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SOMEWHERE OVER THE MIDDLE OF AMERICA (I’D TELL YOU WHERE BUT THE CLOUDS ARE BLOCKING THE GROUND) — This plane is bound for Vegas, where I’ll partake in the rare trifecta of Bachelor Party/Thanksgiving/Wedding all in one week. This might seem to all of you normal folk like an odd way to go about life, but you haven’t met Jake. He’s the one getting married. This is just how he is. He gets it done. Although I did hear him say something about seeing Phantom Of the Opera last time we talked. I’m not acknowledging that. It’s a fine show. It’s just that, even though I hold no real fascination for Vegas (perhaps I will gain some on this maiden trip), I wholeheartedly believe if you are going to watch a show there it should probably involve a large and potentially dangerous feline of some sort. Perhaps the script has been adjusted.

*By the way, it’s sort of mind-boggling to think I am surfing the internet on a plane. I remember logging on to America Online 11 years ago to read all the news about Philly sports I could find. It’d take 12 minutes just for your computer to finish making that noise it apparently had to make to entice the internet to open up. Back then I had to go to newsgroups and fledgling Web sites to find what I was looking for a lot of the time. Any of you using the Web to talk about the Hoosiers back then? What were the popular sites?

I am anxious to find out what Bill Lynch says at his season wrap-up press conference later today. It has never been difficult to predict what Lynch’s message will be — and yet we media types pride ourselves on it anyway — but today it needs to be different. Saying that you’re trying to get better every day isn’t good enough. Most of us are. It’s called life. For Indiana right now, it’s about the How. Lynch owes it to the fans to be as forthcoming as he can be about where the program is, where it needs to go and how he plans to get it there.

This plane, by the way, is filled with the rambunctious energy of people fooling themselves into believing they are not going to lose a lot of money and that they will, indeed, be able to keep whatever happens in Vegas in Vegas. The lady across from me just ordered a few little bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon. Fancy.

You can count me among those who are more surprised by the reaction of some Indiana fans to the way Tom Crean’s team has played than I am by how Tom Crean’s team has played. The Hoosiers shouldn’t have lost to Boston University and probably should have handled George Mason. Many have pointed out, and rightfully so, that Mason was a very young team. The core, though, has been together for more than a couple of games. Boston U’s players had been through more than a few cupcake wins against nobodies on their home floor, unlike the ol’ Hoosiers.

I can see that hearing about how decimated the program was by all that happened with Kelvin Sampson has grown tiring for a lot of you. But I can also see Crean’s point, which is that there are plenty of people out there who haven’t comprehended the extent to which the program was gutted. For him, it’s been a balancing act: he needed to hype this freshman class to keep interest in the program kindled, but now he needs to temper that while the freshmen act like freshmen.

It’s entirely fair to have some level of doubt about Crean as a head coach right now. If you take away the Wade-fueled run to the Final Four, Crean coached his Marquette teams to exactly one tournament victory. The team that followed that deep run returned a strong nucleus of Travis Diener and Steve Novak and failed to even make the tournament. His recruiting at Marquette was sporadic, as only two classes really produced.

These are legit concerns. And they are concerns that Crean has not been in a position to address with his actions at IU so far. He certainly deserves a little bit of time before he can be judged there.

Anyway, I’m now over a totally different part of American than I was when I started this. I know that for sure, even though all I can see below me are the same white clouds. Sometimes you just have to trust you are moving forward.

To Vegas. If you don’t hear from me soon, please send a search party of Chronic, Mike P. and Downing. Something tells me the first two know how to handle themselves in Vegas. As for Downing . . . well, I just want to know he’s real.


  1. This is a fair and well written article. Finally somebody has the guts to write on both point of views and includes some facts in the article.

  2. Chris Korman is passenger 57…

    Chris Korman: Ever played roulette?
    Neighboring passenger: On occasion.
    Chris Korman: Well, let me give you a word of advice. Always bet on black!

    Vegas Baby. Take your mind off things and enjoy the trip man.

  3. Korman,

    You should write on planes more often…Dangling at 40,000 feet brings a certain added tone of honesty into your Hoosier speech..

    How right you are about the search party…I’ve never been to Vegas…I can barely handle myself at a busy grocery store checkout lane…

    Viva Elvis!! Have a great time.

