Indiana 81, Minnesota 78 (OT)

Verdell Jones III celebrates with teammates.

Photos today by new H-T intern James Brosher.

Verdell Jones hit the key basket at 0:32 of overtime to give Indiana its second league win Sunday night at Assembly Hall.

The Hoosiers (8-9, 2-3) are now tied with Purdue, currently the No. 6 team in the country, in the conference standings.

As the final buzzer sounded, the students rushed the court. Rising above the celebration was a huge cutout of Dwight Schrute’s head, his lips locked in that trademark grin.

Perhaps you’ve heard whispers of how unusual basketball in Bloomington has become. We’ll, it’s true.

Unusual and, on this night for these fans, magical.

More to come throughout the night.

Here are the final stats for you to review.

And a few audio files for you to listen to:

Tom Pritchard fights for a rebound.


  1. It was an awesome, high-energy game! So glad I was able to be there to see it! It was actually my very first IU game and I had a blast. Go IU!

  2. “…how unusual basketball in Bloomington has become.”

    So glad you mentioned this Chris. Watching on TV several states away, I can only scratch my head. So many non-basketball related gadgets in the student section…rushing the court after defeating Minnesota?…the apathetic people sitting behind the benches acting like they barely care about the outcome…sloppy play often applauded.

    So glad for the win today. But in no way can I claim to understand the basketball culture that has been forming around B’town the past decade…different for certain…and agreeing with you Chris, at the very least, unusual.

  3. hoosierscoop, this is hard to put in words but I really think that it is because the students want for IU basketball to be good again, they want it soooooo badly that they rush the court after an OT win vs Minny and other times. I did not mind the big heads at first but now they are worn out and people cannot see when sitting behind them. With that said, great win for the program. Does anyone else think conservative play at the end of second half almost cost IU the game in the long run?

  4. I’m as happy as anybody about tonight’s win, but are you really that excited to have a losing record?
    I don’t know if I am more disgusted by Crean or the people with absolutely no pride who stormed the court after beating a lowly Minnesota team who is 1-4 on the road this year.

  5. This was a good win, in terms of the moral for the IU team. They could have easily slipped back into the old script of letting the game slip completely away in the second half.

    However, they win despite themselves. Terrible free throw shooting, Watford fumbling and bumbling on defense, Rivers; a point guard who can’t shoot free throws, mid range jumpers, or 3 pointers. Jones, hot and cold.

    Despite this, Jones was on when he had to be, Pritchard improving, Watford improving on rebounding, Elston contributing, Dumes providing the spark of the bench.

    Why not rush the floor? The team deserves the support. Yes it’s Minnesota, but we’re not quite IU either….yet.

  6. J Pat. The problem is you have to have people who can get their own shot as the shot clock expires. We don’t have many of those people yet. So yeah, it was risky.

  7. Nice try Alford. You’re a fraud IU fan. We weren’t perfect but we got the win. The team will build in this.

  8. Leave it to stevealford to find the black cloud in every silver lining.

    A young, outgunned IU team just gutted out a gritty, OT victory over a superior conference foe and all you can think to do is slam people as having “no pride” for celebrating a big win?

    It’s time to find a new team to follow, steve. You’re a dynamite forum troll and I give you full credit for that, but there comes a point where, if you’re not enjoying watching a team play, it’s time to switch allegiances. I’m sure it must hurt as much for you to willingly bang your head against a wall as it does us for you to force us to watch you.

  9. Storming the court after beating Minnesota.

    Ridiculous giant heads/bricks in the student section.

    This is what IU basketball has become?

  10. Bettor and Aflord- F you both. IU basketball hasn’t been anything since 1987. Wake up.

    I love this team. They are out their battling and rebuilding; giving us pleasure and pain in liberal doses. Yet, they have knocked off a 14 win team, a 12 win team, and an 11 win team already, and we still have many games to play. Enjoy the process. Don’t bring your petty garbage to a happy forum of real fans.

    If I were at a game with you two, I’d punch you both in the face.

  11. J Pat-Yeah, the conservative play probably cut the lead but they’re still trying to find out what they can do best. I remember lots of games Dean Smith lost with his famous “4 corners” offense. Or, it could have been just me. I turned away from football and to the game when they were up 15.

  12. I am surprised that stevealford actually posted. I figured he’d wait until the next loss. I respect someone who is willing to look like an idiot in bad times as well as good.

  13. I am so proud of this team and the progress it has made. No way we win that game, or even compete in it last year. Everybody that played contributed something positive. Is it still frustrating some times? Absolutely. Do I scratch holes in my head sometimes? Yep.

    But they are resilient, play for each other, and bust their butts on that floor!

    Hasn’t been like that around here for awhile. IMHO.

    I appreciate their effort. Congratulations to the whole team.

