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Indiana guard Jeremiah Rivers tries to drive around Ohio State’s David Lighty. Coach Tom Crean wants IU to cut down on its turnovers. Chris Howell | Herald-Times



MINNESOTA: Land of Bunyan, Mauer and ?Favre?



Bruce Springsteen’s “Don’t Look Back.”


  1. Watch out for that press Minnesota puts on after a basket.

    Glad my TV’s got picture in picture so I can watch both games today. Hope I have a chance to wear out that button.

    Do the Boiler’s and Badger’s losses diminish the view of the conference on the national scene? It’s almost like they’re beating each other up and the whole ship’s going down.

  2. I was going to write this even the team plays a superb game today and routs Minnesota. Kelvin Sampson has brought this program to its knees by beating it down with a big telephone receiver. But when Crean came he made sure there wasn’t anything left before he started so he could pose in the Great Impedimented (how else can you call him now?) for a long time to come.

    He didn’t keep this guy. Not enough character, he said. He didn’t keep this guy either. He sent away others. All of this so he can keep this program young and unexperienced while the millions keep pouring into his pockets.

    Meanwhile, as a head coach, he started doing what he knows best: waiting for (another) Dwayne Wade. “I’m going to get one in six years, for sure” he thought, and then he was quick to add “but can we make that eight? Just to be sure… Waiting is so nerve wrecking, you know — and can it please be for a million a year again? Thanks.”

    And as luck would have it Tom Crean unexpectedly found his Dwayne Wade in Maurice Creek. Creek was good when healthy and playing but he has achieved Dwayne Wade status since he broke his knee. You see, the whole season was built around Creek and now his absence hurts us. Forget about Creek being cleared at the very last minute his absence is what’s hurting us now. About as much as the absence of so many of the Hoosiers that Crean and most of you on this blog simply hate to ever remember. Creek is injured! Wow. No more grown men hugging each other in Assembly Hall, that’s what it means, you see?

    A lot of people think that we should have a coach that should be paid by how well his team performs. But Crean is not Freitag so common sense criteria don’t apply to him. Thus Indiana will be young and unexperienced (and especially will continue to play with a big handicap) for as long as Tom Crean will be “coaching” here at IU. It’s going to be a grueling six and a half years ahead, unless of course you see grown men hugging each other in Assembly Hall.

  3. enjoyed the above post. I am a Crean supporter so far but I have always wondered if his mind was made up already to start from scratch. There are a couple of kids that I think he could have embraced and they would have respected him and walked the line at IU under him and played well. What is your take or anyones for that matter??? I also wonder if he watches Bassett and Crawford and maybe others and regrets it a little? In his heart I am sure he thought this year would have gone a little better even before Creek was hurt…

  4. I’m sorry, I should have added a link to Bassett. What bothers me is that so many completely wrote off everything and everybody connected to that man, the phone call addict. (Meanwhile though, as reported by the Scoop, NCAA is considering allowing unlimited recruiting calls!) Phone call violations makes all the players “toxic”. That’s what they were labeled and sent away. They will never amount to anything. They will never succeed anywhere.

    Now all those had to wait a year (such weak characters are too toxic for IU and Crean). Finally they start to play. They thrive where they play and don’t create problems. Where was the problem then?

    Two of Crean’s own recruits transferred: Story and Williams. They were not good enough, most of the righteous crowd says. We can’t say anything now because we’re playing Crean’s Gambit. We have to wait. In time Crean hopes we’ll forget. When Williams and Story start blossoming somewhere else Crean will start reminding people he started them on that character-building path.

    Now “fans” are starting to complain about Elston, Pritchard, Roth that they’re Sampsonites and therefore bad. Their only chance? Apparently (like Holman, Crawford, Bassett, Ellis) they need to transfer somewhere else and prove their worth outside this ridiculously biased “fan base”. Either that or play like hell and make this coach look like the money he’s paid.

  5. I tend to agree throwing people off the team isn’t the way to go especially if its for marijuana use. a ton of athletes smoke it, a ton of other students smoke, hell professors there smoke it.

    I also think he just wanted to toss everyone off the team. I think there may be more to the Eli Holman story than has every come out. Just a gut feeling.

  6. I can’t say that I blame Crean for cleaning out the low character guys. I blame him for his bad coaching and recruiting.
    Now he is recruiting another 6’7″ small forward from Florida. (Yeguette)
    I just don’t think he will ever get it.
    On another note, McLeod was a terrible choice for Asst coach.

  7. Those players quit on IU as soon as Sampson left AH with 3/4 of a million $. They demonstrated short term thinking for a long term commitment. The acts of insolence was created by the pattern of behavior Sampson allowed. That is when their poor decisions about right and wrong began. Were the lives of these young men worth being salvaged? Damn right!!! Probably with a higher percentage on another campus.

  8. First off, the only kid worth keeping from that team was Jordan Crawford. I have followed Bassett and besides a game or two he has not done so hot. Look this years stat’s up if you dont believe. Everyone seems to forget that this class was “out of control”. Everyone seems to forget so quickly, escpecially when we aren’t winning. With Creek in the line up you wouldnt be hearing any of this. Do you really think Tom Crean doesnt know what he’s doing, these entries just kill me!!!

    We should have been furthered dinged by the NCAA for violations in the classroom, but thanks to CREAN TO OUR RESCUE we were spared another year or two from further recruiting violations. 10 of our current ballplayers have a 3.0 GPA or higher. Under Sampson we had one of the lowest accum. GPA’s in the country. By the way, how did that year end for a team that was 17-1 or something like that, lets see thats right a first round bounce to an average team, thanks Sunny Weams!!!