  4. Can I send Mike P. now? Mean’s I don’t have to share the Death By Chocolate on Thursday! Have a great time, Chris!

  5. I’ll leave right after the Death By Chocolate has been consumed Megan. I didn’t get any last year, remember I cut a forest down laying on your couch.

  6. Here we go again with the “Dwayne Wade-fueled run” junk. Why do we discard those games that Crean won, as if he should get no credit for recruiting and coaching Dwayne Wade? That is sheer idiocy.

    Would we rather have someone like Dan Dakich, basketball’s version of Bill Lynch, who can’t even make an NCAA tournament in 10 years, but is a “loyal hoosier”?

    Come on Korman. Honesty is good, and some of your points are valid. But don’t start buying into all the junk you hear on this blog. If you have been to the Final Four with players you recruited and coached, then you are a pretty good coach. Period.

    Kelvin Sampson won 0 tournament games with players he recruited and coached. How about that?

  7. Crean doesn’t deserve as much credit for recruiting Wade because he was academically ineligible at every BCS school. He was extremely limited on where he could go. It is not like Crean outsmarted everybody and landed a diamond in the rough like some people would like you to believe. 1 good year out of 10 is unacceptable no matter how you spin it.

  8. stevealford,

    First of all, if you’re going to criticize Tom Crean and argue that he’s a mediocre coach, recruiter and clutch performer, then you should probably stop posting under your current name. It’s comedically ironic.

    Second, Crean may have some work left to do to become an elite post-season coach, but to say he only had “1 good year out of 10,” after he averaged 20 wins in nine seasons at Marquette is ridiculous. Averaging 20 wins per season at a non-traditional basketball school in a perennial powerhouse conference is no small task. It’s fine if you have doubts about his ability to coach in the tournament, and he surely will have to prove himself when that time comes, but your legitimate concerns don’t hold nearly as much water when you couple them with ridiculous statements about how Crean isn’t a good basketball coach.

  9. Korman, I like your comments about Lynch and I like the fact that you can speak your mind unlike most. I too am very surprised about all of the Crean negativity, it is so early. Tell your friend Jake Good Luck. Also, remind him that it is FOREVER!!! Have fun and be safe. If you do one thing for me, eat at one of the casino breakfast buffet tables, WOW!!!

  10. JJPat,Husky,Casey and Mike P. Could this stevealford guy be the same guy we outlawed from the blog last year after a bet? He sure posts the same foolish comments.

  11. ronb, could be, now that you say that I am wondering. Korman, I forgot to answer you man, peegs was free 10 years ago. I read the HT sports every morning and hit peegs, that was it!

  12. I have never posted on here under any other name and actually have no clue what you are talking about. That I can assure you. My comments are not foolish, they are facts that you cannot handle. I have still not heard any valid arguments on Crean’s post-season failures.

  13. Man, I remember being in college at the Univ of Evansville back in like 95 and reading peegs blog. I rememeber going to the computer lab and logging on and heading to peegs at least every other day. I remember hearing that we landed Dane Fife on there, how things have changed!

  14. steveo alford,

    I would counter with the Crean deserves a ton of credit for recruiting Wade. If one is academically inelgible…..they are just that. The fundamental nature of academic inelgibility doesn’t discriminate between schools. Point being, Wade could have been recruited by any school from Duke to UCLA.

    Taking a Proposition 48 player is a risk/reward scenario. Schools that take on a Proposition 48 recruit know going in that they have to work with the student to bring them up to elgibility. That may entail helping them complete their high school degree (GED), or raise their college boards (ACT/SAT) to the NCAA acceptable level. In addition to the burden of the school’s extra work, the recruit in question will not be allowed to compete in their respective sport.

    Because of the time and effort to bring the recruit up to NCAA standards and possible risk of failure, many colleges do not take on this task.

    Famous Proposition 48 NCAA athletes include Terry Mills of the 1989 NCAA Champion Michigan Wolverines and Junior Seau of USC.

    As for my feelings for Crean. I am impartial. I feel that we should take the wait and see approach. As Chris pointed out, he has been given a task of taking a completely gutted program and bringing them back from the dead. Is he the right man for the job? He has brought a contagious ethusiasm and consistency. That is what IU Hoops needs now. Let’s give him some time to make his mark.

    Just curious though…you have been very adamant about your thoughts on Crean and his lack of credibility as a heach coach. For the sake of this debate, who would be your choice as a better alternative? And don’t say Steve Alford…Ha..

