1. This is the worst coaching job since we got rid of Dumbles (i.e. Mike Davis). I see no reason to let Crean back on the bus/plane. Just leave him in Ohio and work on his Zone Defense.

    Same old crap, different day, wrong people playing, no concept of team basketball, no passing, no recognition of ANYTHING, piss-poor shot selection.

    The Bloomington South Cheerleaders could beat this team!!

    Rivers should be sent back to Georgetown. He has absolutely no idea how to play the game.

  2. I think he does some things really well at times- although I’m not sure about tonight because I quit watching- but is Rivers one of the worst shooters in the history of basketball? Especially for a guard. Atrocious. I almost wonder if he has a vision problem or something else. It’s hard to imagine someone, even someone who isn’t a good player or a D1 player, who has played basketball their whole life being as bad of a shooter as him. It’s incredible that at his age, and after having a year off, he is that bad at shooting the ball. I hope unless it’s a drive he just doesn’t shoot anymore and I hope he doesn’t try to draw fouls near the end of the game (I.e.- Loyola).

    I’m about back to just thinking we should just run the shot clock and have Roth (if/when we have him) or Hulls chuck it from 35+ feet every time down.

  3. FINAL: OSU 79, IU 54.
    IU: Jones 22; Watford 11; Dumes 6; Rivers 4, 8reb, 5ast; Moore 3; Pritchard 2; Elston 2; Hulls 2; Muniru 2.
    IU: 18-53 (34%) FG; 4-18 (22%) 3PT; 14-17 (82%) FT; 32 reb; 23 TO; 11 (22) fouls.
    OSU: 24-52 (46%) FG; 8-19 (42%) 3PT; 23-32 (72%) FT; 31 reb; 15 TO; 10 (20) fouls.
    OSU: Diebler 21; Buford 16, 6reb; Hill 9; Turner 8, 5ast; Simmons 8; Lighty 6; Lauderdale 5; Kecman 4; Madsen 2.

  4. This was an awful performance. There’s no other word for it–awful. I really hope that the equation for this year is NOT Away game minus Creek equals last year’s offense.

    (1) There were so many turnovers by players pretending to play point guard the Big Ten Network lost count, (2) Hulls guarding Diebler looked like all-pro vs. a child, and (3) it’s stupid to have Rivers, Daniel Moore, and Jones on the court at the same time (3 guards NONE of whom is a threat to hit the rim from farther than 18 feet).

  5. After watching the first 3 games this year I have not watched nor listened again. Our team played wildly uncoached. No movement away from the ball, no screens and then a stupid one on one to the hoop while the other four players stand and watch. CREAN.. ARE YOU TEACHING THIS IS PRACTICE? Surely not ! I believe the kids are bringing what they are use to to the floor. It’s your job to prepare, teach and then coach. Earn that 2 million and luxurious life hot shoe…! It’s one thing to watch “freshman mistakes” …. this is way beyond that!

  6. Ahh, another Indiana loss and the “faithful” are ready to jump off the cliff again.

    Chill out. Yeah, it was ugly, but this wasn’t exactly a game that they were supposed to win this season. They’re going to win a few, and lose a lot more this year. Just try and forget about this game and go back and watch the Michigan game on TiVo.

  7. So much for not getting embarrassed in the Big 10.
    Where is that top 10 recruiting class?
    Hard work alone won’t get the job done…a horse can run hard in the Ky Derby and come in last.
    Wonder why Georgetown didn’t want J. Rivers??
    Only two positives that i can think of..the players got a day out of school, and the coaches received their fat salaries.

  8. What I don’t get is why aren’t they ready to play? When they traveled to Columbus what did they think they were there to do? I like TC but gosh what do you have to do to get this team ready to at least TRY! Verdell has his head up somewhere. Watford doesn’t come ready to put forth an effort! And while I like Rivers’ heart his shooting is absolutely awful. Does anyone else see him falling backwards on his shot, be it from the line or the field? If viewers can see this why don’t the coaches? We have to stop lovin’ this team up and go to a bit more tough love… I mean in get in their faces and DEMAND effort. It looks like an AAU game out there by the effort IU gives.

  9. Those who are eager to criticize Crean forget how sweet and approachable Joani Crean is, that Alford’s team has lost yesterday and Pittsburgh continues to win.

    Seriously, it was the first real road test. In MSG there were not many people and of those that were there 60% or more were Hoosier fans. First real road test. They will win the next one. We’ll be 4-3 after the next 5 games.


