Illinois 66, Indiana 60

Rivers drives.

This one will surely disturb Indiana fans.

The Hoosiers had a healthy half-time lead (41-28) and faltered badly in the second half. Constant foul calls made the game a halting affair, and Indiana did not fare well in that area: Illinois shot more than twice as many free throws (it was 27-of-39 compared to Indiana’s 10-of-18).

The veteran inside-out duo of Demetri McCamey and Mike Tisdale shouldered the Illini, scoring 27 and 19 points respectively. McCamey also had nine assists and just one turnover.

Interviews are beginning now. I hear Bruce Weber. Ouch.

Here are some audio files.

These dudes are not pleased.


  1. At what point do we no longer accept youth and inexperience as excuses? I would say we’re at that point.

  2. Still young. We can still use that excuse. It just was just hard to lose like that. It gave me a few more gray hairs to say the least. However, I hope that losing the way we did today does not become a pattern. Already over the loss.

  3. It’s like watching Groundhog Day, but not as funny (& the bar ain’t set real high there). Maybe the lady who sat in front of me & read a book the whole game is onto something. She didn’t even seem the least bit perturbed upon filing out of the Hall.

  4. hOOSIER86 YOU’RE A FREAKING idiot. We don’t have hardly any experience. Go back to west lafayette where you belong.

  5. How does a visiting team with the worst cry baby of a coach anywhere get twice as many free ones? What ever happened to home court advantage for crying out loud! Oh yes, the refs listened to that dummy. I believe there are 347 D1 basketball teams an 337 of them have more experience than IU. So yes we are young and our best player is out for the season but this second half was awful to watch.. Tisdale proved that big men can hit foul shots by going 13 of 14. Big guys watch the tape and learn. Can someone tell me why Elston only played 10 minutes? We finally get a big man to rebound. He had 6 in 10 minutes of playing time. I hope he is not hurt? That first half was great! Someday maybe we will get 40 minutes of inspired team ball. Weber your day is coming! Maybe we can knock you out of post season play by beating you in the Big Ten Tournament. This one made me sick because I hate getting beat by a weber team.

  6. OK, it would have been a bonus to win this game. Throughout Big Ten play, IU will steal a couple of these games at home (i.e. Michigan), but I think it’d be a reach to expect IU to win any particular conference game, save maybe Iowa.

    The officiating seemed rather fair – as a fan in the stands, I found it hard to complain when I saw refs making right calls against IU. Simply, IU fouled more than Illinois.

    The thing I was most disappointed in was the MANY fans that filed out with 23 seconds remaining and a four-point Illinois lead. Ha, I wish Assembly Hall folks could look at the security cameras and personally ban every single one of those fans from ever coming to another game. It’s a four point game, for crying out loud – IU needs one basket and the team’s right back in it. If beating the traffic is the issue, I have a solution: don’t go to the game. Ugh, it disgusted me. I needed to vent.

    Just another reason IU should give those seats to students – and they will actually cheer for the team.

  7. I love this team. I fu$&ing love it.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to permanetly ban stevealford, Downings 5th, and all the other American Cheeseburger-Loving Immediate Gratification Nation loving-Morons from any further discussion about the IU mens basketball team.

    We don’t need them. The team is progressing beautifully. Only a tempered, moderate mind can see it. ON the other hand, only an immediate gratification-nation hormone-filled cheeseburger nation Fox News worshipping moron will deny it. DOn’t listen to him.

  8. Nate. I had to get home to my 3 and 5 year old and relieve the babysitter. People have different issues. I remember in 87 my dad took me to a game at Assembly Hall and people did the same thing that year and when I was in college at IU in the late 90’s…same way. I can admit that it happens more this year and last than in recent years but like football..the losing gets hurtful and disheartening and let’s face it…they were done at that point. My wife pointed out that I never complain about the refs but I did tonight. It was awful! It did not lose IU the game but it did not help. Refing has gotten worse and worse and will continue until IU earns back respect on the court. That sucks but it is how it is at the present time. The thing I loved and I will go to church in the morning is the student who yelled FU Bruce Weber with 2 min to go with all quiet and Illini shooting a free one, hahahaha, I loved it!