  15. stevealford – if it’s so important for a team to look and play exactly in your image of greatness, pick another team to follow. Maybe New Mexico.

  16. stevealford, you say that your comments are facts, and yet you only give Crean one good year out of 10. I agree with Casey. Anybody who averages 20 wins a season for 9 years is a good coach. It sounds like you spin your “facts” to support your negativity.

  17. BC,
    so you are happy with averaging approx 20 wins a year and making the NCAA tournament exactly 50% of the time? On top of that, hopefully wait a decade for the next Wade so we may be able to actually win a tournament game?

  18. I give less credence to the circumstances of why Wade ended up at MU than to the fact Coach Crean and staff developing Wade and the rest of those players that did reach the final four as a team. I really don’t care if he was considered a diamond in the rough or a thistle on a birthday cake. That coaching achievement under any scrutinizing criteria cannot be dismissed. To reach the final four is an astounding accomplishment which many dam good coaches never attain. One being from our own state in Keady, whom I greatly respect. He had what I thought were three squads that had the team fabric to make it. But not getting their has done little to nothing to remove the word success from describing his coaching career at PU. A season and five games at IU does not divulge enough time to render any sound basis to judge Coach Crean’s career at this time. If you do wish to expand the debate to his MU coaching resume then you must acknowledge there is no asterisk next to the final four season.

  19. The guy posting as “stevealford” is not “Aruss”. “Aruss” never tried to support is idiocy, and even though he does spin things into his favor, at least this guy tries to support his reasoning’s, even if they are loosely bound and full of holes.

  20. stevealford, go back and reread my post. What I said was averaging 20 wins a season for 9 years is the hallmark of a good coach. Your one good year out of 10 comment has no basis in fact.

  21. Is there really a point to arguing about what Crean did or didn’t do in the past other than to get yourselves all worked up because you feel the need to spew venom? Get over yourselves and give the guy a realistic chance to do his job.
    If Crean can’t do it who exactly would you recommend? How many coaches who have one a championship in the last 10-15 years would leave their current jobs to come to Indiana? I’m going to go ahead and say none. IU was lucky to land Crean given the circumstances. He’s asked for patience from the fans, as hard as that may be to provide I think we owe it to the kids wearing the jerseys.

  22. “To reach the final four is an astounding accomplishment which many dam good coaches never attain.” = Mike Davis

    Guess we let one get away.

  23. It’s entirely fair to have some level of doubt about Crean as a head coach right now. If you take away the Wade-fueled run to the Final Four, Crean coached his Marquette teams to exactly one tournament victory. The team that followed that deep run returned a strong nucleus of Travis Diener and Steve Novak and failed to even make the tournament. His recruiting at Marquette was sporadic, as only two classes really produced

  24. I say let stevealford stay on his island of misfit logic and rant all he wants. Just don’t respond to his negative spins. I thought we could maybe reason with the guy but now he is feeding off our replies.

  25. Crean and this coaching staff will get us back on top again. Not this year or maybe next year but it WILL BE DONE!!!

  26. Korman, I’ll be your Dr. Gonzo anytime!

    A couple pearls of wisdom which I gleaned on my maiden voyage to Sin City (Background: After graduating from IU, I parlayed my grad money into a ’73 Cadillac Eldorado convertible, affixed some steer horns to the hood & followed the lead of another much admired journalist, Hunter S. Thompson, into the wild desert yonder.):
    *Adrenal glands are not abundantly available in Bloomington for purchase- who knew?!
    *Ether, however, usually takes 1 phone call to a bio-chem major to procure & is not advised for use when driving, EVER.
    *Cops tend to notice a ’73 Caddy drop-top with 5′ steer horns, Pink Floyd (Meddle) blaring on the stereo, & wild-eyed occupants, especially in Kansas.
    *Vegas is like the world’s biggest whore house, literally & figuratively- everyone there is trying to F you for your money & you won’t ever last as long as you’d like.
    *Psychoactive substances WILL NOT make you a better gambler, but they will make you feel better about pissing your money away at an alarming clip.
    *There is a reason most hotels switched to the closed, dispensing type of ice machines from big, open bins, & I’m pretty sure we helped make that happen.
    *Strippers are people too. And if you happen to meet one from your hometown with an impressive augmentation & an obvious case of herpes, stories will abound for years, & you won’t feel so bad that you never hooked-up.
    *Elvis impersonators are not real people, they are just hallow shells of adults who never grew out of their Underoos fascination. That said, they can become easily and extremely agitated when showered with pocket change or icy libations from a moving vehicle.
    *In the end, you’ll see Vegas is far more than a mirage, it is a neon-lit black hole, devoid of sense of time, space, fiscal responsibility, or moral/social norms. If you can escape its crushing pull with your life, wife, and/or wallet, you’ve won. And I’ll gladly do it again in a heartbeat.

