1. Or, maybe he couldn’t fathom (you guys DO know what that means, right) playing for a team with “fans” like yourselves….Good to see that he’s probably more of an adult than are you.

  2. You first three posters sound like idiots and give all Hoosier fans a bad name. You are probably the ones that wished Kyrie Irving a career ending injury. This type of talk does nothing but tarnish Indiana University and our program. Show a little respect, this is a high school KID.

  3. I share Jon’s sentiment. Anyone making derogatory comments about a 17 year old kid need some self reflection. If you are a true IU fan you should be ashamed. If you are not a fan of IU..get off the blog troll!!

    Good luck to David in whatever he decides to do.

  4. From what I’ve heard, I think David has more to worry about than bball. I think him and his high school girlfriend are expecting. Maybe why he is going to stay around Jacksonville.

  5. ^Are you implying he has a propensity to double dribble?…A tear-dropper found goal while he be hoping for air ball?

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