Porter open to discussing DC United job

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Akron lost in penalty kicks — what an unsavory way to decide a championship, by the way — to Virginia on Sunday, stopping former Indiana player and assistant Caleb Porter just short of his first national title as a head coach.

Porter did confirm after the game that his athletic director had been approached not only by Indiana but by the MLS’ DC United.

While Porter flatly denied interest in the Indiana job at least three times prior to the championship game, he said Sunday that he’d take time to think about the offers in front of him.

“At this point, I am at Akron. I don’t know enough about anything to be able to tell you that any of the options are something I would explore. Right now, I’m concerned about our guys — their hearts are broken — and I am not thinking about anything else. Certainly I know that there are some opportunities out there. I know my athletic director has been contacted, but I haven’t had any conversations to know at this point. Will I have those conversations? I don’t know. I would have to think about it.”

So, stay tuned.


  1. So now it’s out? He’s at least been approached by DCU/IU. The ball is in his court or so they want it to seem. I’ve learned after 41 years following college athletics, nothing is what it seems. We should leave Porter to build his legacy in Akron and just hire Todd Yeagley. At this point, what experience does he lack that he can’t learn on the job with his Dad over his shoulder?

    Porter is obviously the peoples’ favorite but really, does this guy want the pressure? He’s outright expressed that he’s not interested. Seems like he’s carved out a nice niche recruiting-wise at Akron as is on his way to building a legacy, let him do that…there.

    I’d be surprised if Todd wasn’t named head coach before Friday.

  2. If Caleb Porter is still interested, you wait for Caleb Porter. He is by far the more qualified candidate than Todd Yeagley. He is one of the top young coaches in the college game, if not the top young coach.

    Considering that Porter is back tracking from his statements before the College Cup, it would be foolish to turn him aside if he’s interested.

    I have no idea if Porter is a coach who wants to the challenge of restoring the luster to a historic program. Maybe he’s a Mark Few type, trying to build a dynasty of his own. But if he would even consider listening to IU, IU shouldn’t give up their pursuit of him.

  3. Jerry’s basically orchestrating this whole thing…so it will be Todd Yeagley. Probably shouldn’t be that way, but it is.

  4. first, let me agree with you. penalty kicks to decide a national championship is the most effing stupid thing in sports. i watch my share of soccer, including world cup, and if a match goes to penalty kicks, i change the channel. i just can’t watch that crap. what a way to ruin a beautiful sport.

    maybe we can decide the ncaa basketball champion with a free throw shooting contest in the event of a tie. or the world series can be decided with a home run derby.

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