  27. Actually I am not quick to judge. I am judging him over his entire career. I didn’t say anything last year due to the circumstances even though 6 wins is unacceptable here under any circumstances. Bob Knight would have led a team of walkons to a better record last year versus that schedule. Northwestern St, IUPUI, Chaminade, Cornell, TCU, Northeastern, Lipscomb, Iowa twice…. Come on now. 6 Wins?

  28. you know, it ought to be something to watch here in the near future when crean lets those players take off the two pound leaded shoes they been wearing and putting on the regular ones

  29. And there’s the Bob Knight reference. stevealford are you my old roommate from ’99 who used to yell at the TV “STARTERS IN!” when IU was down? How’s that obsession with Rob Turner as well?

    PS….I miss your musk.

  30. Husky,

    Didn’t mean to mitigate Crean’s role by calling the run “Wade-fueled.” Just used it more as a descriptor. Crean certainly deserves credit for that.

    And I wasn’t really trying to say that Crean’s a good coach or a bad coach. He’s what he was when he was hired: a promising coach with a lot of experience who is still relatively young and appeared to have the energy and charisma to do the rebuilding that the Indiana program needed. There were questions about his work to that point, but there would have been about any other coach who came in. There’s no such thing as the perfect hire.

  31. stevealford,

    Wow, what a bold claim — The winningest coach in NCAA basketball history would’ve squeezed more than six wins out of last years team…

    Well hey man, don’t stop there.

    – Tyler Hansborough would’ve averaged more than 9 ppg if he were our center instead of Pritchard last season.
    – Stephen Curry would’ve hit more threes than Roth.
    – Urban Meyer would’ve won more than four games with this year’s football team.

    Am I forgetting anything big?

    Come on…if your measuring stick for success as a basketball coach is 900 wins and 3 NCAA championships then everyone fails. Saying “he’s not as good as Bob Knight was” doesn’t really say much, and doesn’t prove anything bout Crean’s ability to coach.

    See these are the kinds of thoughts you should keep INSIDE of your head, because when you express them here, you simply lose more and more credibility.

    It would actually carry more weight if you were to say “Steve Alford would have lead a team of walk-ons to a better record last year versus that schedule,” because it would show that even a completely overrated coach with a career winning percentage that eerily resembles that of Mike Davis could’ve done better than Crean last year.

  32. Casey,
    Maybe you should learn to read. I said Bob Knight could have won more than 6 games with a “TEAM OF WALK ONS”. Crean had many scholarship players.

    And yes Steve Alford would have won more than 6 games with our same team last year.

  33. stevealford,

    Having your opinion and making arguments is one thing, but at least be reasonable. Yes, Crean had scholarship players — who, in any other year, would have been lucky to receive a walk-on position on an IU squad, but stop acting like there was anything easy about last year’s situation.

    And let’s just set this record straight once and for all…

    Steve Alford (the real one, not you):

    8 Seasons at Iowa
    – Overall Record: 152-106 (.589)
    – Conference Record: 61-67 (.476)
    – NCAA Tournament appearances: 3
    – NCAA Tournament victories: 1
    – NIT Appearances: 3
    – NIT Victories: 1
    – Conference Titles: 0

    To sum it up, Alford had a losing record in the Big Ten over a span of 8 seasons. He never won a Big Ten title and never got past the second round of the NCAA Tournament OR the NIT. By your standards, he didn’t even have ONE good year.


    Tom Crean:

    9 Seasons at Marquette
    – Overall Record: 190-96 (.664)
    – Conference Record: 90-56 (.616)
    – NCAA Tournament Appearances: 5
    – NCAA Tournament Victories: 5
    – NIT Appearances: 3
    – NIT Victories: 4
    – Conference Titles: 1

    So, in closing…Crean owns a better overall record, a better in-conference record, more NCAA appearances, more NCAA victories and a conference title. He’s even younger than Alford.