  14. Some of you people see nothing wrong with storming the court after a win against Minnesota?
    These are embarrassing times.
    However it is always good to get a win, and Jordan Hulls is going to be a future star in the Big Ten.

  15. I remember Bloomington the night when the Hoosiers beat Oklahoma and advanced to the title game against Maryland. March 30, 2002. It wasn’t that long ago, I bet most of you remember it, except perhaps the Hoosier ClairHuxtible who claims that “IU basketball hasn’t been anything since 1987.” Such a statement packs both ignorance and asininity and he’ll punch you in the face too, buddy. Because you are a redneck!

    But that night students stormed Bloomington and celebrated through the night completely unaware of how ridiculous they were. Little did they know that had they kept their emotions in check and wait another seven years and ten months they’d finally found a real reason to celebrate: Crean’s third Big Ten win, an OT home win against Minnesota. In other words: a banner moment.

    So Crean has now three Big Ten wins! Think about it: just as many as Bob Knight has national titles. Hell, let’s see if that crusty, ill tempered old man can still ignore him now!

  16. I love the fact that these so called IU fans have nothing better to do on a sunday night than watch a game, a great game I might add, and then come whine about it. This team is trying its best to turn the corner, we will see if tonight acomplished that or not. Guys like stevealford and bettor need to find a new team to root for, scum like you two are worthless and have no place in the IU fandom. As for 3 wins in the big ten, get over it, its the 2nd year of a complete program collapse. Oh Hail the General and his three championships, if that makes you feel better then keep reminding us of the past! Im looking toward the future!

  17. i honestly do not know how anyone who was at this game could be pleased with the way the team played, the way the coach coached, or the way the fans acted.

    i don’t know what type of groupthink got all the posters on this blog to adopt a kindergarten, all-smiles, “we-dont-know-&*E#-about good basketball or IU bball” mentality. but enough it enough.

    are you serious, our team was so poorly coached down the stretch we were poised to give away another win if only we weren’t so lucky as to have MN step out of bounds on that final steal. the sad thing is that our team has such bad fundamentals and ball handling that before that play i was thinking that it would be great if we could finish in regulation with a tie. by some miracle i got my wish.

    maybe this year, maybe next year, maybe 5 years from now you will realize this fact; we are talented a talented but undisciplined underachieving team. at some point crean is going to have to be held accountable for out teams sloppy play, and his ridiculous semblance of an offense.

    or how about crean’s set plays that he drew up during at time out that resulted in vj3 fade away jumpers as the shot clock runs out. how is that acceptable? also, our man to man offense is laughable. i sat there wondering in my seat why god has cursed me with three consecutive coaches that seem determined to make their hapless teams spend over half their offensive possessions at midcourt. if you were someone who knew nothing about IU basketball you would think that we get some type of superpower by dribbling the ball near the state of indiana on the court.

    or what about all the whining and complaining the hoosiers are doing with the refs. wake up TP, you are fouling people… alot, the world is not out to get you. or vj3 throwing a temper tantrum against Bobby “the situation” Copobianco in the Michigan game, and crean still kept him in the game!!! how is this acceptable?

    at what point in this season or the next is christian watford going to be encouraged by our coaching staff to use his ankles? when i see him run it looks like hes on a sand dune not on the hardwood. i mean the guy would be a terror if he simply played on his toes like anyone else who is trying to jump and be agile.

    and finally, and perhaps this is naive of me, why must our fans lower their standards after one horrible season. shall we forfeit all respectability and rush the court after a win against MN, what is this the patriot league?? (they probably wouldnt even do it for a MN win). I am sick of all this “well good for the kids, well they deserve this.” IU basketball is a tradition, the fans are a part of this tradition. so these past two seasons werent fun enough and now were just gonna rush the court for any old win. thats called abandoning a historic expactation of excellence for no reason other than that we want things to be a little more fun immediately. its selfishness.

    As a lifelong indiana fan, this is what i think i deserve: an offense that sets offball screens. a team that is fundamentally sound, players that carry themselves with respectability and class, and a coach gets his players(however talented they may be) to play above their individual talent levels, and a coach who can execute simple things that coaches are supposed to do (like drawing up inbounds plays, final shot plays).

  18. You disrespect the name of Brian Evans by posting this total piece of thoughtless crap and the same for others who post using former players names. Go back to Purdue and post on their blog and do so using Gene Keady or Painter’s name. They like these type of encouraging postings up there. Oh yes, IU and PU are tied in the big ten standings so they need your help.

  19. I’ve only been here to post venom about this team, but I have to hand it to them tonight. They gave the game away again in similar fashion, but managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat this time around. Brian Evans, I’m sorry, I laughed out loud reading that Watford looks like he’s running on a sand dune as opposed to the hardwood. I can picture it perfectly.
    Anyways, good job Hoosiers. We need a win like this, but the storming the court was ridiculous. Not necessary at all.

