Crean: Still too early to tell with Roth

On Monday’s Big Ten teleconference call, Tom Crean said he still isn’t certain when or if Matt Roth will return from a broken right foot.

“There’s a process going on right now,” Crean said. “We’re rehabilitating him and working on his strengths and all of those types of things. We’d certainly like to have him back, but we won’t know if we will until his future x-rays and times for him to be evaluated again.”

Roth hasn’t played since before the Puerto Rico Tip-Off, when he injured his foot in practice. When asked when Roth’s next evaluation would be, Crean only said that it was “upcoming.”


  1. I would love to have him back this year to take that money shot at the end of the game but at the same time I don’t want him to rush it.

  2. Even if Roth is able to make a return at some point, would he be able to help us enough to warrant bypassing a medical redshirt? I have a hard time believing a recently-rehabilitated Roth who hasn’t played in months will do much to improve us this year. What does everyone think?

    Also, another thing to think about is the fact that if we redshirt Roth, and he’s around an extra year, that’s one less scholarship we’ll be able to offer to someone in 2012. Would that be enough to motivate Crean not to redshirt Roth? And would that be fair?

  3. Casey, he is a long distance shooter. If the screen is set, he could help for sure. A big contribution as far as many points, most likely not.

  4. If Creek wasn’t out my guess is that Roth would stay out and red shirt. But Creek being injured changes the dynamic and I think Coach will want Roth to play. It might be better for Roth to stay out and save the eligibility, but it will probably be better for the team for him to return.

  5. Just listened to Crean on his weekly radio teleconference. He indicated that they were working out Roth in a manner consistent with him returning to the lineup, but that it was up to the medical folks as to whether he was far enough along for that to happen. So to me its clear that Crean is wanting him back this year. That might change if the season is winding down and Roth isn’t cleared.

  6. Interesting to think about. I think GFDave has a good point. Creek being injured for the season changes the dynamic of the Roth situation.

    Where Roth’s role and playing time was in flux during the first few weeks of the season (before the injury in Puerto Rico) he now may be able to solidify a role.

    Having a consistent 3pt threat is always a good thing…at least I would think so. It would be one more thing that a defense would have to account for.

    Defensively, Roth may be a liability, but it would be great if he could work himself into Crean’s ebb and flow of a rotation. This is of course if he gets medical clearance.


  7. Roth’s defense is a liability, he needs a lot of space to get his shot off.

    Roth will eventually either leave IU or be recruited over by Crean.

  8. If he redshirts that creates 7 scholarships in that class…..someone will have to be redshirted next year (Bawa).

  9. J.D.

    Agreed Roth does need some space to get his shot off. He’s no JJ Reddick or Kirk Penney in terms of catch and release speed.

    I would think too that Roth will be recruited over by Crean. As more players come into Crean’s guard heavy system, he most likely will get lost in the shuffle.

    It was rather interesting that Roth chose not to transfer right after the injury. Dustin touched on that a while back in a post or chat. Forget which one.

    Not sure how it will play out. Perhaps if he does comeback this year, he can use it to his advantage. With Creek being out, that may lead to more time for Roth.

    At the most recent presser, Crean spoke on how along with the Michigan win, that last year’s class was battle tested from the 08-09 Big Ten season. Crean chose these two points as to why he is optimistic about the rest of this Big Ten Season. According to Crean, Roth certainly fits his battle tested description. Side note: in my opinion I think “battle tested” is a strong word considering everyone has only one year of experience.

    Regardless Crean does a great job of keeping us and the media in the dark about roles and substitution patterns. It’s anyone’s guess on how this will play out. But, it will be fun as always to watch.


  10. But maybe Roth has a faster release time after working out this summer? Is that a possibility?

    Amazing how Creek’s injury brought back the old Dumes and, to a significant extent, Pritch.

    In my mind there are four consistent 3 point threats now: Roth (when valid), Watford, Dumes and Hulls. Last year we had half of that and Daniel Moore’s passing skills and vision (bless his little lion heart!) can’t be compared with Jeremiah’s (or Hulls) on a bad day. Once we put Roth on the floor this season he’s going to average 5 threes per game, you’ll see!

  11. Also, I agree Crean seems to play the “keep in the dark” game much much better than last year. I even considered he may have engineered the Loyola game to help the kids practice coming out of a big hole (almost worked). I like him much better this year. He has more and better players too!

  12. Put it this way, with Roth back, Daniel Moore does not see significant minutes.

    In other words, we want Roth back ASAP.

  13. If Roth plays again this year it will be because he earns it in practice. This may be the most telling time about Roth’s future and whether he can transform the challenge into opportunity. I would expect a sharpshooter from southern Illinois to do just that if he is medically cleared soon.

  14. Matt is from Central Illinois! If he gets back and gets some consistent PT, he will definitely contribute.

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