    But yeah, you’re right — Alford’s certainly a better coach. He definitely would’ve done better than Crean with last year’s team. And I totally wish he was our coach now.

    Seriously, your statements are a joke.

  34. Casey, you should change your posting name to THE HAMMER, because the stats you bring to the table “nail” little alfords to the floor.

  35. Such a nice new pretty bow on your words for Crean, Korman…Certainly can tell Christmas is around the corner..

    Please make sure you don’t send the compliment I addressed to you in that reworked package you just sent off to a Husky fan. It’s now a cheap gift.

  36. “If you have been to the Final Four with players you recruited and coached, then you are a pretty good coach. Period.”

    Does anyone truly believe a bad coach could take a team to a Final Four even if the players weren’t necessarily his recruits? It could be argued it may be more difficult…He might not be a talented recruiter, but I certainly think he has to know a little something about coaching to beat a #1 ranked team in the nation to get there. I was at the Duke vs Indiana 2002 Regional semifinal in Kentucky. Davis made some excellent adjustments to the Hoosiers inside game to help fuel the unbelievable comeback…It wasn’t just about the big stars on the floor. There wasn’t that many big stars.

    Crean may end up being the best coach Indiana has had in decades, but on that memorable night in Kentucky, I was pretty damn happy with Mike Davis…Of course, Dane Fife nearly lost us the game by fouling on a 3 Pt shot on an already sealed Hoosier victory…Could you have imagined the heartbreak if that free throw was sunk? Fife is a huge supporter of Tom Crean…hmmm?

  37. Casey,

    Those were mighty impressive stats on Alford..Not that it matters, but I can’t remember who Alford replaced at Iowa? Do you remember?

  38. –NIT Victories: 1..Are you sure?

    This is the only stat I’ve checked thus far..

    This was the first of three straight seasons that the Hawkeyes played in the NIT under Alford. They won the first two rounds of the 2003 tournament against Valparaiso and Iowa State before losing to Georgia Tech, finishing with a 17-14 record.

    1+1=1=Casey’s new math? That took a whole fifteen seconds of Wikipedia research, “HAMMER“.

  39. Right now Crean is a top 40 coach, nothing less probably nothing more. What fans need to face is IU more than a top 40 program? Same problem Notre Dame is facing in football. No one cares about the history of the program. None of these players were alive when IU last won a championship.

    Recruits want to win a championship and go pro. Thats why Calipari has Kentucky back in his 1st year. He makes runs in the tourney and gets his players to the pros. IU hasn’t had a successful pro before Gordon since who? Isiah Thomas? Until these things change its not going to be easy to get IU back to an elite program.

  40. Successful pro? Does that mean they have to be in the HOF? That’s a pretty high standard for any program to live up to. Just curious about your criteria for a successfull player before I make a counter point.

  41. Statman,

    That very Wikipedia page you speak of is apparently inconsistent. In the stat box for his career at Iowa (lower on the page), it shows Iowa reaching only the SECOND round of the NIT in 2003. That was what I used as a reference, sorry for the mix up.

    And now that you’ve pointed out that Alford won ONE extra game in the NIT, my perception of him has completely changed. He’s a much greater coach than I’d given him credit for. My sincerest apologies.

  42. …oh and also, to answer you question that I didn’t see before, according to Wikipedia, he replaced Tom Davis (hopefully that information is more accurate than the NIT stats i cited before).

  43. I’ve done more checking…Your statistics are still somewhat misleading. I’ll be back later. Have to get my turkey roasting…

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  44. By successful I’d say someone with some name recognition, not a long career on the bench. Not Calbert Cheney who was probably my favorite IU player but a journeyman in the pros. Alan Henderson had a nice career but nothing more than a role player. Jefferies is a bust. Gordon has been good so far. As far as Crean, I can only name the 3 I did, with Wade being the only guy who really means anything. I highly doubt any top recruits would get excited about a call from Travis Diener. Besides them I can’t think of anyone.

    enlighten me on anyone besides who I mentioned would give a player reason to think that coach or school will get me to the pros

    The point is, its a great recruiting tool for a guy like Calipari or Roy Williams or someone to be able to say, look at Derek Rose, look at so and so. Come to school here and you can have that career. Top coaches have multiple players, Crean has one. IU has Gordon and no one successful before that until you reach Isiah. I’m not saying Crean can’t do it, just that he has to prove it

