Crean: Penn State’s record misleading

The records say Indiana has passed up Penn State. Both teams are 8-9 this season, and Penn State has yet to win a game in the conference.

But Indiana coach Tom Crean shot down any talk of the Hoosiers being expected to win Thursday’s game in Happy Valley, and therefore come off as overconfident.

“They know they can beat us,” Crean said. “We haven’t struck in anybody’s heart in the Big Ten. You know it. I know it. … I don’t think we have one guy on our club right now that should have anything to feel overconfident about or have any reason to take anybody likely.”

One primary reason is the Hoosiers haven’t won a true road game yet, losing at Ohio State and Michigan in the two road games they’ve played so far. One thing that works out for them is that the alternate road and home games until late February, which has allowed them to regroup from road losses and rebuild their confidence at home.

“I think for our team to have the opportunity to have the home-away situation we have, optimal probably is the right word for this team,” Crean said. “As you get older, who knows what will happen with next year’s schedule. As you get older, maybe those things don’t matter as much, but I think in this situation, it does.”

The Crean audio was again a bit too big for now. In addition, senior center Tijan Jobe talked for the first time about the passing of his mother earlier this month. More on that later.

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  1. Tijan is such a great story. I hope that you not only do the article about his mother passing, but you also include one about his story of coming over here to follow his dream of getting an education in our country. He left his mother to do that and never saw her again after she put him on that plane. His story is an inspiration of hard work and dedication of bettering himself. Sometimes I think IU fans forget that it isn’t all about the scoring or playing on the hardwood with these young men. It is about being student-athletes and being ‘heroes’ in different ways besides on the court. We in the U.S. sometimes don’t appreciate what we have. These guys get it and work hard for it. I am proud to say that I know him and that he has bettered my life because of it.

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