Crean: Hoosiers have to cut down turnovers against Minnesota

Indiana coach Tom Crean watched film Friday of every turnover the Hoosiers committed in their four Big Ten games so far. He saw a lot of ugliness.

“I learned we’re not strong enough the ball,” Crean said. “I learned we’re driving into needless traps and places where we don’t need to be. Decision making is always going to be a part of it. Those are the things that we want to continue to address all the time.”

And they really need to do it by Sunday’s game. Minnesota ranks eighth in Division I in steals per game with 10.8 and seventh in turnover margin with 5.5. The Golden Gophers run one of the most successful full-court presses in the country, and they have plenty of shot blockers to serve as the last line of defense if the press is broken. Forward Damian Johnso and center Ralph Sampson III have already combined for 69 blocks this season.

“They have a great combination of energy, toughness, athleticism,” Crean said. “They’ve certainly got skill. And we’re going to have to play a very good game. They’re doing an excellent job of causing turnovers.”

After giving it away 55 times in the last three games, the Hoosiers need to do a better job of avoiding them. Those turnovers have turned into 66 points over the last three games.

“We’re hurting ourselves when we do it,” freshman guard Jordan Hulls said. “We’re just not being strong with the ball, like I said. It’s just careless turnovers. Unforced. You’re going to have some turnovers in the game. you can’t play a perfect game, but we’re just going to have to cut down on those and if we do that and play as a team, we’re going to be pretty good.”

AUDIO: Crean talks about turnovers and Minnesota’s pressure

AUDIO: Jordan Hulls talks about taking better care of the ball

AUDIO: Bobby Capobianco talks about gaining confidence in his shot


  1. Thanks for the props for the Huskies. After bottoming out with 3 straight losses, they have stormed back in the last two games against the Bay Area schools.

    How about both Purdue and Wisconsin getting handled by unranked teams?

    Just proves what we’ve known would be the case: it is maddeningly difficult to win on the road in the Big 10. Let’s hope that’s the case for the Gophers tomorrow.

    By the way, I saw Rivers and Capobianco at Buffa Louis tonight snacking on chicken wings. I was tempted to ask them why they weren’t practicing free throws 🙂 They both seem like pretty good kids, makes me want to root for them all the more.

  2. After bottoming out with 3 straight losses, they have stormed back in the last two games

    They seem to be strangely in sync with Steve Alford’s Lobos. It was just a test of karma, I tell ya.

  3. Oohh…nice. And way to selectively omit Pat Knight’s Raiders, who sit at the bottom of the Big 12 after being crushed by Kansas last night.

    So, let’s review: a few weeks ago, I claimed that the Red Raiders were entering a “brutal stretch” against UTEP, Ok. St., Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa State. L’accent was there to mock my words, after the Red Raiders comfortably won the 1st game against UTEP. Since then, they have gone 0-3 in conference play.

    I am fully confident that there will be more brutal stretches to celebrate in the near future.

    GO Cyclones!

  4. Korman has problem with Crean saying on his Twetter page “No knives or loose objects near me right now”,because it’s insensitive to someone that might have tried suicide.He was making fun of himself and the way his team played!
    Korman need to work on his reporting and leave the politically correct stuff up to Obama!

  5. The turnovers are the most frustrating part of watching this rebuilding project. You have players trying to make the highlight reel pass instead of the simple pass. You see them trying to pass from horrible angles. You watch them pass it to a guy that’s not ready to receive the ball. These are all things they should have learned by now.

    If I have to watch Daniel Moore drive to the baseline, get trapped and turn it over one more time I’m personally going to go to Bloomington and kick his ass. He did it all last season and still does it.

  6. I don’t understand the rules with redshirts…Why is Finkelmeier allowed any minutes? Can anyone offer explanation? I’ve seen him come into games for brief moments and I’m surprised this doesn’t forfeit his status..If the rules allow for limited minutes, then I would prefer Fink off the bench before Moore. He’s a tougher defender and better interior passer than Moore…Plus, a little more size to contest shots and snatch a few boards.

  7. May I just extend a warm thank you to all that attempted to answer my question. In the spirit of Tom Crean, I hope you all get a good case of the clap.

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