  9. J Pat, first I don’t want to sound disrespectful, but I don’t really understand that argument.
    Game over?
    I’m pretty sure that’s what Reggie Miller thought when he didn’t score 8 points in 8.9 seconds.
    I’m pretty sure that’s what Illinois thought when they lost to Arizona in the ’05 tournament when they didn’t go on a 20-5 run to force overtime in the last four minutes.
    I’m pretty sure Anthony Atkinson thought that when his team lost because they were down seven in the ’06 D-II national championship game and they just didn’t think they could win.
    I’m pretty sure Seton Hall just gave up when they were down by 10 points with a minute to go against West Virginia the day after Christmas this year.

    I mean, seriously, a four-point lead with 25 seconds to go is pretty much insurmountable. This is the game of basketball where things go exactly as expected 100 percent of the time.

    If relieving the babysitter and getting back to the kids is the most important part, what happens if there’s overtime? It suddenly becomes the important thing if IU isn’t winning. Again, no disrepect, I just don’t understand…and it’s not just you…there were hundreds of people that left early.

  10. At this point Crean’s excuses (youth and inexperience, injuries) are in fact the plain truth. I was not accepting them when Roth was healthy, when Dumes was healthy and when Creek had two good knees. But now? What more can we ask for? Yes, I hate Weber, but he pulled it off. It was clear with about 10 minutes remaining that our guys were simply worn out. Not outplayed and overmatched like in Columbus, OH, just worn out. Almost like Pre’s agonizing 5000 meters race in the 1972 Olympics if anyone remembers that.

    Good things: Hulls’ impetuos start of the game, Rivers’ incredibly acrobatic blocks, and the poise of the team compared to the previous game.

    Minuses: why can’t we use Bawa? Why is he with us?

    Bottom line: take a win, any win, and say the coach is a genius. Take a loss, any loss, and blame it on the coach. Cheap and efficient. Try the other way around: show me a team that won despite its certifiably idiot coach. Or a loss where the coach was obviously magnificent in spite of it. In the first half Lady Luck was definitely on our side (Daniel Moore’s three pointer, other lucky shots). Much of the second half looked like last year’s home game against Michigan. But while Crean may have lost that one (that’s what I think) I really don’t know how he could have pulled it off last night. Other than playing Bawa I think Crean did all he could, or at least he didn’t make any glaring mistakes; which still doesn’t justify his huge salary, but we had arguably better players on the court than Bawa (although not as rested and not as foul free).

    I actually liked this game.

  11. Nate, I thought I was the ultimate positive fan in the stands but you are a better man than I. Good for you. The kids are a priority in more ways than one and you will understand one day. Take care and I am glad there ar still fans out there with that kind of hope. It was over at that point though Nate. Good night!

    Oh, for overtime I would have listened to Don…things change when you have kids and Sampson brings your program to it’s knees!!!

  12. J Pat, you’re the better man…ha, I appreciate the family-first attitude. Still a little bit of confusion, but I’ll let it rest.

    I just assume fans should stay positive if they are there to support the team.

  13. DD – YES THERE ARE 3 Seniors who work their butts off everyday to help this team be better. Coaching was the reason we lost this game tonight. Stick Tijan or Bawa in and let them beat the crap out of Tisdale. He would have thought twice about going inside and in the least he wouldn’t have went to the free throw line as much. Let Tijan beat the crap out of him and let him KNOW he was being fouled.

    Tijan is on this team whether you like it or not. GET OVER IT! Guess your just jealous you aren’t getting a free education from a fine university and wearing those beloved candy stripes. HUH! TIJAN IS!

