Thoughts from game 1

This Dayton team is no joke.

The Flyers certainly needed to win the first game of the Puerto Rico Tip-Off a lot more than Georgia Tech did. The Yellow Jackets play in the ACC, so they’ll have a lot more time to prove themselves. Dayton plays in the A-10, which has good teams and some extremely bad ones, so what they do in conference play won’t matter nearly as much.

They need big wins early, and this was not only a big win, but one that shows this team has an uncommon level of depth and won’t back down from a high-level opponent. The Flyers took a nine-point lead at half, lost it and trailed by as many as seven, but rallied back to win 63-59. They won it with 47 of their 63 points coming off the bench.

“I’d have to think about it, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a game like that,” Dayton coach Brian Gregory said. “That’s an interesting stat, but one of the things we’re trying to do is establish that bench. What’s interesting is Georgia Tech is a pretty deep team too. That’s not a team that we’re not going to wear down.”

In a way, though, that was what they did. Star forward Chris Wright essentially neutralized Tech freshman phenom Derrick Favors, holding the top-level recruit and likely one and done to just 10 points. Favors returned the favor and held Wright to seven points on 2-for-8 shooting. Tech center Gani Lawal had nine points and eight rebounds, but also committed eight of the Yellow Jackets’ jaw-dropping 26 turnovers.

The Flyers didn’t get much inside against those two, but they got 19 points from reserve guard Chris Johnson and 13 from fellow sub Paul Williams with many of those coming down the stretch during the comeback.

The Flyers used three senior guards in the game who shot a combined 3-for-13 from the field, but those bench points made the difference.

“For us to beat a Georgia Tech with two of our three senior guards right now first is incredible,” Gregory said. “Two, I would have never have thought it, and three it shows that some of the younger guys are really starting to step up.”

“For us to be

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  1. Favors gaurded Wright? Wright is more of a 3 than anything, the guy can jump out of the gym. GT relies on the youngsters, so this Dayton win isn’t very surprising.

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