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Indiana coach Tom Crean pleads for a foul call at Michigan last week. The Hoosiers have alternated home and road games during the Big Ten schedule this season. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • Alternating home and road games is optimal for Indiana this season, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Tipoff for Sunday’s game was pushed back an hour because of the Colts, Dustin writes.
  • The women’s basketball team is trying to break out of a good day, bad day cycle, Jeremy Price writes.





An underrated moment of the last college basketball season: Joe Paterno lamenting the loss of jews in basketball.


  1. I just don’t see a Big 10 road win as something that is feasible yet for this team. I love’em to death, but this is a milestone that they are not yet prepared to achieve.

    To stevealford, Bettor, and all the other old (and young) whiny grouches out their: you might as well start your whining and complaining now, so that we don’t have to listen to you later on.

    Sincerely yours
    Husky Tom

    PS If the Hoosiers need some inspiration, I had a pineapple this morning that was one of the juiciest, most delicious fruits I’ve had since the apple I had yesterday. It might be a good omen.

  2. Odds are slightly against the Hoosiers in this game. It would not surprise me if Penn State got their 4th loss in a row tonight with the Hoosiers giving a repeat of their MSG performance against Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh! That’s got to mean more than a silly random pineapple.

    To all the great fans that love to death this team but predict losses: please shut up if we win tonight. I promise to stay quiet if we lose.

       ____         _   _                 _               _ 
      / ___| ___   | | | | ___   ___  ___(_) ___ _ __ ___| |
     | |  _ / _ \  | |_| |/ _ \ / _ \/ __| |/ _ \ '__/ __| |
     | |_| | (_) | |  _  | (_) | (_) \__ \ |  __/ |  \__ \_|
      \____|\___/  |_| |_|\___/ \___/|___/_|\___|_|  |___(_)

  3. It’s ok to be realistic. Good Old Downing used to have a technique last season, by which he would predict (and demand) a win in every game, so that he could criticize Crean no matter what when we lost. I would hate to adopt such a strategy. Keep your expectations low (where they should be, for this team), and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when something good happens.

    Now, back to the pineapple, there is some true wisdom to be mined here. Such a plentiful, complete, yet simple gift from nature. It makes you wonder why we manufacture Snackwells Cookies with 20 different additives,chemicals and stabilizers, when we have the juicy and delectable flesh of the spiny, noble tropical elixir readily available for our consumption at local grocery stores.

    I promise to write more on the pineapple, win or lose.

  4. I take exception to what you wrote about Downing and frankly speaking I am saddened a bit by it. I doubt, although I won’t know for sure, that he had such a technique that you described. I think he was genuinely enthusiastic — if it was him, because it may have very well been someone else. It’s happened before.

    I think you and all the other fans should do what you want. Predict a loss, be happy for a win, etc. That’s what we did for the Pittsburgh game, by the way, if you recall. However it’s like you’re trying to have it both ways: the Hoosiers lose you told us so, the Hoosiers win you might punch someone in the face (e.g., stevealford).

    I think the Hoosiers will win it tonight and promise to stay very quiet either way until after the Iowa game. Take it easy.

  5. Engel-

    Face-punches are for people who are disappointed or scornful after a win. Yes, stevealfordAruss deserves one (or many).

    This isn’t about saying “I told you so” – my motivation for my prediction is not to scurry back here after the game is over and proclaim my sagacity. I am more interested in tempering the mood so that playah-hatahs like you and Aruss don’t throw a fit if the team loses.

    Thats all.

  6. Stop Taylor Battle. That is all that needs to be done tonight. Rivers could be the most important player without scoring a point.

  7. If there is a road win out there for us, this is a good candidate. PSU really is not playing well, they don’t have a tough crowd and we’re coming off a good win. I see a close game, it could go either way.

    It seems that the Caps and Hoosiers are playing the same nights a lot lately. This is not good. I took the daughter to Caps practice Monday. 6’6″ people on skates and in their gear are massive.

    I eat more apples than pineapples, but I would never compare the juicieness of a pineapple to an apple. Pineapples are way juicier, imo.

  8. Husky-

    While preparing your delectable fruit, don’t forget to trim back the hard core after cutting the eyes out…Pineapple bloggers are amazingly sweet.

    Go Hoosiers!

  9. predicting a loss to lowly Penn State? and you are ok with that? It is a sad day.
    And Husky, I mean Peeping Tom, Does anyone care to explain this ARUSS crap to me?

  10. steveAruss- It’s your new moniker. If you aren’t Aruss, then you spiritually incarnate his intelligence level and wit.

    Yes, I am ok with a road loss to an underachieving Penn State team. Why? Because I understand context.

    Did you want to fire Crean after the team lost to Notre Dame last year? You probably did, because you are entirely incapable of realizing that the Bob Knight era is over.

  11. My prediction:

    Indiana 77, Penn State 43

    I used Stevealford’s level of rationality. How can we predict a loss to lowly Penn State.

  12. By the way, I was thinking of your famous and idiotic “take away Dwayne Wade” argument, and the following occurred to me, as clear as day:

    If you take away legendary coach Bob Knight, who in his prime could have coached anyone to a championship, IU would have only two distant championships, before the days of 3 pointers and black players. Therefore IU is really not a dynastic basketball powerhouse; they only have two championships that really count, putting them on the same level as Cincinnati, UConn, Florida, Ok. State, NC State, and….San Francisco. So settle down, steveAruss.

  13. Is all that rain getting to you Peeping Tom? Wade only played 1 year. Bob Knight coaching for many years is not a fluke

  14. Steve, not that it matters, Wade played more than 1 year at Marquette. You get by with a lot of your statements because it is difficult to argue with conjecture and outlandish statements. Every poor soul that comes here to read the articles and perhaps perhaps peruse the comments is forced to suffer through your boring posts. You are entitled to your opinion. You have made your point. You are almost, not quite, as boring as Downing. Perhaps you two should start your own blog. You guys choose the name. Please let evryone know the name, so we don’t have to subject ourselves to more moronic drivel.

  15. Millport- you are becoming quite the mystery poster. I am tempted to say you are the same as Candyman. But you never know these days.

    I sure appreciate your opinion of steveArussford, but I wonder why you are always so hard on Downing.

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