1. I am going to play the pessimist here and say that there is ZERO chance we win tonight. I had a lot of faith going into the Illinois game, and for one half, that faith was indulged. Tonight, in contrast, I simply am not feeling it. Big 10 road games are insanely difficult. Give me DJ, EJ, Jordan, and Jamarcus, and I’d still say there is a high likelihood we lose tonight, and lose big.

  2. I want to see Bawa play tonight.

    I still don’t understand why we pay Crean so much. Is his pay concretely reflecting what he does? What does his job description look like? Is it: recruit, twitter, show up on TV, pace the sideline and get paid? Any concrete objectives? What happens when those are not fulfilled, the case of Mike Freitag, apparently. Does anybody know?

    It would be great to beat Michigan again. I look forward to the great first road game of Jordan Hulls and the new Indiana Hoosiers!

  3. Somebody wrote not too long ago:

    Congrats to Coach Crean for achieving what COach Lynch couldn’t do- for beating an overrated Michigan team without making the injury excuse.

    It would be nice if that person had the guts to come here tonight and write some words in support of the Hoosiers.

    I, for one, think the Hoosiers will win tonight, and win big!

  4. Give me DJ, EJ, Jordan, and Jamarcus, and I’d still say there is a high likelihood we lose tonight, and lose big.

    Four on five? Of course we lose. No Armon? No Stemler off the bench?

  5. That was about the ugliest first half I’ve seen in a long time. And it was all Crean’s fault. He only scored 21 points, the lowest he’s scored since putting up only 20 in the first half against Ohio State. In addition. Crean went 1-9 from 3 point territory, and Crean hit only 2 out of 5 free throws. On the positive side, he did score 8 points through Watford, and through Capobianco, Crean pulled down 3 boards.

    He really needs to work on what he does when he is inside Rivers, though. As Rivers, Crean continued to flail around and turn the ball over. At one point, as Crean/Rivers drove the ball, looking for Watford, he threw it to him before he had even set up, and the ball went out of bounds.

    I am holding Crean accountable for the second half, and I expect him to improve his free throw shooting, 3 point accuracy, and rebounding. What is more, Crean can’t afford to turn the ball over. It is only Michigan coach Belein’s sloppy ball handling that is keeping Crean in this game.

  6. I have watched the hoosiers for about 40 years now, but I can’t stand to watch this game!What has become of the I.U.I used to root for?

  7. WIll someone fill me in on what exactly Pritchard’s role on this team is? From what I see, he:

    1) Can’t post up
    2) Can’t stay out of foul trouble
    3) Can’t catch passes
    4) Can’t throw passes
    5) Can’t shoot a jumper
    6) Can’t score in the paint
    7) Can’t score from the foul line

    If there is something I am missing here, some secret attribute he has that I have overlooked, please let me know.

  8. FINAL: MICH 69, IU 45.
    IU: Watford 16, 8reb; Jones 7, 10reb; Pritchard 6; Rivers 6; Hulls 5; Dumes 3; Elston 2.
    IU: 19-52 (37%) FG; 1-15 (7%) 3PT; 6-12 (50%) FT; 28 reb; 18 TO; 10 (22) fouls.
    MICH: 24-52 (46%) FG; 4-18 (22%) 3PT; 17-19 (90%) FT; 31 reb; 17 TO; 7 (15) fouls.
    MICH: Harris 21; Sims 20, 8reb; Lucas-Perry 7; Novak 6; Vogrich 5; Douglass 4; Morris 4; Gibson 2.

  9. First off: why is everyone down on us when we lose, but up on us when we win? Cant we just spot out the +’s and -‘s of each game, win or lose?

    Second off: Don’t tell me that there weren’t any +’s tonight (unless you’re too negative to accept it), we played pretty well defense for our second road game and it was a offensive struggle for both teams until Manny lit

    Third off: I feel we wouldn’t be getting all this bashing if it wasn’t an offensive struggle for both teams, we just didn’t score from our D. I think a lot of it was due to that it was just a boring game because defense isnt really exciting. And I know our Offense struggled but thats all really one ever seems to notice, unless your blocking shots or stealing left and right.

