1. The big ten has ruined college basketball for me, its all about the money and nothing to do with the fans that pay the bills.

    I for one refuse to give them any of my money. I wish the hoosiers well, but it’ll happen without me.

  2. Used to Care,

    What the h3ll are you talking about? IU Basketball games have been on AY (cable) TV for about 3 decades now. Quit whining!

  3. I am streaming and it is working pretty well. I did a trial game earlier and my only compliant is the lack of a time & score box.

  4. I’m streaming. It’s okay aside from being a little choppy. I don’t like the lack of a time and score. The commentators could be better, but that’s understandable.

    I’m angry that I have to pay for this despite the fact that I already pay for The Big Ten Network through my cable company.

    And honestly, who would rather watch women’s volleyball than this, even if it is IU v Purdue?

  5. I’m watching on the BTN right now… video is kinda bad… can’t read the time or the score in the score box they post at the bottom… but for $2.99, not bad…

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