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Indiana fans rushed the court after the overtime win against Minnesota. James Brosher | Herald-Times






Not the first time Verdell Jones has won a game with a big basket. This is from his high school days.


  1. The fans storming of the court was awesome in every way. This team may be sloppy but it is learning how to close out games – invaluable lessons that show growth. They have beat 3 teams this year already that have been ranked at some point.

    Most importantly, it shows the incredible disjunct that exists right now between the unbridled support and enthusiasm of the student body and paying customers, on the one hand, and the lonely, reactionary old curmudgeons on this blog, on the other.

    Congrats to the young warriors. They know that the fans that matter have their backs. This blog is a grumpy retirement community.

  2. ugh…It’s freakin Minny kid. We are suppose to win against the cellar teams of the league. I guess you are one of the punks with the big heads in your hands or was yelling Sampson Sucks. Great to get the win but lets be honest we are lucky we didn’t give it away in regulation – this was not a title game to win the Big Ten. Grow up.

  3. bk,

    The “Sampson sucks” chants were hilarious. I don’t know if you caught the double meaning to the chant though. Also, Minnesota is a better team than us, and they have been easily for the last 2 years. Plus it was a close, emotional game, let the kids have some fun.

  4. The fans storming the court was a little excessive, to be sure. But I stand by HuskyTom’s assertion that the curmudgeonly postings after a big win by a young team two years after a nuke dropped on the program is shameful. What this team needs is positivity and respect from the fan base, not grumbling about how they shouldn’t have won and how they’re “supposed” to be beating these teams handily.

    Yes, it’s Indiana. But emphatically NO, this particular Indiana team is NOT supposed to be beating Minnesota handily at this point. It was a big win. Enjoy it as such and stop bitching about what they — and Crean — are “supposed” to be doing.

  5. uh Minny’s program is in a much better state than ours, we are getting out legs back underneath us. minny has somethng like 13 wins, 3 in the Big Ten. this was a good win for our team, and we will build on it. get over the students rushing the floor you old farts

  6. bk – it starts with footsteps, junior. To get from bad to good, you have to pass through mediocre first. Do you think we can just press a button and go back to 1987? Do you think a team should become superstars overnight? Didn’t you learn that tadpoles don’t immediately turn into frogs overnight?

    Go get an education – your junior high school logic is not working for you at this point.

  7. i dont get the big deal with all the big heads and rushing the court hate. who really cares? in the end IU won a very close game so theres really nothing to be negative about.

    i think the problem with some alumnis is that they have a hard time perceiving what IU actually IS and not WAS.

  8. HT,

    Your posts above are exactly right! I am one of the proud IU faithful “old curmudgeons”. I hold just as much pride in watching that young team find a way to win against Minny yesterday. Hell I hope the fans stayed out on the floor after the game so long it needs to be refinished before the next home tilt.

  9. Clarion-

    Couldn’t agree more.

    By the way when I say “curmudgeons,” I am using the word figuratively to refer to a certain mentality , not so much a specific age. The mentality I refer to is an odd mixture of our petulant Immediate Gratification Society that wants golden cheesburgers wrapped silk for 99 cents made to order in 1 minute, and sour, senile traditionalism that can’t handle the fact that time actually passes.

    We are seeing a new competitive spirit being forged right in front of our eyes here at IU. Things are happening even quicker than most of us expected. I am enjoying the ride, bumps included.

  10. Not that it is your fault, but I think Husky fans probably have much lower expectations and don’t quite understand what basketball means to people in INDIANA.

  11. Before anybody says anything to me about this little piece of satire, let me say that when I was on campus earning my two degrees we won 2 NCAAs and an NIT. I know where we come from because I lived it. I am not a Guardian.

