Crean toughens practice for Hoosiers

Since Wednesday’s debacle against Ohio State, Tom Crean has been trying to strike a balance, he said, between knocking his team down a peg and propping it back up.

Practice, players said, has been more physical. There have been scrimmages without fouls and some nasty rebounding drills. The team also had to watch film of Wednesday night’s game and see exactly how ugly it was.

But Crean said he’s also made a point to show them positive plays on film, contrasting what’s happened when the Hoosiers have done things right to what happens when they’ve done things wrong.

“We don’t have a bunch of guys that had nails for breakfast with their wheaties, and then they’re going tonight and they’re gonna munch on some boulders and bricks,” Crean said. “We don’t have that. We gotta make sure that we’re not patronizing or being condescending. We’re trying to show, ‘Hey, here’s why you got beat. Here’s what it looks like when you’re doing it right.'”

In addition, of course, the Hoosiers had to watch film on an Illinois team Crean says is extremely balanced. They have five players in double figures and a great inside-outside game with guards Demetri McCamey, D.J. Richardson and Brandon Paul on the perimeter and forwards Mike Davis and Mike Tisdale inside. Tisdale stands 7-foot-1, and the 6-9 Davis is averaging a double-double.

“They can put five guys on the floor who can score,” Crean said.

Some audio follows, but we’ll have to try to put up the Crean video from Indiana’s website. The IT guys at the H-T just hooked me up with software that shrinks audio files, but even the shrunken version of Crean’s was too big to put on. I take responsibility for that because, well, I set him off on a ramble at the end.

AUDIO: Verdell Jones talks about no-fouls practice

AUDIO: Jeremiah Rivers talks about watching film from Wednesday


  1. Not sure if they have the endurance but given the lack of interior D and trouble executing a half court offense IU needs to replicate the 40 minutes of hell Mizzou used to trounce the Illini. A fun game to watch as Weber pouted while his team was in total disarray from all the chaos.

  2. We need to be supportive and give the guys a boost to help defeat Illinois tonight. GO HOOSIERS!!!

  3. Tonight, the Hoosiers are going to give me some redemption. This team is going to continue its Jekyl and Hyde act by playing great against the Illini.

    My Huskies are struggling big time. The young Hoosiers are going to restore my faith in college hoops. A win tonight and we are back to talking smack and having fun.

  4. We saw how fantastic the atmosphere was during the Michigan game with 15,000 people and no students. With the students trickling back into town — not to mention the fact that Illinois isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite team — I think there will be some energy in the hall tonight. If those threes that weren’t falling in Columbus could go in tonight and Rivers actually finds his way into the lane, things will be interesting.

  5. Glad to see we blew another game. 12 point lead with 6 minutes to go and we score 1 point down the stretch? Is that even possible? Looks like last year’s team to me.

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