    Maybe your right, maybe we should of kept gang banger Eli Holeman, or does everyone forget about the shooting accident he was in?? Maybe we should of kept Bassett, he could of showed the boys how to twist a joint or two after the game. Maybe we should of kept Crawford he could of showed the guys how not to go to class Monday thu Friday, but make the ESPN headlines on Sat. night.

    Im tired of listening to this supposed IU fans constantly rip Crean and IU’s program. He would have done what any good coach would had done and thats, SCRAP IT AND START OVER!!!!

    So if you dont want to support these fesh and soph’s that are doing a fine job as far as I’m concerned, there is a team in West Laffy that would love a few defectors or band wagoners, hell they were ranked in the top ten so why not cheer for them since it seems Painter is doing so well!!

  9. What everyone seems to leave out is, Coach Dan, who had this team after Sampson. He got a mess with drugs, lack of respect, party time, guys thinking they were above the coach who didn’t care about IU basketball and players who did not go to class. He dismissed and suspended players and told everyone who would listen that the IU basketball house needed to be cleaned out. He played a big part in this. Coach TC got what was left and I am sure Coach D told him what was going on along with who were the trouble makers. To now blame Coach Crean for everything that happened is not right. I had Athletes who did drugs, and by the way marijuana is not legal nor does it matter if your grandma or this old guy smokes it, as a coach you have to address the problem. Most kids will turn and get help if they want to continue to play and if not you have to dismiss them from the team. At some point every coach, including Knight, has to deal with players using drugs. I can’t recall any great basketball school like Duke, North Carolina Kansas,Michigan State, Kentucky, UCLA and any other basketball powerhouse who had to start over like we have. Some are very impatient right now about state of our Basketball program. We all see things go wrong on the court and we get frustrated at the players and Coaches and that can happen even if your team is unbeaten but
    don’t mistake that frustration for Impatience. You are going to be in misery if you have already lost patience with this basketball program because we are just beginning in the rebuilding process. Patience is built by going through trials,problems, and issues. Right now these players and coaches
    are in the middle of it. Lets hope they come through these and develop something better than patience… Wisdom…

  10. Bassett is avg almost 14 a game and has 25 and 19 in his last two games. By the way, I support Crean and IU basketball, just got back from the game. I was just wondering out loud what I though a couple years back. Gee Wiz, have a beer and relax!

  11. Aarmon Bassett three games with 4 points playing at powerhouse Ohio Uni. 4 DNP’s and a horrible assist to turnover ratio. Refering to the guy who puts so much energy into just tearing down and being critical of every decision the program makes. If his idea of quality players are the ones we ditched then he has no clue. Can we get a positive post ever now and again. Doubt it!!! Thanks but I dont drink, go IU!!

  12. I don’t know what is wrong with what J Pat said. Here are Bassett’s stats currently:

    Player         Pos GP GS  Min   M    A   FG%    M    A  3PT%    M    A  FT%   OFF  DEF  REB  AST  TO   STL  BLK  PF  PPG
    Armon Bassett  G   13 12 31.3 4.2 11.2  37.0  1.5  5.5  27.8  3.8  4.8  80.6  0.2  3.3  3.5  2.9  2.4  1.3  0.0  1.5 13.7

    Yes, Armon Bassett playing at powerhouse Ohio Uni. — what exactly are you trying to say? That Ohio U is not as strong as Loyola (MD) that beat us here in AH in spite of Creek’s presence in the lineup?

  13. What im trying to say is Bassett at first glance was incridibly hard for me too see leave the program. Thought that out of all the guys he would have been the one who would of stayed. So whats going on, somthing had to be wrong. Drugs, not going to class, bad attitude, maybe a mixture of all these. And to be honest it was Coach Doc that kicked him off the team. I dont know what it was but I can guarantee you that it was something. So as much as I liked Bassett and Jordan Crawford the bottom line is they were not fitting into the program and probably due to their own faults more than anything. So my point is that fans have to move on and support the young players that we currently have on our roster. This was more in reply to “the hoosiers you hate to remember”, his first post. I’ve seen a ton of post’s just like that one in the recent past. I think the program is going in the right direction, finally after several years of turmoil. Great victory yesterday and vast imporvement, and all of this without Creek and Roth. Even for a strong or top ranked team to loose two of your key players is a damaging blow and changes the look of the entire team/program. A lot of it’s frustration and people geneerally point to the coach which they should, he’s the one getting paid big bucks. Sometimes its warranted but most times its not. He’s trying his hardest and alot of school’s would love to have TC at their University. Look, after the 2012 season, if we are not competing for a big ten championship I will be the first in line to say we have a problem with our coach, until then I’ll let him try to turn this thing around without all the past garbage!!!

  14. To be honest, I don’ think Crean wanted those guys here to corrupt the new kids he was going to bring in. Once a drug culture, always a drug culture.

  15. Real Hoosier Fan,

    check out all my past posts…I am one that does nothing but praise Crean and IU bball and defend them. Sorry to offend you. Oh, have a soda and relax or whatever you drink, I am kidding ya know! Take care anyway!


    Thanks for posting the Bassett stats!

  16. You’re welcome J Pat and let me tell you that I admire you: you are all for Crean and you never hide it, yet you are always willing to listen to and discuss an opposing point of view even if it is expressed in a somewhat aggressive manner, like mine always are. Kudos to you for having such an open mind, you dwarf many of us here on the blog.

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