    Rules for other people to live by, as promulgated by the Guardians of Something:

    1. Don’t storm the court unless We say its ok.
    2. Don’t clap your hands to encourage the team unless We say its ok.
    3. Don’t play “that guy” unless We say its ok.
    4. Don’t chant “that” unless We say its ok.
    5. Only Indiana HS kids are good players.
    6. Only an Indiana guy is permitted to coach IU.
    7. We will cheer the team when it wins and rip the coach to pieces when it loses.
    8, The students have no stake in this and and are irrelevant and quite frankly need a spanking for taking up Our valuable oxygen.
    9. After playing exactly 1/8 of their entire career, and never having played MSU, PU or UW, We now deem that these freshman are no longer young and inexperienced.
    10. We say that any random group of people that wear the Indiana Jersey is automatically a 20 game winner unless the coach We hate f’s it up.
    11. We are the Guardians of Something and we know best. Period.

  12. GF Dave: Good work. I take exception, though, to #7:

    7. We will cheer the team when it wins and rip the coach to pieces when it loses.

    As we’ve witnessed in the last 12 hours on this blog, cheering for the team after an emotional win is certainly not a given for some “fans.”

  13. Husky,

    I take your side on this. Stevealford quit embarresing yourself.


    Is that the stevealford 11 commandments?

  14. Traditional Indiana basketball fans have a choice to make at this juncture of the program…either support the young kids in their growth to bring the program back to what we all would LIKE it to be OR stand on your soapbox and preach about the “good old days” instead of embracing and supporting what Crean, the players, and most fans are trying to accomplish. If you can’t do that, refrain from commenting until we get back to the NCAA tourney and you can once again crawl out of your unbelievably narrow-minded cave of a mind.

    We celebrated the Iowa win very similarly last year…a win that felt big against a mediocre team.

  15. I just want to point out that just because someone questions something we do, or does not agree that we should have stormed the court, does not mean they are wrong, nor old, nor hate the coach and blame him only when we lose.

    I graduated in 2008, and have followed IU since I was a little kid. I’ve seen teams from Bobby, Mike Davis, Sampson, and Crean. I played basketball in the state of Indiana from 5th grade all through High School on school and AAU teams.

    After some personal stats there, on to my rebuttle. Storming the court was ridiculous. If I was in the section student section still, I would have stayed in the stands. No matter what state our program is in, you don’t rush the floor after beating an unranked opponent in Overtime, in a game you should have won in regulation.

    I don’t buy that we are young as an excuse. We were young the first 30 minutes of the game when we outplayed them and built up a nice lead, and young in other games we have outplayed people. We have the pieces to compete. No, I don’t think we should win every game, or be a 20 win team, but if you can beat someone for 30 minutes, you shouldnt surrender a 15 point lead in 10 minutes.

    I have some hope for Coach Crean, but up through now, I see a lot more Mike Davis than I do of anyone else. We build a lead then try to run the clock down and throw up crap with 5 seconds left on the shot clock. Why don’t we have plays that take time off AND get us a good shot instead of having to scramble? Also, with the game on the line in regulation, we set up an in bound play to give the ball to our worst free throw shooter when you know they are gonna foul, and he almost turns it over?!?! (Rivers) Why would you draw that up? Give it to anyone but Rivers, yet he was our only option coming out of a timeout in which coach drew up a play on the board. This stuff isn’t because we are young or inexperienced. This stuff is because what the COACH drew up in timeouts.

    I don’t expect us to win 20 games this year, I know what happened to the program, I lived it, and I know it will take some times. I’m realistic.

    With that said, I wish I saw positive coaching and direction to the program and these wins, because when we are back in the dance and do have the talent, Losing because of questionable coaching will hurt 20 times worse.

    Regardless of these opinions, I will still support, be a lifelong fan, and am glad we got a win even though it wasnt pretty. Just like I don’t like people bashing only because we lose… I hate people trying to act like it is just youth, and give it time, and all will be better soon when we win. We aren’t what we once were, but you can still tell mistakes in these games when you see them. Be reasonable people…

  16. Young C – Valid points, good comments.

    The “it takes time” discussion is a tough one. For most players, they continue to refine & develop through their sophomore year (ie: most of our roster) and learning how to hold a lead & finish 40 minutes under control doesn’t come after half a season. I believe it’s unrealistic to expect otherwise.

    That being said, they have demonstrated that they know how to score and outpace an opponent…just not for 40 minutes. I agree you should hold the coaching staff responsible for fixing the little things despite an ugly win.