  20. Just curious, an informal poll I guess…is there anyone posting who has sat in Assembly Hall during the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s and is encouraged with the state of basketball in Bloomington? Seriously, just curious. (I don’t intend this to be some kind of trump card).

    I have and I am not. Maybe the game has passed me by and my expectations are no longer realistic…

  21. Storming the court was not so bad as our team really needed a win and to know it won. However, I’d like to see IU do away with the cardboard faces and bricks behind the baskets. While I appreciate Pritchard’s efforts and stats in last night’s game can someone tell me why he can’t catch a basketball cleanly? Watford finally “grew a pair” last night and played tough on the boards at both ends. VJIII looks good when he goes the the basket strong and doesn’t get knocked off of his feet every time. Also, maybe someone has the answer to this question? Do Pritchard and Capo have any go-to moves in and around the basket? I mean TP’s move resulting in his 5th foul was so lacking in fundamental basketball skills as to be laughable. Don’t players develope moves to use on certain spots on the floor anymore?

  22. I actually wouldn’t mind rushing the court after every win.

    BTW, I thought it was a great win, but I just want to point out how stevealford has a bromance with Hulls. I was just wondering where you see him as being a star in the B10? I think he could be an above average player, but the stars will be watford and Creek.

  23. It seems to me that as long as you’re going to come on after every game and not say anything possitve able these young Hoosiers,you should use a name not identified with some of the Great IU players.Come on,Steve Alford & Brian Evans can’t be happy that you two are using their names to critizes these Young Hoosiers.Who are playing Hard against some strong Big Ten Teams & Coaching. So please get a yourself a new name….The games yesterday,what can you say,we played in spurts and found a way to Win.These kids are learning every day…yesterday they took a Big Step Forward…Thursday,who knows…

  24. If I wasn’t already an Indiana fan I would find the fans on these boards to be among the most annoying in sports. The thinly veiled racism of STEVEALFORD and the arrogance of BRIANEVANS to think that because they “watched” alot of basketball they know so much about coaching.

    Most of what Bobby Knight accomplished occurred prior to the shot clock being implemented and even more of it was accomplished before the shot clock was shortened to 35 seconds. There is a reason that basketball has changed the way it has and why motion has fallen out of favor. There is much less time to get a great shot.

    If you look at the number of times Knight started a freshmen you would see that over 30 yrs it was a fairly rare thing comparitively. On the other hand, Crean has had to start five different freshmen this year and as many as six different freshmen last year.

    Knight would possibly do slightly better under those circumstances, but he was just as likely to ruin young players in that kind of situations by causing fear….can you imagine that…a GAME of basketball turned into the source of misery and fear for kids that HE asked to come to Indiana. That is ridiculous

  25. Knight had about 430 career wins before the shot clock was introduced. About 230 wins during the 45 second shot clock era and 230 or so more since until he retired. Yes, he said many times the shot clock annoyed him; but to say that it had an influence on his effectiveness as a coach!?

    Crean has brainwashed the fan base: it’s OK to wait and just wait and underperform. Knight’s legacy is dust, he was the winningest coach in history by complete accident. Crean however is a “proven coach” and with him Indiana is finally going in the right direction. Don’t lose faith Indiana “fans” and in a couple of years, who knows, he might even get his first road win.

  26. Great win despite a pathetic offense. It shouldn’t be up to the player to create his shot. The offense should do that. Instead we , ounce again, have 1 guy with the ball and 4 standing watching. We have one of these young coaches who so badly want a pro style offense despite not having the talent to run it. Pro ball sucks. 1 on 1 sucks. Crean, you don’t have to run Knights motion offense, but at least come up with something that resembles team play. That is why college ball blows away pro ball. That and good fundamentals which this guy doesn’t teach either.

  27. As I am cursed to live in ACC land I find it very interesting how similar the criticism is of CTC and Dean Smith at similar points in their tenures at IU and UNC. Of course, Dean Smith didn’t have to take on a grease fire when he took the UNC job.

  28. Glad others here have mentioned how retarded the rushing the court is after beating Minny..for gods sakes are our students this stupid about basketball? Do they not realize we are suppose to beat the cellar teams of the league? And yes I too agree that the big heads should be thrown in the dumpster. Finally, I was at the game and found the Sampson Sucks chant just as retarded as the rushing the court and the big heads. Grow up and get a clue.

  29. I have a coaching suggestion as well..when we are getting the ball up court with less than 10 seconds on the clock and want a time out get the freakin ball to halfcourt before the TO. This is the second time this season we have called the TO only 1/4 of the way up court..this puts you in a position like we were last night to screw up the inbounds pass and it reduces options to be going to the basket on a throw in. Since this has happened twice in the past month it is obvious no one is thinking about getting the ball to mid court before the TO.

