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Michigan students chanted “Bum” at Verdell Jones throughout Thursday’s game. Chris Howell | Herald-Times





I think I know what you are thinking. No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak.”


  1. OK I read Foulpole to Foulpole and I don’t get his reasoning lumping Crean, Saban and Kiffin at all. He states what Kiffin’s record is and how Saban lied to a player. Then he states that Crean didn’t announce his resignation to people in what he feels is the proper order therefore the three are the same. WTF? Fox News, anyone?

  2. Why is VJ3 a bum?.And as far as the announcers, they kept talkin smack about Indiana like Michigan are gods ,from now on Ill watch ESPN on mute cause they make me sick .Wait till the next year or two when I.U. is kickin butt and they will be on the bandwagon Thanx Max…..Hightower is the bum.

  3. Mussburger is a bum……

    I actually have a friend from Purdue and they view Hightower the same way as us. If you have him at home, there is no way to lose. If you have him on the road, you’ll get hightowered.

    I know, I know…….I didn’t know he was Purdue fan until about 2 years after i met him.

  4. Is there a figure out there who we owe more to in the baseball world than good old José Canseco? This guy has pulled a huge 180 with me. I hated him as a player, but oh how I love him in his new role as penitent truth-bearer wreaking havoc on his fellow jerks and sinners. I don’t care what his motivations are – they are probably capitalistic and shameless – but the consequences of his confessions have been been delightful to watch.

    Canseco is baseball’s answer to Katie Couric, who if we remember, saved us from Sarah Palin with a series of deft interviews.

    Canseco is the guy who snitched on Al Capone.

    He is Omar from The Wire.

    He sacrificed his reputation amongst the cool kids for a bit of personal glory, but he also did it for the betterment of baseball.

    He brought us one step closer to shaming the biggest Jerk of them all, Barry Bonds.

    In his latest interview, looking like Chuck Norris in a late night infomercial for the Total Gym, he stared into the camera and uttered “There’s no crying in baseball, Mark.” What more could we ask for from this lovable clown? An actor, a bash-brother, a Madonna-shagger, a bad guy-getter, a comedian, an outlaw, a key informant…need I go on?

  5. Yeah, the Foulpole to Foulpole article is a joke.

    He’s essentially saying that Kiffin — who left his team after one year — is analogous to Crean, who after NINE years spent building Marquette into a legitimate program, left for a better opportunity.

    Is this guy saying that if Sports Illustrated called him up and offered him a position, he wouldn’t take it? I can understand valuing loyalty in sports, but condemning someone for moving on to a better opportunity after paying his dues elsewhere is naive and unreasonable.

    The point of any career is to be successful and advance when possible. I don’t know why a coach’s career is any different.

  6. I don’t really see a problem with what Kiffin did. He went to a better program at a school where he started coaching. Would you rather live in L.A. or Knoxville? Its a no brainer

  7. Cooper- Is it a no-brainer? I was born in LA and there is no place on earth I would want to live less than that smoggy superficial rathole.

    People in the Midwest have such a quaint, idealistic view of California and the West Coast. I once worked at a restaurant in Seattle where about 70% of the staff were Midwesterners in their twenties looking for a liberal utopia. Most of them were miserable within a year.

  8. The difference between him and the average person (I’ve no clue what tax bracket you fit in) is he has a ton of money and a ton of fame. He can get in to any restaurant he wants, live by the beach and is the face of the 2nd most loved team in L.A. (the Lakers being 1). Pete Carroll was treated like a god and so will Kiffin.

    On the other hand you have Knoxville which is small, and obsessive over the football team. Its a college town with not a lot to do.

    I’m not from the midwest, I grew up in Boston and went to IU. I do agree with you if we are talking about the average person. I wouldn’t want to live in NYC or L.A. or even Boston (I don’t live there anymore) unless I was wealthy (I’m talking over a million a year). Clearly, there are exceptions to every rule, I agree I’d never live there I like the East Coast better but if I had to decide between Knoxville and L.A. with a lot of money I’m going to L.A.

  9. You are right. The key is probably that if you are rich, it is nice to live just about anywhere.

    I think for the layman, though, college towns are quite attractive these days. It is a platitude to say there is “nothing going on” in a college town. But when you get down to it, what exactly counts as “something going on”? Big cities tend to have more museums, sporting events, clubs, and restaurants, although that is not always the case; look at Bloomington vs. Indy. If you are someone who needs to be “out” all the time, then cities certainly do have “more going on.” But if you are a nature-lover, like roads without traffic, farmers markets, local restaurants and low-key but energetic music scenes, then what interest would you have in the “things going on” in the city?

    One good example is Mike Riley at Oregon State, who I believe signed a lifetime contract recently after being linked to the USC job. He shunned USC for a life in sleepy, charming, out doorsy Corvallis. It rains a lot more than LA, and there aren’t any beaches, palm trees or blondes with fake tans. He won’t find many “things going on” he will be hard-pressed to find a better quality of life.

  10. this has nothing to do with Lane Kiffin or VJ3 being a “bum” or anything like that…

    Lump IU into the group of organizations that have one of those fancy 3D seating charts for their venues. It’s not THAT special if, like me, you’ve been in each stadium countless times, but it can be fun to play “find the worst seat in Assembly Hall”. Plus, it could help you media types and richer alumni understand why students complain about being shoved into Section MM, Row 15.

    Assembly Hall

    Memorial Stadium

  11. Scary technology…One day we’ll be forced to buy virtual seats to watch the games on TV….All conveniently offered by ESPN under a price per simulated view payment structure offered via your cable provider.

  12. My wife is from Knoxville and went to UT. I believe she’d rather have a colonoscopy then go to Knoxville. It is an ugly, dreary city full of big box stores and chain restaurants. I wouldn’t want to live in LA, though. When I ride my motorcycle through LA I have to wear a faceshield because the air burns my face. Yechh. It’s all in what you want. I’ve lived all over and I ended up in Asheville, NC. I moved here because it was the place I had been that I liked the best. I still get the BTN.

  13. Chet- Asheville? I am so jealous. Did you pick the place first, and find a job afterwords, or were you placed there through a job?

    From all I’ve heard, that is a great place to end up.

  14. HT-We picked the place and then found jobs. We were living in Denver in the 1980’s. It got so crowded and the traffic every day was a nightmare. Asheville is amazing. Beautiful scenery, eclectic mix of people, lots to do. It’s been good to us.

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