Crean: Ohio State good with or without Turner

Tom Crean said Monday that he was preparing Indiana to be ready for Ohio State to have Evan Turner available despite the fact that the most optimistic reports had the star guard out for another two weeks.

On Tuesday, that was proven to be a pretty smart idea. The Columbus Dispatch is returning that Turner could return for Wednesday night’s game, though Ohio State coach Thad Matta said it will be a game-time decision.

“We’re preparing for him certainly,” Crean said Tuesday. “We’ve been since we really started our preparations in earnest. Our opinion of their program and their team is that without him, they have an excellent team. With him they’re national title contender. They put very good players on the floor.”

Examples are guards David Lighty, Jon Diebler and William Buford as well as shot-blocking center Dallas Lauderdale. It’s a tough challenge regardless of whether Turner is there or not, especially because it’s Indiana’s first true road game.

“It’s the first time these guys have been in a totally hostile environment with the exception of maybe the couple hundred people that are there cheering for us in it,” Crean said. “It’s a big deal, it’s Ohio State’s home opener, I believe, when it comes to the league. We just have to understand that we pack our shoes, we pack our uniforms, it doesn’t necessarily mean our jump shot’s getting packed, it doesn’t necessarily mean our free throw shooting’s getting packed. It’s corny, but they have to make sure that their ability to guard, their ability to get on the glass, their ability to share the ball. Those things have gotta come with us.”

Audio follows, thanks in large part to Hoosier Nation’s John Decker, who saved me from some technical issues.

Tom Crean discusses Turner, going on the road, and coming off the win over Michigan

Christian Watford talks about the differences of OSU with and without Turner

Tom Pritchard talks about going home to Ohio


  1. You gotta hand it to coaches, Crean of course included. They can make any team out to be amazing, no matter what acually happens on the court. Ohio St. an “excellent” team w/o Turner? 43 points against Wisconsin and a 9-pt loss to a middling (at best) Michigan team? And with him they’re a “national title contender?” I mean wow. They’re probably not even a Big Ten title contender with him.

  2. @Andrew They’ll almost certainly beat us with or without Turner. Let’s not let the last game overly inflate how the B10 season is likely to go for us. I know Crean was engaging in some hyperbole but it’s good coachspeak. Was anyone ever better than that than Holtz was for ND? He was the master of that technique.

  3. Maybe because they need him so badly they’ll try to play him not completely heals and the thing will backfire. Regardless, I think we will win this one… Right now the Hoosiers are strong!

  4. It’s amazing how fast bullcrap can grow wings..I believe this ridiculous hypothetical circus story is indicative of the new respect the Hoosier team is commanding. If Creek was still in our lineup, footage would have been sent to media outlets of Evan working out on his Ab Circle Pro during Christmas break…Matta is simply attempting to create some buzz…get the fans more psyched….Point the satellite dish away from Pasadena and change the station back to the Basketball Mindset Network…hope to give a quick little electrical zap and stop the hibernation process of the Neanderthal football brains that blankly stare into empty nacho bowls…..remind there’s a basketball team in Columbus feeling a deep brush of cold more intense than Peyton Manning’s arm in a Colts opening playoff game…Buckeye hoops are flatlining and needing some intensive care before they go completely into comatose state…This is nothing but one big dose of Turner TAMIFLU to get rid of pigskin virus before vastly improved Hoosiers have the honor of giving them shot in the ass.

    Turner is more likely to show up with Tina in a leopard miniskirt than seeing any minutes tomorrow night.

  5. Go figure…Much of “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” was filmed in Australia… It seems Tina’s earrings from Down Under are still showing up in odd places.

  6. Lord, I hope they forget to pack their free throw shooting Crean. Maybe that means we will actually make some.

  7. And God took his hand and pulled from the ashes a dimly lit ember and it was crimson and withered.And from this ember rose a flaming golden phoenix of hell fire that spewed havoc across all that is basketball. Sleep well Big Ten Sleep Well……Amen

  8. Let’s not forget that

    “Mental toughness is to physical as four is to one.”

    The Buckeyes may be experiencing flashbacks of panic already. As for our Hoosiers these describe them perfectly:

    I am strong because I know my weakness
    and fearless because I have been afraid.

    I am wise because I have been foolish.
    And I can laugh because I have known sadness

    Come on, Hoosiers! It’s just a game, and it’s totally OK if you’re 2-0 in Big Ten tomorrow night. You can do it!

    P.S. Use both beans and pasta!

  9. Looks like Steve Alford forgot to coach last night:

    Thomas’ double-double pushes Aztecs past suddenly struggling Lobos

    SAN DIEGO — It was, as San Diego State coach Steve Fisher is fond of saying, a resume-building win.

    Malcolm Thomas had 18 points and 15 rebounds to lead San Diego State to a 74-64 upset of New Mexico (No. 14 ESPN/USA Today, No. 15 AP) on Tuesday night in the Mountain West Conference opener for both teams.

    The Aztecs (12-3) have won four straight games and nine of 10, and they won this one despite playing the last 26 minutes without leading scorer Billy White, who sprained his right ankle.

  10. I don’t know about you guys, but I picked up some Ro’tel and Velvetta last night, and I am goign to have one great time watching the games.

    Also during commercials I will be able to say, “Hey, I’m eating that stuff.”

  11. Correct, no brutal stretch in sight, key leadership in his one senior and two juniors and … Alford blows it. Ooops! Now he has two losses, one more and he might even tie the Wussies (Washington Hussies).

    Meanwhile the Lakers who could barely beat a depleted Rockets team last summer did the only logical thing a great team could do and stole the Rockets’ arguably most competitive dude (i.e., Ron Artest) and beat the Rockets last night. Yeah! Now the Flakers are heading into a brutal stretch that includes one away game (at the feared Clippers) before heading to Portland on Friday. Next on Laker’s list of free agents: Tubok and Toya.

  12. Husky-

    Thoroughly enjoyed the clip…very funny.

    Really don’t see the point in getting too senile over Tom Crean…Few seem to genuinely knock at the door of a funhouse where humility has little invitation for playtime.

    By the way, “dude” is not THE ‘D‘ude.
    I don’t have a Steve Alford obsession….And as I’ve said before on The Hoosier Scoop, I highly doubt “stevealford”, the blogger, has a Steve Alford obsession…The fixation is with you, Tom.

    Back in the day, the only thing that really amazed me about Alford was his ability to play a full forty minutes of basketball without sweating, altering rigid posture, or losing perfect comb on heavily moussed, puffed-up hair…Over the last three decades there have been numerous sharpshooting guards that have played for the Hoosiers…I doubt most could hit the side of a barn if they had to sink 3-point bombs with a kitchen broomstick duct-taped to their backside…Alford had quite the anal retentive gift.

    Go Hoosiers!

  13. Downing-

    About ‘dude,’ I am very aware that we are not talking about Jeff Bridges.

    The ‘dude’ I am talking about is the character who, weeks ago, explained to me that IU competes, dude, competes for national championships because it got to the 2002 title game (in his book, going to the Final Four but not making the title game didn’t count as competing).

    More importantly, though, this dude called me dude – a term mainly used in spoken (not written) language by muscley, chicken-legged frat rats at the SRSC, California surfers, and Bill and Ted.

    I sure hope it wasn’t you, D, although these days you can never tell.

  14. Tom-

    I wouldn’t lie to you. I wouldn’t impersonate you. I wouldn’t impersonate another to have direct discourse with you….If I wanted to move our blogging relationship to that kinky level, then I’d ask you to join me for weekend at my favorite dude ranch…I think it would go something like this….

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