Thoughts before calling it a night . . .

Plenty of action in IU sports land today.

We had five reporters (yeah, overkill) at Tom Crean’s press conference today as we gathered information for our Indiana basketball preview set to run Sunday.

Dustin and I attended an IU football press conference and the second half of practice. He’s working on a story about Terrance Turner and his Search For A Touchdown as I type.

Intern Andrew Wyder, who handles the women’s basketball beat along with Jeremy Price, met with Felisha Legette-Jack and her team after practice today. I’m hearing a lot about this team’s exciting point guard play, and am looking forward to seeing it myself.

So yeah, lots of news. You can find reports on that stuff interspersed throughout this blog and in tomorrow’s Herald-Times.

Most interesting thing I heard today? How about this interview Crean gave to Eddie and Kravitz? Listen to his take on Coach K, and then remember that Duke ended up landing Kyrie Irving a few weeks after Irving decided that Indiana wasn’t going to be able to compete at an elite level (a notion, Crean has said, being put forth by some of the coaches the Hoosiers are recruiting against.)

For the record, I’ve been unable to get word from the Big Ten or IU’s upper echelon brass on Referee Gate 2009. It’s unclear whether IU even did anything beyond what it would do after any game. Here’s what Big Ten spokesman Scott Chipman wrote to me:

Coaches send in evaluations of officials on a weekly basis, and that information is used as part of our officiating evaluation program throughout the year.

I then asked if he knew whether IU had gone above and beyond that protocol to register its displeasure. In return:

Like I said, coaches send in evaluations on a weekly basis, and that information is used as part of our officiating evaluation program throughout the year. We do not go into detail regarding those evaluations.

So, those of you waiting for the Big Ten to say anything about what happened in Iowa City are now engaged in a race with those waiting for Bob Knight to gleefully return.

Which is, frankly, ridiculous. The silence makes the Big Ten look even more like a joke. Come out and say it was the right call. Or come out and say a mistake was made. Indifference delivered from on high is clearly the worst option here.

Dustin and I didn’t write much about the disputed calls that became a national story. We didn’t have a great view of what happened on Saturday, either as it happened or on the video monitors near us. Personally, I’m loathe to examine how the officials in any sport perform. As Jammie Kirlew said today, “I wouldn’t want to have their job.” But this instance has become something bigger, and needs to be addressed.

Anyway, let’s close it off with one of my favorite versions of one of my favorite songs, and one that will remind Terrance that we’re all searching for something:


  1. I love Neil Young. Talent used to be able to find its voice. Nowadays there’s no use for such a sentiment.

  2. “Harvest Moon” is one of my all-time favorites, even if one of Neil’s “newer” albums. What a great Canadian that guy is. And he tours on occasion with Pearl Jam, to boot.

  3. Kyrie’s decision was simply because it wasn’t the right fit for him. Any speculation beyond that is…..speculation. They were big time enough to be in the game till the end, and they have also recruited Michael Gilchrist, his teammate and #1 player in the land. Crean has a nice relationship with Pats now and they have an ultra-talented frosh class with 5 kids over 6-5. These coaches reach the top because they always see the Big Picture.

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