  10. If the IU faithful and their rosy glassed media would just do their homework – look at the Sagarin Rankings – and the rolling scholarship criteria / penalties, etc — they would finally realize that this may be at best a 10 win team – and a long – long rise. Assuming that they are entitled to their “elite” status – not sure if I would count on it. A much better coach / program resides in a place called West Lafayette and will cause the IU Hoosiers grief for a long, long time. What if they happen to win a National Championship ?? What would the Hoosier Nation do ??

    Sackcloth and Ashes ?? Wow — they are much, much too worried about their “elite” status. Would have been so much better for their University if they just tried to hire a good young coach – and paid him a fair salary – and took their time getting back instead of paying this clown the multimillion contract that he has! Ugly situation – with the state of our state of Indiana – that this many $$$ headed to the pockets of an overrated – overhyped fat cat coach. Really nasty and ugly situation.

  11. If the hiring committee would have looked at Crean’s record at Marquette after joining the Big East (both regular season and NCAA record) – yikes !! Hardly elite after he had Dwayne Wade help him stuff his resume – this clown has not accomplished anything to speak of since 2002 or whatever it was – against the amazing Conference USA !! In the meantime – sit back and watch Matt Painter getting paid about 1/3 of the great Crean – and actually manage and coach a basketball program !! Yikes !!

  12. IU sold its soul when it signed Crean for the ridiculous sum of money that it could not afford – and will pay dearly for a long – long time. My kids are huge college basketball fans – and have lived in the State of Indiana all their lives – and really don’t have a clue about the “elite” IU Program that they profess to be. They are 17 18 23 years old – and I think that Crean may be surprised that their is not an assembly line of basketball talent slobbering to play at his “elite” program — give it up IU fans !!

  13. wow. just horrible offense. it’s like watching kids on a playground. players posting up 20′ from the basket. players coming off screens 25′ from the basket. jeez. when you come off a screen you should be in shooting range when you catch. mostly just standing around. looks alot like the bracey wright offense. crean better be a hell of a recruiter.

  14. At least former Hoosier Eric Gordon has his Clippers ahead at half time against the Los Angeles Lakers. But it’s understandable: it’s an away game for the Lakers. Let’s wait and see what happens in the second half.

  15. Thanks Fred and Albert! You both summed it up well.

    The best basketball being played in Bloomington right now is at the High School level. In particular, Bloomington South is fun to watch. They know how to pass, they understand when to shoot and when not to shoot, they play tight man-to-man defense, and they give incredible effort every time out.

    It’s a typical tough in-your-face JR Holmes team…It’s Indiana Basketball the way it should be played…

  16. Amen, if you want to see great basketball here. Go to any local high school game friday night. Just pick a direction and go to any gym. Those kids work so hard for the win. Regardless of abilities and the coach is probably their math teacher that doesnt have any endorsements. They never complain of rebuilding or talent. For a few bucks and cheap popcorn you can enjoy great basketball. Every week! Every year!

  17. What a boat full of garbage all you people represent. Please, captain, take’er out 10 miles, weigh’er down, and dump’er overboard. Let the poor slimy sea creatures feast on the scum; the rest can be caught in tuna nets and re-sold in tin cans to Wal Mart.

  18. Please don’t jump down my throat for mentioning RMK here, but I think this is so indicative of last night’s game. There was a great clip of RMK chastising Butch Carter in the late 70’s. The quote was something like…”The last time time down you pass once and shoot from 18 feet and miss. The time before two passes and a missed 20 footer. Before that one pass and throw away…Damn It, YOU RUNNING YOUR OFFENSE OR MINE?” IU sets the worst screens I have ever seen, coupled with the fact that once the screen is set our ball handlers go so wide as to make the screen worthless. Elston is the only one I see using ball fakes or head fakes. How hard is it to execute a simple pick and roll?

  19. The roller coaster keeps going…..Crean was the best coach after Pittsburgh……worst after loyola…..best after michigan…….worst after OSU….

    From reading the comments above, I should believe that whenever we lose it is the coaches fault. I know it was a bad showing, but the difference in talent was staggering.

  20. Bad apple, I think I know who you are, for sure. I know your real name. Come out from behind the mask of your alias. Are we a coward??? Don’t forget, I am a realist! Lynch and his wife are sweet and approachable too but I don’t think Lynch should be the coach right now at IU. You have to be objective and if I am anything…I am objective. Darnit, if only we had Eric Gordon as a player and Steve Alford as a coach.

