Crean and Legette-Jack on same team

Indiana women’s basketball coach Felisha Legette-Jack noted after last Thursday’s win over Northwestern that IU men’s coach Tom Crean had helped her team make a few adjustments to its defense.

While she declined to share those details after Tuesday’s practice, Legette-Jack said the two basketball coaches enjoy exchanging ideas.

“I just want everybody to know we communicate, and we’re in this thing together,” she said. “He wants to be great, I want to be great. We talk with each other about certain ways that he plays defense, and I steal ideas from him. He steals ideas from me, and I just think that he is an unbelievable basketball coach.
“I have a lot of respect for him, and I’m so glad that he allows me to sit in on his meetings and talks with me. I hope I can add something to him in his quest to be great, too.”

Legette-Jack said she has always worked in an environment of cooperation between the men’s and women’s basketball programs dating back to her days at Syracuse as well as Michigan State.

“You have Boeheim over at Syracuse and Bernie Fine and Mike Hopkins and Louis Orr, you’d be crazy not to utilize that,” she said. “I keep stepping up and sometimes the doors get closed in your face, but Tom Crean not only opens the door, he gives you his information, and it’s an honor.”


  1. Maybe next time our boys decide to have no energy and desire to play Coach Jack will lend us a few players!!!!

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