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Indiana’s Verdell Jones works toward the basket past Penn State’s Jeff Brooks during Indiana’s win on Thrusday. Ralph Wilson | Associated Press


  • Indiana grew up a bit against Penn State, dealing with difficult circumstances and coming out with a road win, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Tijan Jobe is dealing with the death of his mother, Dustin wrote.
  • Indiana’s defense allowed the Hoosier women to defeat Northwestern, Andrew Wyder writes.




Jakob Dylan’s “Something Good This Way Comes.”


  1. WOW! Possible three conference wins in a row. Even if Creek was not out we would consider this progress and improvement. Happily Dumes is playing less risky with the ball on offense and Hulls, Derek and Capo are finding the game slowing down which allows them to make positive decisions. For the most part even with all the fouls the defensive light bulb is coming on and that helps make the offense more deliberate and not so desparate. We need Pritchard to break out. If he could clean up play while defending his offense would pick up. But he has to fix the defensive issue first. I commend Coach Crean and staff for turning the hustle into focused effort. I don’t know if there is six more wins out there but continuing to decrease turnovers and increasing FT % would make it something worth a bet.

  2. Please indulge Chef GFBourdain, for he has No Reservations:

    You know, I’ve lived a charmed life. Traveled the world in search of the greatest hoop delicacies. And mostly, I’ve found them. From Yao Ming Chow Mein to Tony Kukoc Kabobs, I’ve had them all and, I’ve got to tell you folks, some of its been mind blowingly spectacular.

    The delicate flavor of a Roasted Bird Jumper. The richness of the Steve Alfredo sauce. The Spicy left handed goodness of Chris Mutton. Man those guys could shoot and I consumed copious amounts of their best stuff.

    But there is a yummy new dish in town and its been haunting me, following me around like a homesick puppy. I knew I had come across it before, but where, how, did I like it? What is it about this Christian Watford that I had sampled before?

    Is he a deconstructed Veal Oscar? Or maybe a nouveau cuisine like Steve Hash? But then my thoughts turned old school and it hit me on the head like Newton’s apple: Cold. Ice Cold. The flavor of Watford I was seeking was George, “Ice Man” Gervin. The lean meat, the quirky but satisfying stroke, it was all there with Christian as it had been before with the Ice Man. Finally, set free from my tortured mind, I could sit at the table and lap up this new dish with the full pleasure it offered.

    Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWqyvOGQ7MI

    The Chef thanks you for your indulgence.

  3. just wondering what everyone one else thought of this idea.. what if dumes started… ok ok i know i know.. if dumes started he wouldnt feel like he had score 20 points in 10 min. he would be able to get more in the flow of the offense. he would start in place of hulls who i like but hasnt WOWED me on offense or espically defense. i think we would be dramatically better on both sides of the ball. the only drawback would be the bench would be void of instant O, and really wouldnt have that shot in the arm.

  4. I actually like Dumes coming off of the bench. I like the shot in the arm for a team that has trouble scoring at some points.

  5. I actually think at his present quality of play it is hard to keep him on the bench. He may especially be valuable starting against a team like MSU, OSU or PU defensive play from our guards is paramount to slowing down those offenses.

  6. Coach Crean is paying dividends at a remarkable rate right now. If simply staying in games for a half were a sign of improvement and good coaching, like some IU football fans have consistently tried to argue, then Crean has already done his job.

    However, Crean is going beyond that by giving us premature glimpses into a very bright futre. This team is finishing some of these games – on the road and in Madison Square no less.

    This is a year when we were all supposed to sit around and continue to be patient; to watch the team beat the little guys and maybe play the bigger guys close. It hasn’t happened that way. We have shown remarkable improvement and poise, especially of late. When you watch a young team, you aren’t looking for predictability and consistency all the time; you aren’t judging the merit of the coach and team based on if the beat the teams they “should” beat. What you really look for is the flashes, the fight,the spurts, the lessons learned through overcoming adversity. The maturing that happens before your eyes as the VJ’s hit clutch shots, and the role players hit free throws down the stretch (Moore). The outcast (Dumes) stepping up when the star goes down.

    This is turning out to be a blast of a year to follow the team. I see 5 more wins on the schedule (Iowa, @Iowa, Ohio State, Northwestern, and one upset somewhere else on the schedule), and the possibility of a splash in the Big 10 tournament.

    GO team.

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