasizing JaJuan Johnson was wearing cream and crimson…Isn’t that another label you threw at me “many moons” ago? Am I not a Purdue fan?..And then there was Johnny Cochran…and then defender of drug lords and murderers…and then Eric Gordon’s secret lover….There have been so many labels I can’t even remember them all..Oh, and I mustn’t forget the time you proclaimed to the Basketblog audience(which mostly just consisted of you and I)Husky Tom to be a better IU fan than Downing….Maybe you could refresh on all the rest..They’ve all just diluted into one giant melting pot of mud sling.

    I’m beginning to feel like my insincere heart is your hypodermic’s pin cushion…
    What on earth are you trying to extract? Certainly can’t be Hoosier blood. How much sweeter would you like it?

    I actually think the Hoosiers will be lucky to win 10 games this year…I hope Crean gets caught in a hideous sex scandal with a male cheerleader…I dream of the day Bob Knight comes back to IU…In his first year back we meet the Washington Huskies in the Final Four..Of course, it’s a team full of Crean recruits, but we finally have someone that has a clue about coaching the game of basketball ..We destroy the poor Dawgs and acquire our 6th dusty banner….The Huskies go another half century without an NCAA championship. The end.

  20. Tom-

    Hope you know I didn’t mean any of that hogwash…

    I do with all sincerity know one thing..I’ll never regret our days on the Basketblog…the fiery banter, the crazy tangents of discussions that wondered into the outer limits….I lived in a lonely sea of silent dark waters until a fateful current drifted me onto an island where many good memories can now sun and rest…the place I met a Husky with bright ear and a heart worthy to listen to my voice..though by own admission, I often even certainly most detest.

    On a lighter note….Did you see the ESPN piece about Michael Vick?…It appears he’s taken up new hobby.

  21. You are a mystery, right down to your name, Downing. You are a great deliverer of the late-night last word that reduces me to an ashy silence.

    Yet, the next day, you always have the kindness to recant a bit, showing your forgiving side. This ebb-and-flow indeed goes back to the glorious Basketblog days, where I believe I first got under your skin with a Mark Spitz comment. What a funny courtship that was.

    Of course, there was the famous era of nautical and baking allegories, which, if I remember, included some pretty tense metaphorical battles involving harpoons, LA Fitness, ducks being plucked, urinating huskies, and other colorful language.

    The one thing absent from our banter has been intelligent conversation about basketball, but I guess that’s what makes us unique. Here’s to keeping the tradition alive, even if in a makeshift location.

  22. Here’s to more ‘Candles in the Speedo’, ‘EJ Updates’, Brandon Roy heroics, Steve Miller Band guitar lessons, French cafes, Walmart shopper’s guilt, triglycerides in burgers and fries, darker sides, hot air balloon rides, playful nudges of the great white whale, slobbering sled dogs, shipwrecks, Salumi Meats, Kobe hotel rooms, ‘Reposes in Annecy’, priests and yeast, fat and frat….cozy inns and piers I sat, gritty barroom chat, surrogate sons of one-and-dones, confessions and digressions, 3:00am rants defending Sampson thugs, a Husky dissertation on boom boxes and dangerous bball thugs,… lest we forget Eline and ughs!……and maybe a tiny chapter about Hoosier basketball, or the binding in a book of friendship, the smear of glue that started it all…

    Tom, you’ve taken me on trips in imagination no ship could ever sail..How could I not keep a forgiving side for that?

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