Selby’s mother: We’re watching Indiana closely

HOWARD Indiana basketball

Fans hold up signs before the Howard game Friday encouraging top-10 recruit Josh Selby to commit to Indiana. Chris Howell | Herald-Times

Josh Selby’s mother Maeshon Witherspoon said that the five-star guard’s unofficial visit to Bloomington went well this past weekend, but said there is a lot she and her son still want to know about Indiana.

Two of the things Witherspoon said would be very important in Selby’s decision would be style of play and team chemistry. Witherspoon said she and her son got to watch IU practice Saturday, but that they didn’t feel like that gave them a clear idea of the Hoosiers’ style.

“We’re going to have to pay attention to their games and watch how they play,” she said. “Some of those schools that are recruiting him, I grew up watching a lot of those schools, we kind of know what they expect to do. We have to pay close attention to Indiana’s games to see what their style is.”

Witherspoon also said she and Selby expect to learn alot about the Hoosiers’ team chemistry by watching them throughout the season.

“They’re young,” Witherspoon said. “So we’ll be paying attention to how they play through adversity. Do they fight back when they’re down?”

Witherspoon did say that she and her son were impressed by coach Tom Crean.

“He really understands the game of basketball,” she said.

She also said she’s been impressed with the recruiting efforts of assistant coach Roshown McLeod, a former Duke star and four-year NBA player.

“Roshown is a great guy,” Witherspoon said. “With him having played in the NBA as long as he had, I think he’d been asset to any kid. … He’s been upfront and honest with us throughout the whole process.”

Selby has already visited and is working to schedule a visit to Kentucky. He will also take visits to Miami and Syracuse.


  1. im not too concerned on the style of play and chemistry. i think as the season goes on, they will be able to see that this team will play hard every game, just like we did last year. hopefully some of those efforts will result in wins this year. selby, watford, creek, elston, bawa would be one sick starting 5 next year.

  2. The story’s cut off…. What’s the rest of her quote? Maeshon Witherspoon sounds really practical and pragmatic regarding her son. That’s encouraging. I think Indiana — given an entire season to show who and what we are — will present Josh with a clear choice. A Top-5 all-time program, a proven, spirited coaching staff, unbeatable fans/alums/supporters and a terrific group of young teammates.

  3. I do believe we will get more than a fair evaluation from this recruit over the course of the season.

  4. Hopefully IU can come out with a good season so Selby sees as a powerhouse next year with him running the show.

    Side note I was watching my brother’s HS b-ball game tonight in Marietta and the Wheeler team showed up to watch and Jelan was sporting a crisp bright blue Memphis hoody. I fought back the tears… he would have looked nice in that crimson.

  5. Friggin’ Memphis. That young greaser of a coach has three 5-star recruits in his class already plus a four-star.

    Memphis is a terrible school; I am surprised they even bother holding classes. Heck, as we know, the ball players don’t even have to take the SATs to get in there.

    Memphis should merge with the Clippers of the NBA. The Memphis Clippers; a semi-pro Basketball Academy. Has a nice ring to it.

  6. I’d love to see that merger….Especially if it meant they could finally give challenge to the unprincipled semi-ho team of grossly paid talented Hollywood thugs, NBA brawler, and role model adulterer superstar that never attended a classroom beyond the level of high school; The LA Lakers.

  7. I knew Bloggin’ Cochran would have something to say about my last comment!

    In fact, that comment was what you call “throwing chum in the water.” (or for a more contemporary version, like “throwing a cheeseburger slider to a Wal Mart shopper”)

    Boy did it work like a charm.

  8. Don’t get your hopes up with Selby. I think it will be hard for IU to sign him going up against Kentucky and Kansas, even though they will be depleted next year due to people entering the draft or graduating.

  9. As a native Hoosier and indefatigable IU fan who’s moved to Tennessee and partially adopted the Vols, I hate Memphis, which is quite accurately known as ‘Tiger High.’ If you really want to wind up some Memphis fans, make comments, perhaps even invent cheers, referring to ‘Tiger High’ in a negative way (as if there’s any other way to refer to them).

  10. Don’t think that qualifies as Johnny taking the Marcia Clark bait..More like throwing back a kiss to Mark Fuhrman(Isn’t Fuhrman a Husky state native?)…. obviously knew you were sending your glove….I mean your love…You missed me…I’m touched…I’m just surprised you didn’t find a way to send your love three times. You must be bored today..

  11. Has anyone noticed the players on teams like Kansas, Michigan State, Memphis? These guys look like men! Look at our players….mere boys compared to these guys. Our kids better get mean and grow up quick.

