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Indiana athletics director Fred Glass said he will not meddle in the football program. Chris Howell | Herald-Times





Yes, Hoosier Morning is back after an absence fueled by end-of-the-year vacation. We’re going to get started with my new favorite band, Crash Kings, performing “It’s Only Wednesday.”


  1. I’m not a subscriber being out of state, but does Glass consider us going in the right direction?


  2. I wonder at the halfway point of next season if it will still be going in the right direction? It is up to Lynch to make some elementary adjustments as far as coaching fundamentals, decisions and adjustments during the game, and play calling. I did not want to wait this long for a winning season and I don’t think the fans deserved to be put through the last 2 losing seasons. With that said, if next year is a magical season, Lynch is my main man until he looks incapable again and I will do nothing but support him!

  3. Right direction? So we fire a guy who won a national championship (the soccer coach) and give a big thumbs up to a guy who has one damn conference game the last two years. I’m starting to wonder if Glass is a Boilermaker, if not hes a complete clueless idiot!

  4. That’s a good question J Pat. What does Glass consider the right direction for the IU football program? A bowl game, a one game improvement from last year, beating Purdue?

    From a marketing standpoint Glass is doing a great job of increasing attendance (especially with the students). Having just been down this past weekend to Bloomington I took a look at the football stadium. Everything from the new addition to the IU football marketing materials plastered all over the facade make it look like great atmosphere. I was at IU during the last of Mallory and beginning of the Cameron years. IU has come along way in terms of marketing the football team. However, all that marketing fluff only goes so far. It comes down to the quality of the product on the field.

    On another note, what irks me just a little bit about Glass’ statement is that he believes that IU’s problems were soley contributed to depth. As has been noted by the Scoop crew after a few tough loses this past season, our coaching staff is flat out not up to Big Ten standards. It’s not as they are “dumb” (Glass’ own words on what us arm chair scoopers call Lynch and Crew), it’s that much of our staff doesn’t have the pedigree to be coaching in the Big Ten. They are forced to learn on the job, and unfortunately that doesn’t lead to much consistency of play on the field.

    This next year will be really a tough challenge for Lynch and his staff. With losing a large experienced group of seniors, the coaching staff’s player development methods will be very discernable. Maybe that will be Glass’ litmus test? How well Lynch and Co. fill in the holes with the appropriate personnel.

    My gut feeling is that Lynch is in a situation in which he can’t succeed. He’s a great guy, nice guy…but sometimes within a program you have great people on the bus but who are in the wrong seat.


  5. I hope he is just saying that to try and get the amount of money being paid out to former coaches taken care of while painting a more attractive picture of the opening of a head coaching position that will be open unfortunatley later than sooner and make no make mistake about it there will be an opening somewhere down the line it is just a matter of time.If Glass does not eventually can BL then he needs to be canned himself. After watching Boise State play last night I say show that head coach the money and he will come if for no other reason because he realizes that even going undefeated he will not be crowned national champ and the big schools are not going to play him on a regular basis if at all. If he can win at Boise State surely we have not fallen so far that he could not replicate his success here but then again one more year of BL just might put us in that kind of position.

  6. Glass is just waiting to see where SPorts Illustrated picks the Hoosiers before making any risky statements about the future.

    Great posts by PB and Mike, by the way.

  7. Despite a poor W-L record, I think the program is making progress. The question is how far can it go under the current leadership. I am generally impressed with Coach Lynch’s recruiting and I think he projects a very positive image for IU—all good.

    That said, PB I think is spot on relative to the quality of the subordinate coaching staff, particularly on the defensive side. On offense, Matt Canada has shown some creativity and innovation at times, but “grab bags” way too much. The defensive staff needs to be upgraded. Conceding a general lack of depth and talent on defense, proper D1 techniques including tackling and covering are not being taught effectively and it shows.

  8. ronpaul,

    frietag didn’t win a national championship. he inherited a program built by yeagley. do you credit mike davis with taking our basketball program to the national champioship game? how about steve fisher taking the fab five to the championship game?

  9. Zach, how about the young guy that called plays for Texas Tech…I think it was TT anyway. He could run circles around Canada!

  10. My first choice is the Boise State coach Petersen because:

    1) when he took over at Boise State it probably very much resembled what he would more than likely inherit at IU following BL and has had tremendous success proving once more if you get the right man success can be had.

    2) He has more than proven he can take a situation like that and not only win more than once in a while but win often and big plus he was able to turn it around with a whole lot less to offer recruits than what he would be able to offer them at IU. I dare to say that even now he probably does not have more talented players than what BL has and for sure did not have as much talent as BL has had and now has when he beat Oklahoma. To those that say “well he has more talented players now” I agree but then again why is that? That’s right he has had success further proving the old saying success breeds success.

