Buckley fills in for Crean on Big Ten call

Indiana coach Tom Crean apparently had a meeting that tied him up Monday morning, so assistant coach Tim Buckley filled in on the Big Ten call. As you’d expect from an assistant coach, he was polite and reasoned in his responses, but non-committal enough to keep his boss from having anything more to answer for.

Buckley addressed the rebounding margin in Sunday’s loss to Iowa and stressed that the Hoosiers had success in that area earlier.

“Showing that the consistency of it showing up in games is very important to us being successful,” Buckley said. “Obviously, winning the rebound battle against a team like Minnesota, you have those successes to build off of, and then showing the guys. I think once they see it on film, they’ll notice that we weren’t as physical as we needed to be. There’s a difference between just getting a body on somebody and getting a body on somebody, carving out space and keeping your feet moving, particularly against stronger and bigger guys. that’s an area that we’ll continue to address. And I think the other thing too is when your big guys are blocking out, then the guards gotta go in there and get the rebounds. We just didn’t get enough of that yesterday. That will continue to be a point of emphasis for us as a program.”

Buckley was asked if the Hoosiers would do away with the three-guard lineup as Crean suggested.

“It will probably be a combination,” Buckley said. “I think we’ll have this week to take a look at what our best combinations are and what our best combinations are to rebound the ball and who’s going to find a way to rebound. I think if you do that, you’re obviously going to find a way to maybe get into the starting lineup and well as getting more minutes for yourself. That will be an area that we’ll definitely be focused on, and there are some areas that we gotta tweak and be better at.”

With a “bye week” this week, they’ve got more time to work on that. Unlike the rest of the Big Ten, they won’t have a midweek game, and instead have six days between games.

“I don’t know if the routine will change much,” Buckley said. “I know that our preparation will be very good in getting ready for Illinois, but also taking care of ourselves and looking at things like ball movement, rebounding the basketball, carving out space when we block out, the fundamental things that we need to get better at. Feeding the post, those kinds of things, so you can take a little bit more time to do that. I know guys will get in here extra and they’ll want to watch more film of themselves and see how they can prepare to get better. I think they understand that we needed to play better yesterday and we needed to do that. Now it’s a matter of just taking a look at all of those things and making them better. I think the things that we weren’t very good at yesterday we have been good at. It’s one of those things that you have to just get back to where you were when you played good basketball.”

In other conference news, Purdue coach Matt Painter said point guard Lewis Jackson is closer to returning from his foot injury. He hasn’t been cleared for games yet, but he is participating in all non-contact drills.

Painter, though, said he isn’t sure if Jackson will return this season and use the year of eligibility.

“I would think that he would, but it’s going to be his decision when they clear him,” Painter said. “Whether they clear him at the end of this week or the end of next week, whenever. We’ll sit down and talk with him and he’s gonna have to understand that he’s not just gonna come back and we’re gonna throw him in the lineup and he’s gonna have 25-30 minutes. He’s gonna have to gradually work his way into this and he’s going to have to be productive when he’s out there. So whether that starts out at 5-10-15, it really depends on him, on his play and how others are going to play too.”

Michigan’s Manny Harris is also out for a different reason. He was suspended before the Wolverines’ game against Purdue on Saturday, and John Beilein said Monday that he would update Harris’s status at 2 p.m.


  1. Maybe he could fill in as coach as well next game.
    Congratulations to Steve Alford as his team is once again ranked.

  2. If our big guys would block out, the guards could get the ball, but pritchard, watford and elston, do not block out. Let’s not blame it all on the guards. our bigs were getting pushed around all game……………our guards can only rebound when the bigs block out……….period

  3. I can get why someone would sing the praises of Steve Alford,but Mike Davis? Were you in a coma while we were being subjected to his complete ineptitude? He was not just a terrible coach but also an a**hole. You actually would want him back?

  4. I think the point, Chet, was that stevealford’s canonization of Steve Alford as a coach makes about as much sense as bringing back Mike Davis. Both New Mexico and UAB are ranked, after all, so clearly they’re better coaches than Crean…

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