1. Sigh…we’re about to have sole possession of 11th place once Illinois knocks off Minnesota.

    Surprised the officials could not help Iowa out any more this week. Waiting to see a replay that somehow gives them an extra 8 points.

  2. Whale of a game. Pass defense still the skeleton in the closet. We have a handful of playmakers but need more man against man caliber football players. Again another solid effort by Coach Lynch and staff to get this team ready to play after another disappointment last week.

  3. Pass defense is the skeleton? Did you not watch the game? We let every single team run the ball all over us. All the way back to game one, we have never been able to stop the run. If you look at the stats Wisconsin had 294 yards, 5.7 ypc and 3 rushing TD’s. You aren’t going to win many games if you can’t stop the run. I realize that this is what Wisconsin does and why they are so successful. Overall, it was nice to see a no quit attitude from the players. They fought hard and came up just short. We are definitely closing the gap in this conference, but just can’t get over the hump yet!

  4. I guess the fundamental thing I see this year is that the team doesn’t quit. They fight hard game to game and within each game they stick with it. Last year wasn’t like that at all.

    Congrats to Chap for playing a heck of a game, and to Turner for his first TD.

  5. I’m with Clarion on this one…Wisconsin’s gonna run well no matter what you do, but you can’t give up the kind of 3rd-and-long plays that we did.

  6. So, let me make sure I understand both Clarion and H.B…..Wisconsin is a good running team, so let’s focus on stopping their pass game and just hope the run game doesn’t beat us? Everybody we play becomes a great running team against our defense. It has been a problem for years. Let’s say we only let Wisconsin have one 100 yard rusher, instead of two. That makes the score 28-24 IU. Also, we attempted 26 runs to 52 for Wisconsin. Don’t get me wrong, our pass game was awesome and Chappell continues to impress me. However, running and stopping the run are basic fundamentals of successful football teams. Until we can do both of those on a consistent basis, we will won’t win more than 1 or 2 big ten games a year.

  7. Read anything you want Clarion…anyone will tell you that you have no idea what you are talking about. Anytime you let a team run for nearly double their season average you are not going to win. These are basic pop warner fundamentals. You obviously never played a down of football in your life. It is easy to be an armchair fan when you have never participated in the game.

  8. KISS…something I learned when I was 12..Keep It Simple Stupid…this should be plastered across the IU lockeroom!

  9. Defense Yards Rank
    Total Yards 411.8 98
    Passing Yards 249.3 102
    Rushing Yards 162.5 85
    Points Allowed 28.5 86
    Field Goal % 75 57

    Here you go Clarion. Just thought you would like to see IU’s defensive stats for the year, which I am sure you already know because you are an expert. If you look closely it says we give up right at 250 ypg passing and 163 ypg rushing. This might be a crazy concept, but IU actually allowed nearly double their season avg defending the run and improved by just over 50 yards on their season avg defending the pass. I hate to bring FACTS to this discussion because I am afraid you might not be able to understand them.

    Offense Yards Rank
    Total Yards 403.7 42
    Passing Yards 198 81
    Rushing Yards 205.7 17
    Points Scored 29.6 39
    Field Goal % 85.7 26

    Yet another list of stats that are real! The Wisconsin offense averages right at 200 ypg passing and 206 ypg rushing. In the game yesterday we allowed Wisconsin to reach their avg in passing but allowed them to run for 94 yards over their avg in rushing. They might be the 91st ranked passing offense in the country, but we kept them right at the average. However, if you look very closely, you can see we turned them into a top 10 rushing team in just one game!


  10. Your right I do know about your statistical representation. Here is one for you. Last year at Madison they rolled up 441 on the ground. This year we cut it by a third (294) and allowed big plays by air. Don’t choke.

  11. This is the last thing I will post because there is obviously no way we will ever see eye to eye. If you look at the stats for last years game..you will see that they still threw for 160 yards..8.1 yards per pass. Also, IU ran 38 times for 133 yards and only threw for 141 yards. So last year Wisconsin had 601 total yards, this year we held them to 488 yards. What an enormous improvement. Just unfortunate that fans still settle for “moral” victories when it comes to this team. I guess we should be happy they only had 2 100 yard rushers this year instead of 3 last year. JOKE!

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