1. … I think the final score will be Indiana 77 – Illinois 72. It’s basically the kenpom score but backwards. Other possible score: Indiana 74 – Illinois 64 (which is basically the Lobos score earlier today, again backwards). I feel sorry for Alford, and hope it’s only a temporary setback. By comparison I think Pat Knight’s team is going to produce some very noticeable upsets during the “brutal stretch”. But now, as someone once said, it’s time to tune in, and see and hear Assembly Hall at “peek” level. Weber‘s back in town.

    Player of the game tonight: Bawa. That’s how this song starts:

    (a-wa) O kodwa u zo-nge li-sa namhlange
    (a-wa a-wa) Si-bona kwenze ka kanjani
    (a-wa a-wa) Amanto mbazane ayeza

    I want to see Bawa on the floor tonight. He’s going to rock the house with his hook shots. Go Hoosiers!

  2. FINAL: ILL 66, IU 60.
    IU: Jones 13, 4ast; Hulls 12; Watford 10, 5reb; Dumes 10; Rivers 8; Moore 3; Elston 2, 6reb; Capobianco 2.
    IU: 22-53 (42%) FG; 6-17 (35%) 3PT; 10-18 (56%) FT; 29 reb; 15 TO; 13 (28) fouls.
    ILL: 18-46 (39%) FG; 3-13 (23%) 3PT; 27-39 (69%) FT; 34 reb; 11 TO; 9 (17) fouls.
    ILL: Tisdale 27, 9reb; McCamey 19, 9ast; Richardson 14; Davis 2, 11reb; Keller 2; Paul 1; Cole 1.
    IU outscored 38-19 in 2nd half.

  3. Crucial win by our Hoosiers. Awesome job. We need games like–oh, oh wait. We lost. Nevermind.

  4. Unfortunately, I did not see the first half but I did see most of the 2nd Half and it was clear to me that we were outcoached again. I used to think that Crean’s desire to just get guys with speed and size might be good enough to form a foundation of a team.

    I don’t think that at all now. The more I watch this team the more I think of the gross incompentence of the Mike Davis era. I can’t think of one single thing this team does well, consistently.

    With only a couple of exceptions, none of these kids seem to understand the fundamentals of the game. That means Crean is not recruiting the kind of quality players that can make Indiana a decent team, let alone a powerhouse.

  5. Bawa is Dude Perfect, dude! His games are absolutely without a flaw. I am glad Crean brought him here, against the Illini Bawa made absolutely no mistake, had no turnover, no bad pass, no missed attempt — now do you see Crean’s genius, or not?

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