Glass discusses Arkansas State and other issues

Getting a sixth home game to replace the Penn State game moved to Landover, Md., wasn’t cheap. According to athletic director Fred Glass, Indiana had to pay Arkansas State a $750,000 guarantee to play at Memorial Stadium next season.

“It’s a big number, which reflects that we had to do that last minute,” Glass said. “But it compares favorably with what Iowa had to pay Arkansas State, which i think was about $900,000. So it is a big number, but it compares favorably with the market for that.”

The cost could have been worse. Indiana had been hoping to flip-flop home games in a two-for-one series with Central Michigan. The Chippewas were supposed to host Indiana in 2010 and travel to Bloomington in a few years. Central Michigan refused to accept that and ended the series. Though Indiana theoretically ended the contract first, the Hoosiers actually benefited because of “escalating liquidation damages.” Indiana owed Central Michigan $150,000 for failing to honor the contract for the 2010 game, but Central Michigan owed Indiana $200,000 for failing to play the future game. That netted Indiana $50,000.

“We thought that the easiest thing to do was going to be flip home and away dates with Central Michigan,” Glass said. “My understanding early on was that it was not going to be a problem. The more we got into it, the more it didn’t work out with them. We tried a number of ways to make it work out with the change of schedule, but in the final analysis none of those worked out.”

The Arkansas State guarantee obviously cuts into the $3 million the Hoosiers made by moving the home game with Penn State to Fed Ex Field. Factoring in $150,000 in savings on travel costs for the Central Michigan trip, Glass said IU will still net between $2.2 and $2.4 million, however.

Arkansas State is one of four guarantee games on the schedules released by Indiana on Wednesday. Glass said Indiana will pay Towson $210,000 to play in 2010, Delaware State $450,000 for a game in 2011, and Indiana State $400,000 for a game in 2012. The Hoosiers will also pay the Sycamores $450,000 for a guarantee in 2013.

Glass said he thought it was important to play in-state rivals in guarantee games. “If we’re going to play them anyway,” he said, “why not keep the money in the state.”

Glass also said he thought it was important to schedule historically black colleges and universities like Delaware State.

“I’m really excited about Delaware State,” he said. “Indiana has a unique relationship with historically black colleges and universities. (Former IU president) Herman Wells was a pioneer in integrating advanced degrees in education, so a disproportionate number of leaders of historically black colleges and universities were educated at Indiana. I think it’s important for us to highlight that.”


  1. So we sell the Penn State game for a net of $2.25M, and that’s BEFORE we travel out there. Remember, this is going to be treated like a ‘bowl experience’. I assume that means our band goes? And every Tom, Dick and Sherry and their spouse from the Athletic Department.

  2. What a joke? Important to play instate games and historically black colleges translates to, “I wanted to schedule as many cupcakes as possible so I don’t have to fire Lynch and pay a real coach.”

  3. Bobbie Sue, I have to admit I agree with you on this one. I hate to see the best IU home game moved so far away. It is a done deal so I will move on and hope it never happens again. If IU was decent in football and sold out every game…they would not have felt like they had to do it. In the end us fans get screwed because of poor decisions up top for the last several years.

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