    On the subject of Selby; I’m not holding my breath for him to come to IU. It would take a really mature kid to see the potential at IU. I see him more interested in wearing Nike, and winning right away.

  12. iual88- I noticed the same thing watching Kentucky. Patterson is huge. Even Wall is big. They are going to eat us for lunch, unless we turn out to be a 3 point shooting machine. Looking at Roth’s progress thus far, that seems next to impossible.

  13. I am pretty sure the crowd in Assembly Hall is worth a few points IU’s way. I am pumped for the UK game…

  14. Last night, during the MSU vs. Gonzaga game, Steve Lavin gave the opinion that UK is overrated…I will gladly share in it.

    We’ll definitely need all the right bounces(and maybe a few friendly whistles), but lets put faith in our Hoosiers to put up a valiant effort…Elston, Watford, and Pritch are nothing to sneeze at…Get Patterson in foul trouble and it could open the door for huge upset…

    Go Hoosiers!

  15. Wow, so much negative stuff to say about Memphis program from people on this site. Memphis is a rich Jewish school in the south with prestigious alumni like any other university that I have seen. Memphis has rich boosters beyond any other schools wildest imagination and discloses its true endowment and the city. (Sort of like being being a Jew amongst Nazis to be honest).

    This is nothing but slander, I am from Atlanta and I have visited a lot of schools down here. Tennessee is a hick school that is prejudice towards blacks and others unless you play sports. Tennessee is notorious for its horrible race relations just like Ole Miss. Plus Tennessee players are no better, they have criminals galore and there best basketball and football players have been excused from the school. (Only from fear of national scrutiny too)

    I am surprised at such filth being spread about Memphis being non-academic. You all act as if Indiana is Northwestern and Tennessee is Vanderbilt. So much delusion. People are mad because Memphis is building a great program. I know Tennessee fans are, they are very jealous of Memphis basketball tradition.

  16. Rich Jewish boosters = national prestige and high academic standards?

    Not quite sure I understand that equation.

    I know teachers at IU who were previously at Memphis, and they say there is no comparison between IU students and the “students” at Memphis. It’s like going from Motel 6 to the the Hilton (the Garden in suites; not the full luxury version).

    Of course, this is just one perspective.

  17. Observer,

    I find it interesting that you condemn others for “spreading filth” and negativity about one school, and then combat those statements by simply talking negatively about MORE schools.

    Doesn’t really seem right.

    I also don’t recall anyone claiming or acting like “Indiana is Northwestern.” But just for the record, IU has over 120 programs and majors ranked in the nation’s top 20 — not too bad.

    I agree people are directing too much harsh talk at Memphis simply because the school is pulling in players we wouldn’t mind having, but reacting to that by simply doing the same toward other schools is kind of hypocritical.

  18. The above post supporting Memphis contains inaccuracies:

    Harvard endowment: $26B, Memphis endowment less than $120M, IU endowment greater than $1B. So I guess the Memphis endowment is not beyond wild imagination after all.

    Also, based on incoming student profiles, Memphis is not on par with IU academically:

    Below are SAT test scores of students accepted to IU and Memphis last year. The ranges reflect the middle 50% of students admitted.

    Indiana: SAT Reading 510-620, SAT MATH 530-640
    Memphis: SAT Reading 440-590, SAT MATH 440-590

    Also, 37% of Indiana’s incoming class had a GPA of 3.75 or higher. At Memphis the number was 18%.

    This data is from the CollegeBoard web site and is used by thousands of prospective college students as they research their college of choice.

  19. Hey GFDave,

    Interesting SAT numbers… kinda had to smile though. Don’t they “spot you” 400 to start with on the test ? And their middle 50% = 440 ??? LOL What’s the bottom 25% ? Or bottom 10% ? If you can’t actually spell your name correctly might you end up in the high-300’s ? Hahahaha

  20. I was going to say the same thing. I wonder if “Observer” wasn’t Downing in disguise, aka Bloggin Cochran. The comments about Memphis are way too politically incorrect for him to stay silent. I guess he did initially try to distract our attention with the Laker comment…

  21. Nice try, Husky Bloggin Furhman..”Observer” is not I…I have a pretty good suspicion that it’s you…Back to your old Basketblog ways of pleasuring yourself by responding to your own purposefully radical/phony/disingenuous comments with the use of another alias…Attempts to invent a made up adversary in order to draw out allegiances to your fabricated comments…Your traps are easy to identify. It doesn’t take an F. Lee Bailey, or a “Bloggin Cochran”, to spot them.

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