    3) He is a coach that I would be willing to give a more than fair amount of time to get things turned around and maybe more importantly a coach who I, as well as I imagine thousands of others, could see helping to pay his salary with their hard earned money via a season ticket. I refuse to spend another dime as long as things continue the way they have under BL. Simply put you get what you pay for and that is excatly what is happening with IU football.

  11. Please specify the progress that has been shown the last 2 years.

    PB said it about as well as it could be said.

    I would just add, last year’s team was senior heavy, and did not win. Close doesn’t count, and if it did the first two wins were losses because the ‘cupcakes’ were very close at the end.

    I just want to see wins.

    Just win–no excuses, no more patience, we should either win, or hire somebody who has and knows how. Our players deserve as much.

    We obviously have the ‘skill’ players. Who’s going to block and tackle, and who is going to coach and be responsible?

    I can’t wait for BL to win 7 or 8, and put my apprehension to rest….but I don’t see it yet.

    Go Hoosiers!

  12. iu mike,

    that would all be great were any of it true. dan hawkins built that preogram before leaving for colorado in 2006. peterson simply inherited a fantastic job, kinda like frietag.

  13. IU Mike,

    Peterson won’t come to IU. That would be equal to Tressel leaving Ohio State for Buffalo.

  14. Why would he want to leave the gig he has going in Boise? He is king of the mountain in that part of the world. I wouldn’t move just so I could experience migraines.

  15. I agree. Boise is one of the most underrated cities in the West; great place to live and work. It’s like Sacramento without the crime and traffic, and a little bit of snow in the winter.

    The fans are passionate for football, and the school plays decent basketball, too – 17, 25, and 19 wins the last 3 years. Look at that, a school that “competes” in both major sports! Sign of a quality institution.

    Their AD must really “not mettle” in anything they do there.

  16. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe it is more broke than not. Maybe it could use an upgrade or change. Maybe there is some dissatisfaction among the troops. From reading the comments here, it kind of sounds like it. Maybe the AD is really just a Marketing guy trying to sell some snake oil.

  17. IU is the worst job in the BCS. Nobody is leaving their current job for IU. They’ll have to get an up and coming guy or someone who has been out of coaching. Leach would be a guy who would take the job, maybe Tommy Bowden, maybe Tuberville. After them I’d go with some O or D coordinators who are young and relate to players.

    Try running the option, boring to watch but did well for GT and Navy

  18. Cooper- I almost agree. I think there might be one or two BCS schools left our there who have shown even more neglect, apathy, and stupidity than IU towards their football programs, but I say MIGHT. If there has been one thing proven in college football this last decade, it is that fortunes can change – rather easily, and rather quickly – for programs who make creative coaching hires. There isn’t one single formula that works; we have seen examples of both success and failure with just about every approach.

    I wonder to myself, however, if any of this last decade’s success stories – Connecticut, Kansas, North Carolina, Rutgers, Cincy, Illinois, Wake Forest, South Florida, Oregon State, Arizona, etc. – had an AD who refused to step up and say ANYTHING constructive about the program other than “nothing needs fixing” when things were at rock bottom.

    Somehow, I think Glass is going to eat major turf while he is here for his smug, corporate, canned optimism. I hope not, but at this point, I would bet on it.

  19. Tom,
    Not arguing,
    Kansas – just fired Mangino.
    Illinois – many fans want Zook gone.
    Arizona – was going to fire Stoops last year, if he did not win that bowl game.
    Isn’t the USf coach under a little heat for player treatment?
    Notice you leave off Texas Tech.
    Glass may eat turf, I wouldn’t bet on it.
    For my vote, Connecticut is the best success story of the last decade.

  20. Jay- Yeah, I am aware of what you said. But let’s look at it a different way:

    Arizona: 2 straight bowl games
    Kansas: 3 bowl games under Mangino, including a 12-1 season and an Orange Bowl win
    Illinois: a 2007 season which included a Rose Bowl and a road win over Ohio State. They were 2-10 a year before.

    Each of these cases represents a notable turnaround for a struggling program. What is more, all of the achievements listed are significantly better than anything IU has done in the the last decade and a half.

    I didn’t mention Texas Tech because they have been to 15 bowl games in the last 20 years. When I say “success story,” I mean “success” in the sense of a bad program that became good.

    Now it is true, Mangino was fired (mainly for off-field issues), and that people want(ed) Zook and Stoops ousted, but the point is that each of these coaches has done very nice things with the program. Apparently fans of promising teams are just as impatient as fans of perennial losers like us. Still, that shouldn’t take away from real achievements that these coaches have achieved. They have produced success where it counts, not in phantasmic Lynch/Glass terms.

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