    Fourth: I think there would be less bashing if Manny didn’t catch at the end, causing the run, making it look like it was a blowout, when it really wasn’t one for most of the game.

    And finally: I think there’s something on our bus that drains enthusiasm, effort, and talent…jk. But i do agree that it looked like there was a lack of enthusiasm out there but that can also be the result of the boring game

  10. Meanwhile Pittsburgh is soaring. Do they realize we beat them and not the other way around? I think those guys are completely out of touch with reality. I pity them. Poor guys.

    I like our coach the best. He is a proven coach and he is good. Love him. He does all the right things. In 2-3 years we will have a new set of freshmen and we will be young again! Forever young… that’s Tom Crean’s Indiana! How can you not feel for the man?

  11. I think the amount of money IU’s paying Crean is similar to what’s happening on the national stage, where some of the federal bailout programs are taking money from future generations to pay for things now. People want results now, but it will take time before anything really turns around.

    Could it be done for less or in a different way? Will it achieve the desired results? Who knows. But by then, some will have made a killing and the rest of us will be paying for it. The free market system with regulations or agencies protecting the consumer. The consumer can always make a different choice and support another team.

  12. I think your understanding of free markets is completely topsy-turvy. The 21st century robber baron executives and top-tier corporate insiders are going home to mansions every night from their defunct investment firms and bank conglomerates with huge parachute packages, stock-option plans, and multimillion dollar year-ending bonuses. Must be a bitch to live in the free market system that our government has created..A system that allows the criminals in Armani suits and ties the luxury of stealing from their own banks the Federal deposits of bailout dollars provided by the social security and heavily taxed minuscule earnings of the average American citizen…Sure looks like the free market system working at its finest…The thieves of the banks we now own sit in posh Manhattan restaurants sipping martinis while the benefactors, the consumers of choice stare down the shotgun barrel of future economic hardship, increasing home foreclosures, and widespread company downsizing that leaves families sitting speechless at dinner tables, looking into the helpless eyes of beaten down breadwinners just receiving their layoff notice in an already unprecedented squeezed job market. Where’s my parachute?….SPLAT!

    Please tell me you didn’t compare that to a university hiring a basketball coach.

  13. Very nicely stated. I think you’ve got a great understanding of all this.

    Wonder what TC’s buyout clause entails. Or his guaranteed income in any future year, regardless of win/loss record. How will his success be measured? Does he have a parachute, either way?

  14. Thankfully, I have very little understanding…But then again, I have no problem sipping my martini to the willfully ignorant placid conformists. A toast to you and yours.

  15. Parachute- I love you, man. You get that passion harnessed in for the right purposes (ie, something other than EJ updates), and you are great to listen to.

    Let me add to your comments. To me there is nothing that screams ignorance more than these simpletons who think that saying “It’s the Free Market” is an end to an argument. There has never been a true free market in human history on a global, national, or even community scale. Within the market we have always been faced with the challenge of how to reconcile individual needs with those of the community at large. Sometimes we can do the best for the community simply by meeting our own needs and making our own choices, but other times we need to step up and make rules and laws to protect the unprotected, even if it means sacrificing some of our excess luxury. That’s why we have government, people; that’s the heart of the social contract. We hand over some of our libertine “freedoms” in exchange for protection from the more powerful.

    Dave- you hit the mark with your comment:

    People want results now, but it will take time before anything really turns around.

    Economists try to tell us that man will always act in his own enlightened rational self-interest. Well, these days, people tend to do only what is best in the short term; they will mortgage the future to indulge themselves in the now. Thus the ARM loans that gave people houses they couldn’t afford.

  16. Thus the ARM loans that gave people houses they couldn’t afford.

    There’s a lot of things people can’t afford..Most have very little to do with money…Maybe a future rant.

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