1. FINAL: ILL 72, IU 70.
    IU: Jones 22, 5ast; Hulls 11, 4reb; Dumes 11; Capobianco 6, 4reb; Watford 6; Rivers 6; Elston 5, 5reb; Pritchard 3.
    IU: 21-60 (35%) FG; 9-23 (39%) 3PT; 19-23 (83%) FT; 29 reb; 13 TO; 12 (21) fouls.
    ILL: 25-51 (49%) FG; 4-12 (33%) 3PT; 18-25 (72%) FT; 29 reb; 14 TO; 10 (21) fouls.
    ILL: McCamey 19, 8ast; Tisdale 12, 7reb; Griffey 9; Richardson 8; Cole 8; Davis 6; Keller 4; Paul 4, 6reb; Jordan 2.

  2. Let me be the first to respond.

    1) Verdell Jones is my favorite player in college basketball.

    2) Mike Tisdale is my most hated player in college basketball (sorry Tyler Zeller, you lose your spot).

    3) McCamey was the better of the two freshmen when he and Eric Gordon met 3 years ago in Urbana. He is still better.

    4) One of the ESPN commentators closed his remarks with “You can’t say enough about the fight that these Hoosiers put up…there is NO DOUBT that this program is heading in the right direction under Tom Crean…” I second that.

    GO Hoosiers!!!

  3. Coach Crean will have the program turned around quick. What a great coach. Who ever thought we would be in the game until the end on the road at Illinois. Good job guys.

  4. Husky Tom, love your list and remarks. However, Gordon is way better then McCamey. What McCamey does in college is what Gordon does night in and night out in the NBA. -minus the passing ability.

    Also, I think that Dumas shouldn’t be allowed to dribble down in the post. He always turns it over. I don’t have a problem with him shooting. He has a pretty sweet stroke at times.

  5. I dont have a problem with him shooting but you can tell as soon as the ball is in his hands that is his first thought, fire that ball up there. You are right about him dribbling in the post, not good.

  6. We are stuck with Dumes this year. He drives you nuts, but then he steals passes and hits 3 pointers. He dribbles off of his feet, but then he pulls up and swishes a 35-footer on a fast break.

    He’s like Rivers – you don’t know whether to kiss him or scream at him.

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