  14. I read in the blog last game that Tijan’s mother passed away? What is the story on that and why hasn’t there been an official statement from IU about this. At least have a statement and let the fans send him their condolenses or something. Heard that he wasn’t even allowed to go back to Africa to see his family. That would be a sad situation if it were true, especially when Coach Crean stated that they were flying Maurices’ family in immediately after he was hurt which sounded like it was being paid for by the university. I would like to hear if she actually did pass away so I could send him a condolense card to the basketball office. What’s the story HT? He seems like a great student-athlete. If this is true – You are in our thoughts and prayers Tijan. May your mother R.I.P.

  15. While I hate that IU lost I loved the effort we had last night. Capo played great as did everyone else. More experience would help put a stop to surges much sooner. IU just couldn’t get a bucket when then absolutely needed one. I think Tom Pritchard is the victim of some of the worst calls ever. Granted he gets to a spot slowly which causes most fouls but he gets more phantom calls than anyone I’ve ever seen. IU looked ready to play last night. IU got efforts from everyone. still young I saw the effort I expect from an IU team.

  16. Elston is a stud. He is also our best rebounder and part of our future. Why does he not play? He had 6 boards in limited action.
    Crean doesn’t even know how to handle guys that are semi-big.

  17. It is very frustrating, yes, but I loved the way they came out last night. However, at the same time I worried that they wouldn’t be able to sustain the intensity in the second half. This will come.

    If Maurice Creek was healthy, we blowm them away.

  18. Ok so I have read what everyone has said about last night’s game. The bottom line to me is that you can’t just squander a 13 point half time lead and there is no excuse for only scoring 19 points in the second half. I know they are a young team, but 19 points after putting up 41 is ridiculous. Someone has to step up and be the person that will score when this team needs it. To much fumbling the ball around and way to many lazy passes. I can accept some growing pains, but it doesn’t seem that some of these kids learn from their mistakes from game to game. Turnovers seem to be accepted because they are young. If you are a college basketball player then you should be able to improve your game each time out. I am just not seeing that from some of these players.

  19. To question,

    Yes, Tijan Jobe’s mother passed away. I have requested to speak with him about it when he feels comfortable discussing it.

    Tijan did not go home to his mother’s funeral, which apparently happened just one day after her death.

    I have contacted people in The Gambia to try to figure out what happened, but have found nothing.

    Obviously, I’ll stay after it.

  20. OK steve here is you assignment. Find me one big Freshman on Alford or Knights team that is scoring more than Watford’s 12.6 a game or maybe one that is scoring in double figures. Surely there will be someone because Crean can’t coach anyone over 6″7″ right? Maybe you could find 2 freshman on their teams that score more than Watford and Elston’s 18.7 points per game or their 9.8 rebound per game. That is right our 2 freshman score and rebound better than theirs. How can that be with such great teams and coaches? Now look at Alford and Knight’s Junior bigs and see what they score. It took these coaches 3 years to get their bigs to be productive but that can’t be right because these coaches are much better than Crean with bigs. right? Normally I would not give you the time of day and I don’t intend on responding to your posts but I am tried of you bashing our coach. Have you heard of fair weather fans? You are a bad weather fan. When IU wins or Texas Tech and new Mexico don’t win you get lost. You only come out from under your rock when you can be negative about Coach. We all know what you are going to do so get some new material. Enough with coach bashing find something positive to say for a change!

  21. ^ My guess: Love Poems and Other Songs of Despair by Pablo Neruda, in the translation of Mary Heebner? But wow, hey — I see your point, because nobody would ever want to risk that

    Now about alumni Bob Knight used to say:

    I really think that most problems are created by alumni who are unable to brag about their school’s football and basketball teams.

    This is taken from Quotable General, Words of Wisdom etc. by and about Bobby Knight — page 93, edited by Monte Carpenter.

    That’s why he didn’t accept the 75K check either.

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