1. I was at the game, and I know I’m biased but we lost because of poor coaching. UNC dominated in the air and what was so frustrating was that we kept kicking high goal kicks and losing the ball. At some point the coach should have instructed our goalkeeper to just kick it low towards the flank. They were bigger than us and it showed in the air.

    I felt if we had put the ball on the ground we could have beaten them technically and forced good shots. Whenever the ball was in the ground we penetrated their D.

    Our defense gave their midfielders and forwards too much space to run. We should have attacked them and force them to make good passes or great dribbling. We were lucky we only lost by one.

    A lot of players lacked hustle in the game and should have closed space so that their offense would have to force things.

    I would say we had three very good chances to score a goal, but most shots were directed straight to the goalie.

    If this newspaper does not talk to our Athletic Director to make a coaching change, I don’t know you how you guys could consider yourselves journalists.

    We have the kids and if they were taught better their would have been a different result in today’s game.

  2. We we very loud as a fan base. They outnumbered us two to one ,but we were ten times as loud throughout the game. All fans in attendance were quite knowledgeable and we made our presence felt throughout the game. The South American in can’t help but be loud. I think what we can sell recruits on is that we have fans that actually really care how we do. I felt it when we lost when me and bunch of hoosiers were saddened by the results.
    Hope this helps.

  3. It’s been tough to watch this season as many of the hallmarks of IU soccer have dissipated to the point of a nearly unrecognizable program. Gone are the days of dominating ball possession, unequivocal ownership of the midfield, stifling defensive containment, and lethal offensive counter-attacks. With the passing of these pillars of the program, we are left to first discover the ugly reality of a 10-loss season. Though most programs may take pride in a 3rd-round exit from the NCAA tournament, anything short of a College Cup appearance, preferably bringing back another trophy, should be viewed as a massive disappointment for IU. There is little doubt that Mike Freitag has contributed tremendously to IU’s many successes over his years here as a player, assistant, and coach, but there is even less doubt that the program has been in steady decline under Freitag’s leadership as head coach. It is time for IU to regain its position as college’s most dominant soccer program and to begin the process of naming IU’s 3rd coach of men’s soccer.

  4. jg- Myself and many Supportive IU fans were at the game as well,and saw a different game then you! Wonder what university you coach at?? Oh, you do not….obvious.
    How you could make those ridiculous assumptions about poor coaching is beyond anyone! Your talk of firing Freitag is ridiculous! Look around at the parity in college soccer in recent years, including 2008 and 2009. Any coach in the country would be thrilled to have Freitag’s record in the past 6 years! Do your research!

    We support this IU team and staff, and support them even when they ‘only’ get to the sweet 16!! Any other IU sport would love to be able to reach the sweet 16!
    We look forward to next year and great recruits coming to IU in 2010, Thanks to Freitag and his staff.

  5. hey grace, for all your complaining you didn’t once talk about the game. What I saw was the same thing gongora saw. we won about 3 out of the 17 balls in the air. the coach did nothing to readjust this in the 2nd half. I think that your opinion is biased because maybe you have some affiliation with the team.

  6. “If this newspaper does not talk to our Athletic Director to make a coaching change, I don’t know you how you guys could consider yourselves journalists. ”

    I am confident that this is not the responsibility of journalists.

  7. They do have the responsibility as sports journalists to raise the question to our AD. I agree they shouldn’t tell him to make a coaching change ( poor choice of words on my part, and I’m sorry about that) but its their responsibility to raise the question and demand an answer.

    I think Freitag is a great guy, but the results speak for themselves.
    Freitag would live up to the expectations at any other university, but not IU. My facts have justification.
    Ever since IU started to officially play football, every incoming freshman had the pleasure of going to a college cup. Not anymore. In one of his years he was eliminated in the first round of the tournament. When did that happen when Yeagley was the coach? I’m not expecting a college cup every year, but expect better results than this.

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