Crean, players look ahead to Kentucky

We hardly get a full idea of how Tom Crean is feeling whenever we meet with him for interviews. He generally hurries in after practice, and few coaches are ever pleased following a practice. This is probably the mark of any truly successful person: they are rarely placated.

Today, though, you could tell that Crean feels on edge heading into the game with Kentucky. His comments were less expansive than usual. He tried to temper the excitement caused by the Pittsburgh while also setting that game up as a major building step.

He gave every indication of being the head coach for a team whose fan base felt that loving feeling a few days ago, which only expanded expectations for a rivalry game that happens to come against one of the most talented college basketball teams in the country. Few who watched last year will soon forget the way the Wildcats trounced the Hoosiers from the first whistle. And this Kentucky team is much more formidable. Of course the Hoosiers have changed a bit since then, as well.

Anyway, here are thoughts from Crean and a few of his players:


  1. Tom Crean could be a Bush administration White House press secretary … he can say nothing like nobody’s business.

  2. We will be trampled. It’s just too hard. Our team is too young. I will watch every minute of the game and I will yell like hell (not obscenities, only witty, sarcastic remarks, that will bite into the Wildcats’ confidence like the frozen wind in North Dakota bites your ears if you go out in winter without your hat) but our team is just too young. Husky won’t watch the game and I surely hope Tom Crean has the masks prepared, just like last time. Also, it would help if Eline is watching the game!

    And here comes another memorable Basketblog moment. Judge for yourselves:

    Garth Brooks’ Headphones Says: July 15th, 2008 at 9:10 pm

    Downings Fifth says: “Don’t they want Assembly Hall screams at peek level when [Kentucky] comes to town”

    Do you mean “peek” level or “peak” level? Either one would be good. In the case of the former, you would have “peeking” screams, or rather, screams that quickly dart their way out of a mouse hole to survey the scene, and then return to their hiding place. Maybe Calipari’s team is cleaning the floor with the Crean Crew, for example, and the student section is scared to raise their voice out of embarrassment, so instead of belting it out, they “peek” a scream, just to be safe.

    And then the traditional playful EJ bashing:

    What will we do at Illinois next year without a 0-point first half by Eric Gordon? And how will we alter our strategy this year without our secret weapon – the lucky bank shot to force overtime?

    We’ll just have to “peek” some screams at Weber in between hiding our sorrowful faces

    Go Hoosiers!


  3. Vegas must fear the big heads in Assembly Hall something fierce, as the Hoosiers opened as 11.5 dogs & quickly shed 3 points to 8.5 when the 2nd line hit the books. After watching the 1st half of UK-UNC, I figured it’d be closer to 27; after watching the 2nd half of that game, 17 seemed more reasonable. Still +8.5 to UK is mind boggling. Chalk it up to late announcement of the Stripe-Out, I guess. (And for the record, I’m out on anything “OUT”. The gym predominately wears red. Anything beyond that end of the color spectrum is asking far too much of Hall attire and usually ends up being a half-assed failure. Just my $.02)

  4. I cant stand the stripes. I know it tradition, but it looks silly. Even the warm up pants, all that is lacking is a rubber nose and floppy shoes. But who knows maybe IU can pull something out of their sleeves.

  5. Hoosiers, prepare to be Wallpapered by John Wall. He’s the real deal. Kentucky fans have already nicknamed him Blue Jesus, he’s so good.

    I expect a spirited game from Indiana at home, but Kentucky’s as fast and physical and tall and athletic as they’ve ever been.

    Go Blue Jesus and the Disciples!

  6. Mr.B.J.How we feel mighty now . Wait till your deciples go N.B.A. next year -and the Hoosiers will be stronger than your jesus freshman.

  7. I think we’ll get cremated.

    Pray I’m wrong.

    As long as we bust our butts and show improvement, I’ll be happy.

    Go Hoosiers!!

  8. 1. pack in the zone, make the freshmen shoot in their first hostile environment. crean was experimenting with some different looks in practice this week

    2. pray patterson’s ankle isn’t 100%

    If Wall gets in foul trouble, we have a chance. The other KU freshmen have been widley inconsistent and anything can happen at home with a favorable foul situation. Patterson is a horse but has he been the center piece of a great team (or good team, for that matter)? No. The Cats are vulnerable without Wall. His defense and speed creates instant offense. If you can minimize the blurring effect of their transition game by protecting the ball, I think we can keep it close for at least the first 35-40 minutes of the game.

  9. Hey guys Im a wildcat fan who lives in southern Indiania I have to say how much respect I have for your prgrame and most of your fans. My wife is a IU grad and let me tell you she is just as pasoniate about her team as I am mine. I know the cats are talented but this is Bloomington and Big Blue is coming to town so Im not so sure it will be a blow out Tom Crean is a great coach and will have the cream and crimson ready to go. I also expect coach cal to have the cats ready as well will be a good game guys as I said I have great respect for Indiania lets have a good game

  10. The line never opened at 12.5. That’s ridiculous.

    The LVSC sent out 11.5 (a number you can’t bet) and books opened at 9.5, where it currently sits.

    There has been no movement on this game. 71% of the bets are on Kentucky.

  11. Downing- Nice find. I forgot about that post. I like the way you doctored it up by pasting Calipari and Crean into it.

    Maxey- Kentucky has something else that you forgot to mention, namely, bourbon. I would trade their bourbon for Notre Dame, Purdue, the Pacers, and car racing combined.

  12. I thought you brought out that old Basketblog post.. Some worm hole voyager went on a Deep Space Nine for that lockbox find. (Should I write naughty poems?)..I enjoyed immensely your “Blue Jesus” posts. Way to rouse the crowd..There’s more than one way to bring the ship home in a nebula storm. (Again, there is no naughtiness intended in that statement)..I’ll just quit while I’m ahead..(again, there is no….)


    The Game: Keep the crowd at fiery pitch with great start as against Pitt…own the defensive glass today…have Jordy draw a wall in front of the basket ..big games from Elston and Watford…keep turnovers under fifteen for the game….shoot 50 percent from the field and find our 3 Pt. stroke..Maybe we have a shot. Did I mention prayer?

    Go Hoosiers!

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