  30. didn’t rush the court, I live in Columbus Ohio and see how people view your idea of being a fan. As to your thinly veiled racism I see it in the comments you make in which players your criticize and which you praise with no backup.

    I am simply not impressed with your assumption that there is only one way to play basketball. It is a game….

    and I simply don’t understand your love affair with men who have shown that they will act immorally given the chance. Alford actions in Iowa are problematic to say the least, most specifically his handling of the Pierre Pierce situation, but it is not limited to that. Knight is a whole level of hypocrisy of his own…

  31. and as to Crean brainwashing the fans…I find the possibility to be intriguing as we certainly have been brainwashed before. There is no better example of brainwashing in sports than the way that Knight had control of the fanbase during his time at IU. yes he won games, and demanded the right things from his team. But he fell short of demanding anything of himself. We overlook his treatment of most people because of the way he goes out of his way for a few. Simply put we cheered the things that we should have been criticizing with Knight. Time and time again we excused him and his tantrums, and even physical abuse of players because he won games….that is more of a tragedy than Crean dribble drive offense by a long shot.

  32. Crean, like Lynch, doesn’t have Knight’s temper. And both are mediocre coaches. Knight is superior to Crean in every way except one: Knight is honest and Crean is not. Crean is nothing but a used car salesman and a profiteer. He couldn’t even beat Loyola MD with Creek on the court, at home. But next time he does (it may happen) be sure to rush the court.

  33. please CB, what a weak attack on crean. lumping him with lynch is a crock. cb is clearly some low life PU or other fan. certainly not a true IU fan.

  34. hotshotclock,

    Maybe your chosen profession should be authoring novels. …Knight is the winningest coach in history by complete accident… 900+ wins and every one of them by accident… You have a most wonderful imagination.

  35. I guess what I cant get over is the fact that these idiots who post on this board must think we should be a top 25 team this year. They cry and moan about how bad of a coach Crean is, so I suppose if we had Thad Matta or Coach K coaching this team we would be a top 5 team? Is that what they think, because I am really confused here?! Crean has had the reigns just over a year and a half of basketball now, does that mean we shold be winning a national cahmpionship with a bunch of frosh and sophs? Get over it people, give it time or find a new team and sport to root for!

  36. I had forgotten why I quit posting on here, after reading 25 posts about Knight, Crean cant coach, and shot clocks, Im reminded of the idiots that actually have nothing better to do than bash a young team and coach. I think ill go back to just reading the articles and stay away from the likes of these jackasses.

  37. I must have forgotten how young and inexperienced we are. I hadn’t been reminded about it today yet by Crean. But then again he no longer responds to emails (must be getting a lot of “fan” mail lately)

  38. Stevealford, I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you have never played a day of basketball in your life. If you have you wouldnt make half of the lame comments you make. Do you think Crean owe’s you something? Do me a favor and go to your local youth center or YMCA. Ask them if you can sign up to coach a basketball team, this shouldnt be a problem cause places like this are just dying to receive volunteer coaches anyway. Grab a 9/10 or evern 11/12 year old team. After your done getting smoked every game in youth league then write back and let everyone know how tough it is just to coach at the local YMCA where you could only mangage a 2-10 record. So unless you’ve tried it you need to shut it bro!!

  39. Why not post your real name instead disrespecting people and hiding behind there’s? If you got something to say represent it… pansies

  40. You are so right Davis. I found myself earlier this year doing the same thing, down on the program and pointing fingers. Finally it hit me, this team is soooo young and inexperienced. We have a great coach. These message boards are just riddled with haters. Well not me, not any more. I’m actually ok with everything, yea I would like to see IU rattle off a few more wins but if not then whatever. I just want to see some improvement from a group of guys that have had absolutely no help from upper classmen. Its basically unprecedented at the college level from a major university like Indiana with several national championships in its pocket. I really feel like this experience that they are getting on the fly is only going to help them down the road in a big way. Just wonder if all the flakes will be there praising Crean and Indiana when it does and will happen???

  41. Real hoosier fan,
    I played high school/AAU basketball in Indiana.
    I played 2 years college at the NAIA level.
    What that has to do with anything, I have no idea.
    I don’t think Tom Crean has played much basketball.

  42. stevealford
    I played high school/AAU basketball in Indiana
    I played 2 years college at the NAIA level
    Coming up with a bunk resume,,, PRICELESS!!!

  43. I guess what I cant get over is the fact that these idiots who post on this board must think we should be a top 25 team this year. They cry and moan about how bad of a coach Crean is, so I suppose if we had Thad Matta or Coach K coaching this team we would be a top 5 team?

    You bet, like Loyola (MD) if not a bit better!

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