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Zach Hooten cheers for Indiana against Ohio State. IU announced fans will soon be able to use 3D technology to pick their own seats. Chris Howell | Herald-Times





A video I shot last summer of Aaron Thomas. I just pressed record and followed him, so that is why you see him not, well, doing much. More helpful in my mind than four minutes of highlights that make every jabroni look like LeBron James.


  1. Wow. I am totally underwhelmed by the idea of Thomas playing shooting guard. A couple of thoughts as I watched:

    1) Learn to box out, that rebounding positioning is awful.
    2) Buy a belt
    3) Court awareness and movement off the ball is certainly lacking.
    4) Doesn’t seem inclined to hustle back on d or hustle up the floor on offense; hard to be a shooting guard when you are last one up the court.
    5) Decent form on that shot.

  2. I think I have finally cracked the code as to the identity of Candyman/Charles Barkley/CompeteDudeCompete. I feel stupid for not realizing it sooner. Let’s look at the facts, and some of their logical corellaries:

    1) A lot of late night posts. CONCLUSION: Probably a college kid.
    2) A supercilious tone when talking about sports, with frequent use of quasi-paternalistic catch phrases like “Now, now…”, “Husky, Husky…” and “Silly, silly people…”. CONCLUSION: probably a sports writer.
    3) Posts are peppered with words like “dude”. CONCLUSION: Must be a Fratboy (could be a surfer, if this were the UCLA scoop)
    4) Very similar opinion to Korman regarding coach Crean. CONCLUSION: must hang in a small circle with Korman and other sportswriters.
    5) Knows how to use his keyboard art and HTML language. CONCLUSION: must be an experienced blogger-slash-webpage administrator.

    Permit me to deduce from these postulates that the worm we are trying to locate is…

  3. I have been a part of better games at the HPER than that. That video was painful.

    Cherry Picks
    Doesn’t play D then gets a block simply by being bigger- this won’t happen in the B10.
    Demands the ball, then misses.

    Another David Williams? Let’s hope he has improved a ton since this video was shot. I know hes just a junior, but that seemed the opposite of the effort that Crean preaches.

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