Wisconsin 31, Indiana 28


Here’s what Lynch had to say to the media after the game.

Indiana continued to take chances during the 10th game of the 2009 season, a 31-28 loss to Wisconsin.

And while some worked out — like three conversions on fourth-down — others did not.

The most costly came in the final minutes, as the Indiana defense forced a third-and-8 at the Wisconsin 32-yard line. The Hoosiers (4-6) elected to rush the pocket and try to pressure quarterback Scott Tolzien.

Wisconsin’s offense line, however, handled the pass rush with relative ease and Tolzien had enough time to complete a 17-yard pass to Nick Toon.

And just like that, with another third-down conversion (the Badgers were 11-of-17 on the day), the Hoosiers suffered another close loss, another game in which they forced to wonder what could have been.

What could have been had the first half not go so poorly, with the Badgers scoring 24 points (17 in the second quarter alone) and taking a 10-point lead into the break. What could have been if quarterback Ben Chappell had not thrown two interceptions, one in the redzone. What could have been if Wisconsin had not run the ball (294 yards on 52 carries) so well all afternoon.

Bill Lynch said he challenged his team at halftime to play better. After the game, wide receiver Tandon Doss admitted the Hoosiers did not have enough emotion to start the game.

The Hoosiers played with more intensity in the second half, but it was too little, too late.

Indiana now prepares to go on the road and play Penn State next Saturday. The Hoosiers must win out, beating both Penn State and Purdue, in the season’s final two weeks in order to become bowl eligible.

There was no talk, however, of bowls after Saturday’s loss. Just the woudla, coulda, shoulda of another chapter in the 2009 season.


  1. Another winnable game for the Hoosiers…but you can’t really blame the players for coming out a little flat after 2 disappointing losses. Don’t really think there is a chance of beating Penn State in Happy Valley, so let’s get pumped up about beating Purdue at home on Nov. 22nd!

  2. Someone explain to me how Joe Palcic still has a job.

    The secondary is clearly the weakest point of our entire defense and has been so for as long as I can remember. Today, we were beat on simple run-ten-yards-and-stop routes consistently because our DBs play so far off the receivers.

    I’ve seen some one-on-one drills where the DBs have done a great job hanging with our receivers, and I’ve seen what Tracy Porter has done now that he’s in a different scheme.

    The line and the LBs have done as well as we could ask them against big, physical o-lines, but the scheme run by the DBs is killing us week in-week out.

  3. i would love to see palcic gone, and canada, lol and bill lynch for that matter, but obviously that aint gonna happen

  4. I have to believe Coach Lynch and Canada deserve all the credit for the development of QB Ben Chappell during this season. More times than not he has been one half of the action producing big plays that have succeeded this season. He is now the constant in the offense.

  5. At halftime, I noticed on the jumbo-tron that IU’s leading rusher had 1 carry for 7 yards; the team total I believe was 1.

    Why in the world would you publicly acknowledge that NON accomplishment?

    The pistol offense especially in the first half was not the down hill, power rushing game we heard all about during the summer and early fall.

    This kind of rushing performance is why I am always cautious about promises about IU football.

    Today the second half was better than the first. We again played just good enough to lose. Too bad about DW getting hurt. Hope it is not serious, but he did not look like he could put any weight on it at all leaving the field.

    Positives? The first TD pass from Ben was perfect through tight coverage. Special teams did ok. Doss and Belcher caught some nice balls, especially the two Bombs in the 2nd quarter. We had some success on 4th down. Good job there. They were resilient today. Not victorious, but resilient. Wouldn’t we all like to win some?

    Not much wild mitch today at qb?

  6. It’s easy to focus on the tough losses this season — on the “woulda, coulda, shoulda’s.”

    But no one can deny the fact that this team has improved over the last year.

  7. If we could just finish teams off and wrap the program together to get a win. We are just a few plays away from having a good season, plus the BT refs not letting us win the games we could have
    We are 4-6 but we should have w’s at Michigan, Iowa, Northwestern. Thats 7 wins and 3 loses. Lynch and staff are not doing that bad of a job.

  8. In the long run, improvement is only measured in wins and losses. Also, the Big 10 was very bad, worst I have ever seen it. While I admit it was fun watching our WR’s play and Willis run once in a while…IU will be home over the holidays! I am ready for a change. IU has scored a total of 16 points in the third quarter all year long. I have never said this in my life but I am done for the season and looking forward to basketball. I can’t even believe I said it!

  9. JPat, on Friday weren’t you the one telling people that you never give up? Lynch was interim coach the first year, that hurt recruiting. So, this is his second year contractually. Progress is being made. Perhaps the progress is too slow for you, sorry can’t help you there.
    Last year the team seldom showed the competitive nature that it has displayed this entire year. Personally, I feel that last year there was a possible problem with team chemistry. It might be too easy to blame Lewis, but it is a possibility that the unsettled qb situation affected the entire team.
    Don’t give up. Question all you want. Yell if you want, but don’t give up. Sorry to sermonize.

  10. Jay, I never said anything about not giving up in my posts about Knight on friday nor did I say it today. I will watch vs PSU on the tube and take my family in 2 weeks vs PU and cheer like mad. Making a comment about looking to basketball and being done with football is the way I feel right now and it is new to me. I for the first time in my life had no emotion at the football game staurday. I have no confidence in the team at this point. Jay, I am tired of 4 win and 5 win seasons, have been for a long time…that’s all. More competitive maybe but stats and wins don’t show that. I do not see progress and I wish I did. Where is the progress? Could you give me a few examples? take care

  11. JPat, I understand your frustration. But . . .
    1. I think I gave an example in my previous post.
    2. You are young. Were you calling for Mallory’s job when the geniuses got him fired, or forced him out?
    3. Can you honestly say that you don’t see progress between this year and last year?
    4. You are obviously a great fan of IU athletics. I applaud you for that. My only recommendation is don’t confuse being a fan with knowing what is going on with the football team or the athletic department.