  17. Young C- reasonable argument, but flawed: just because a team is able to play well for a half, does not mean that deep down inside they have become seasoned players who are ready to play with anyone.

    Did you see Cornell play Kansas this year? They were leading, in Lawrence, at the half. They ended up losing in the final minutes. Now let’s apply your logic

    “Because Cornell led at the half, this showed they were good enough to beat Kansas, and the fact that they ended up losing is simply a result of bad coaching.”

    We see this all the time in college ball. Watch the NCAA tournament – how many times does the #15 seed play the #2 seed tight for a half, only to wear down at the end?

    Our team is improving, period. I simply don’t understand the whinyness, when we’ve already showed tremendous improvement from last year. I don’t care how much basketball you have played or watched in your lifetime.

  18. Quite the abundance of big thoroughly educated bullfrogs playing in this little watering hole of ignorant tadpoles. Hard to imagine there one day being enough water to bathe while squeezing into one happy puddle of pomposity to blow gigantic pretentious farts of agreement. Then again, men of very large stature have died trying.

  19. if you think crean coaches bad, youre argument of drawn up plays out of timeouts is flawed. creans sets out of timeouts usually result in a wideopen shot, and usually a score. its the other times when the players are left to their own devices that they play without a cause and make errors. i agree that the players need less cheerleading, and more dicipline. maybe we saw that with the dumas benching. the cheerleading is probably egged on by an AD that loves being in the press more than doing his job.

  20. I too go back a ways, to the days of Branch and the Hurryin Hoosiers whom I revere just as I do RMK. There should be elation after an OT win over a conference rival. The fans rushing the floor is proof positive they believe the program is showing improvement and headed in the right direction. In two years these negative comments about Coach Crean and those 3rd year players will only be remembered in archives.

  21. Husky T,

    I see what you are trying to get at, but the difference in talent between Cornell and Kansas, and IU and Minn. is a vast ocean. Cornell got beat because the stars on Kansas started making shots that they didn’t in the first half. They out manned them. At no point did Minn. outman IU. IU just went through huge scoring droughts and had dishelved play at the end. Kansas took the game because they were truly better, Minn. got it to overtime because we gave it to them. BIG DIFFERENCE

    If you really look at it talent wise, 5-on-5 Cornell could maybe beat Kansas 1 out of 10 if that (they kind of missed their one shot) but IU should beat Minn. even this year at least 5 to 6 out of 10 depending on where its played.

    We have made strides, but how could we not? I’m not judging us against last year, I’m judging us by the opportunities we have had with THIS team and the players we HAVE healthy. We should have had Illinois. I don’t care that we didn’t get killed like last year, watch this years game. We had the horses in the stable, but gave it away. When we get beat by a team that should beat us, thats fine, but when we give away wins, thats what I don’t like.

    Call that whinning, but I just want us to see our CURRENT potential.

    And how much basketball I’ve played was just for people like you who seem to think just because we don’t have an opinion that backs Crean and this teams decisions 100% means we get labled “fans” and obviously couldn’t know as much as you about basketball. I can’t wait to come back to this and see what you have to say when 3 years down the road we lose a game because of some of this stuff when we have 4 and 5 stars and its year 5 so you can’t use the same excuses.


    Valid points. Thanks for your comments and being reasonable. It is something we have to learn, but I think my point was just not everthing can be blamed on that. When you have a young team going through a large scoring drought, isn’t that why you have a coach? to set something up to get you some much needed points and take the pressure of a freshman or sophomores shoulders to ‘make something happen.’ I don’t expect us to be perfect, and kids miss shots, but I don’t think its to much to ask for a GOOD shot, not to rely on Bobby C. to chuck one up at the end of a shot clock. We got away with it, and others this game, but against Illinois, we didn’t. Heck, read the other articles on here and one of VJ3’s HUGE shots, he even admitted it was bad and he didn’t think it was going in.

    All in all though, I think we are both a little right. Take a step towards the middle and we will have it. I’ll expect a little less from our kids until they have some more experience, and you (actually you already did) concede that the Coaches should be accountable and not all has been perfect just because we are better than last year. Thanks for the valuable discussion and not just jumping to conclussions.

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