  45. Also I’m talking long term success, not a good year here or there. I mean to get to be a consistent top 15 team, not a shot in the dark every four years ago

  46. Last time I checked Basketball was a team sport in College. You
    don’t need NBA stars to win a lot of games in college but you do need team players who know their roles. That’s why I like High School and College Basketball. You can coach kids and win banners with team basketball. I think IU’s teams through the years had team chemistry. Steve Alford, AJ Guyton, Kirk Hasten, Brian Evans, Damon Bailey, Randy Wittman, Mike Woodson,Greg and Pat Graham etc, all the players on the 75 and 76 teams,the 2002 team, the great teams in the 80’s and ninety’s, only a couple of NBA superstar as noted above but they did have College superstars. Everyone says u need one and done stars to win and certainly they can help but building a strong player group is just as important and you can’t do that over night it takes time.

  47. Though I’m nearly comatose from turkey I looked him up. Sounds good from the Insider report on ESPN but appears he isn’t very fast. Seems thats why he is a two star player. A 4.55 is not fast for a RB. Then again I think recruiting sites are overrated so he may become the next Anthony Thompson.

    I’d really like to see IU go after Auburn’s O-coordinator. I don’t think he’d cost a ton and his offense is interesting. Either that or get the O-coordinator from Ga. Tech. The option wouldn’t be fun to watch but would probably be successful. I think without a gimmick it will be tough to win at IU

  48. Steve Alford was part of a great time at IU and hung a banner. Whether he would be a good coach or not at IU is a moot point–he’ll never coach here. I just don’t see the point in debating about it or beating up the guy.

    Just by memory, didn’t his Iowa teams win two BigTen tournament championships too? His next to last year they had a long win streak. He has several records at Iowa. I hope he does well at NM. He’s not coming to IU.

    I root for the former Hoosiers. Let’s move on.

  49. Cooper,

    It’s not that I don’t agree with you, just wanted to see what you thought the successful pro criteria included.

    I will say that while showcasing NBA players that came through your program is a great plug, its not the only thing that recruits evaluate. You’ve got program tradition, coaching style, promised playing time, campus experience, major media coverage…and more. It’s my humble opinion that IU can hit on all those things except maybe the NBA player factor.

    But, not many current coaches have consistenly produced many great NBA players. The list is a select few. Off the top of my head, Roy Williams, Jim Boeheim, Pitino, not until recently Coach K, Jim Calhoun and Tom Izzo may be the exceptions. They consistently produce NBA type players in their system. Attracting one and done’s are a different argument. Rose and Gordon were types of players that were already NBA ready. They could have gone overseas like Brandon Jennings and then been a top draft pick.

    But I would like to see IU and Crean make a positive step towards producing NBA type players. Time will tell. Get a good system and coach in place and hopefully success will breed success. You just hope that then top tier high school recruits take notice.

  50. PB, I agree with you more matters than the NBA and you make good points on the coaches getting players to the pros. For the majority of players(and a number of good players) they care about all of those things because they are going for the “college” experience along with hoping to make it to the NBA. The top 10-20 recruits each year are going to school to jump to the NBA and that is their focus. They go to class because they have to remain eligible

    My thought which after reading I did not articulate well was that if IU wanted a quick turnaround they needed someone proven at getting guys to the NBA. The only coach right now seeming to get those players who isn’t a big name is Josh Pastner at Memphis and I have no idea how he has done what he’s done.

    I’m not knocking Crean, I think he can become a top 20 coach and his uptempo style will bring in some players. Its just going to take a while, longer than we suspect I feel. I don’t think we will see the roster he really wants for another 3-4yrs.

  51. Cooper,

    I’m at a loss to as to what Josh Pastner is doing that other coaches can’t do. Maybe we’ll see in a few years how legit of a recruiter he is…ha. The whole Derrick Rose SAT thing was pretty interesting. Not too sure how the media left that situation.

    Bennie Seltzer and Roshown McLeod are pretty good recruiters. Roshown was a Dukie and played in the League. Bennie just brings the passion and the candy stripe pants (in some pretty funny recruiting visit prictures) to the table.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed we hit on Selby. Maybe Teague too. As you can tell I’m an optimist.

    I agree with you that it will take a full 3-4 years to fully develop a Crean like roster. But, I’ve got nothing but time.

  52. This is a test.

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         L'accent         J Pat           Husky Tom           Downing

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