Columbus Dispatch: Turner could play

Bob Baptist of the Columbus Dispatch is reporting that Ohio State star guard Evan Turner’s status for the Indiana game is a game-time decision.

This, of course, would change absolutely everything. Indiana coach Tom Crean said he has prepared his charges to face Turner, even though the guard was initially supposed to be out another four weeks with broken vertebra in his back. But just because the Hoosiers are prepared for him doesn’t mean they’ll be able to stop him.

The 6-foot-7 Turner is leading the team with 18.5 points, 11.4 rebounds and 5.9 assists per game. The offensive production of several of his teammates has dropped significantly since he’s been out of the lineup, and the Buckeyes opened the Big Ten season with losses to Wisconsin and Michigan after claiming non-conference wins over California and Florida State with Turner in action.


  1. Bill Belicheck reports that Wes Welker’s status to play in the Wildcard game on Sunday will be a game-time decision.

  2. Do the names Mike Woodson and Scott May come to mind? He’s in shape, not game shape. He’ll play a little.

  3. If this smokescreen coming out of Columbus turns out to have legs Crean needs to start Jobe. Once Matta sees Jobe flailing and stumbling around with those huge pipes he’ll think twice about rushing his all-american back too soon.

  4. No chance Turner plays a month after breaking a vertabrae. You don’t come back a month before you are expected to.

  5. Didn’t see the x-rays. If he broke the body of the vertabrae, your’re correct, he would not be back in a month. My guess is he broke (chipped)the articular process. If this is the case, he could play within a month.
    In either case OSU will not jeopardize his future to play IU, or anyone else.

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