  12. Arm tackling is a good observation. I also like that word sermonize. Don’t believe I’ve ever heard it before. It does fit well when projecting your opinion. Last year I did not see many players that could make it happen for us this year. This year I see those kinds players for next year. What is going to be fun is watching to see where athletes like Mitch, Adetona, Love, Wright-Baker, Zachary and Bosler will make an impact on the future of the program. Like Jay I am positive about the future when I think about these type of players and their possibilities.

  13. Jay, I am not sure my youth at 33 years old has anything to do with it at all. I was recruited by Mallory and spent time with him one on one so NO I was not calling for his job. My dad wanted him to stay and was upset he was let go. It has been downhill since. I see IU being faster and stronger and that is where I feel people confuse that with being more competitive. The Big 10 is so weak. The fundamentals are still lacking and while the coaching staff improved in a couple ways, some things were worse so I feel honestly from the heart about the same as last year. It was nice to play with other teams and have big leads but the letdowns in the second half got me down. It was a fooler! Never said I knew what was going on in the AD or football team. I talk to connecetd people, read, watch and assume like everyone else. Sometimes I am right and sometimes wrong. In the end, I just want to win! Hope the first part of this helps you to understand why I am so passionate about IU sports and football in general!

  14. * – Iowa 5-1 9-1
    * – Ohio State 5-1 8-2
    * – Penn State 4-2 8-2
    * – Wisconsin 4-2 7-2
    * – Northwestern 3-3 6-4
    Michigan State 3-3 5-5
    Purdue 3-3 4-6
    Minnesota 3-4 5-5
    Illinois 2-5 3-6
    Michigan 1-5 5-5
    Indiana 1-5 4-6

    Please explain how these standings through 10 games consititues progress? Explain how Fr and So running backs beat our Senior Defense? Explain how we feel better about a whole new Defense coming in next year is going to stop these guys? Sorry, I am old school pay for performance. I don’t receive pats on the back for losing business to my competitors consecutive years because I didn’t lose as bad to them this time. Define success for the program, set goals and objectives, set up metrics to measure the progress and report weekly.

  15. JPat and Cali make good points in the last two posts. Defending this season’s performance as better than last year’s is a pretty flimsy argument to me. It could have been worse than last year I suppose, but that would have to be pretty bad. The losses from the roster are going to be big.

    How about a forward looking story about what the lineups/depth chart might look like in the spring?

    Are better days ahead? Is 09 the high water mark?

    Gimme hope.

  16. Is it really improvement or is the quality of our competition is just down this year?

    I won’t comment on this game, I have yet to watch it.

  17. And Ian Reeves (LB)? Did these players (see above) leave the team during the season, suspended, kicked off the team??

  18. sorry about the spellbind up top.

    Mike P, where have you been man??? I did not see you at the last 2 games.

  19. J Pat,

    I missed the Illinois game because my son came home from his mom’s sick, we watched it from the comfort of my bed so he could feel better.

    I didn’t get to go watch Wisconsin because my best friend got married on Saturday. Since I have known this guy for 32 years (since daycare) and he asked me to be his best man, I had to miss the game. Don’t worry though, come hell or high water I WILL be there to watch us kick the crap out of that team from the upper half of the state.

  20. Despite his nauseating attempts to turn every Hoosier defeat into a celebration, I think Clarion is right about one thing (even a broken watch is right twice a day, remember): Big Ben is developing nicely, and Lynch deserves some of the credit for this.
    I’ve said before that Lynch’s ultimate legacy will come down to how well his core of Chappell, Doss, Belcher, and Willis will play in SPITE of his coaching. So far, this nucleus is accumulating moral victories faster than a Mormon missionary in Bolivia (?)
    However, there still has yet to be a single landmark victory during the entire Lynch tenure. Let’s hope that Lynch’s nurturing of talent will turn into one friggin’ important win someday. Could Penn State be a remote possibility?

  21. HT, sorry about the bellyache. It was not my intent. There is only two options of cure any way; get over it or die with a grudge.
    Dam I don’t think I’ve put up one cheer this year. What I have done is try to pick out some positive things that can grow roots for the future. The reason I feel the way I do stems back to Coach Hoeppner’s arrival and how bare he saw the talent cupboard had been left for him. The only optimism I had was because of his hiring. I had almost none for our roster at the time. Until he found Hardy and Lewis the talent was to thin to plow. Through his two subsequent seasons of recruiting and now Coach Lynch’s two plus seasons of the same there are some promising players developing. I think 1st with Coach Hoeppner and now Coach Lynch are better evaluators of talent for their offensive style of FB than were Dinardo, Cam and maybe even Coach Mallory (no complaint intended for Coach Mallory). Now it is on the defensive side of the ball a bigger search is needed certainly for playing talent and possibly D coaches. So far we have targeted and are continuing to target large quantities of athletic WR and QB to IU. Which makes me think the ones who don’t show themselves to be the very best at their position (during the redshirt process) will not be playing from their familiar HS vantage point and maybe not play offense at all. This may be the way to develop an overachieving 4th and 5th year defensive player when you are not yet landing recruits with 4 and 5 star HS talent.
    I still believe the plan and assuredly the aspiration is for Coach Lynch to get us to ownership of .500 records. Then through an orderly transition to the new coach who will be charged with attaining the next echelon of success. After watching and listening to AD Glass this past year I don’t see any other plan transpiring. Twice in that short time he has stated “contracts should mean something at IU” and no termination was enacted. It is just how I see it and I don’t like to bitch about something beyond my control.

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