    The funny thing I notice this basketball season is how there is not one person that complains after a win on the court and everyone hates Crean and kills IU basketball after a loss. I might be there one day but I still enjoyed the Pitt win which looks good now and the UM win.

    It was the first real road test without our best scorer!!!

  21. MarkMe,

    You seriously have a problem with Jones III, after he’s run off four straight 20+ point performances. Wow — you’re a tough critic.

    jubilee and others have said it right — We lose and it’s the end of the world. Talk of Crean’s pedigree and coaching ability heat up. It’s the coaches fault.

    We beat Michigan — a struggling team that shoots too many threes — and everyone’s expectations spike. It’s funny how many more people criticize Crean after a loss than praise him after a win.

    These reactions are simply indicative of the fickle, irrational and impatient nature of us IU fans. It’s good that we want to win — and now, but we just don’t have the personnel (esp. without Creek) to avoid a game or two like this.

    Everyone just calm down. If you thought we were going to the tournament this year, you started out with far too lofty expectations. I’m more interested in how IU bounces back from a performance like this than how they could’ve lost to OSU.

    On a sidenote. Hulls is not up to guarding more athletic Big Ten players right now. Anyone who disagrees needs to rewatch the game.

  22. Should we really be baffled over the way the Hoosiers were flat against OSU?…Could it be a delayed reaction to losing Creek? I agree with what Korman and Dopirak said in one of their recent video clips…Creek has that certain “it factor”…Maybe it took a couple games for the bruise to our team’s psyche, the force of the hit, to be felt by the loss of a kid with true grit..Creek was such a bragging tool when Crean got his commit… He seemed to be that missing piece in puzzle that gave us hope to be competitive again…a level of talent that could, on any Big 10 team, fit..Isn’t it only natural this hard blow to our confidence would come?…Creek had the talent to raise an eyebrow, a great advertising tool for the program that future recruits could look to as measure of our comeback, viewing us again as legit. Creek was the flame that gave Hoosier balloon ride and our collective spirit a lift…We’ve descended back toward earth for a bit…Now the fire again must be lit!…Weren’t we all somewhat naive to think a very young team was immune to heaviness, the gravity, of situation? …I’m confident we will stop sulking and honor the group of great players that came here for more than glory…Yes, we’ve lost a single “it factor”..We need to get over it!…Every kid on this Hoosier team contains the most important factor …I remember it…I witnessed it….I saw it win 5 NCAA titles…It’s never in a singular coach…It’s never in a singular player…It’s not “one shining moment” or total tally of trips to brackets in Madness….It’s ever-present…It’s in Assembly Hall when candy stripes march to your new exuberant cheers…Our commitment ensures they do not march alone…Our commitment unique to the great heritage we bring from a one-of-a-kind basketball state..We cheer to stir the energy that blends with pleading echoes of spirited players that honored our school with perseverance to face similar challenges undaunted… I watch it burn when doubters mock and claim it’s dead…Can the huffy spit from blowhards douse it’s fire? Take your anger and kindle something constructive with it…Get truth and loyalty behind these talented bunch of young guns and you’ll channel it’s heat…It will fuel your heart to feel good again…You’ll be a Hoosier again…You’ll love basketball again… It’s our tradition….We don’t own it…We light it…We fight for it…We’re Indiana.

  23. Did anyone notice how last night Clippers led by Eric Gordon have choked the mightily inflated Lakers? Holy laughter!

    Here’s the box score, and the recap in case you missed them.

    But cut the Lakers’ some slack man, will you?! It was an away game against a top tier team led by the former Hoosier phenom Eric J Gordon!

    Also the possibility exists that the Lakers are not nearly as good as the 2007-08 Razorbacks…


           .-'&    '-.
          /           \
         :   o    o    ;
        (      (_       )
         :             ;
          \    __     /
            /    ,  \
           /|/\/\/\ _\ 
           __)_ |_ (__
     jgs  (_____|_____)

    ^ Husky Tom taking in the Lakers-Clippers score.
    (Note: he has just about as much hair as shown here!)

    P.S. Leave the Hoosier team and their coach alone, folks. They’ll be back with a vengeance, like Gordon and the Clippers last night! Watch them take apart Illinois on Saturday! Go Eric Gordon! Go Indiana!

  24. ^ Eric Gordon Jr. that is… Ugh! 😳

    But I can already hear Phil Jackson: “Stoke me a Clipper!” I bet Jackson’s session with Bryant after the game went something like this.

  25. Downing, you totally overestimate my interest in the NBA. I am a Laker fan to the core, no doubt; but if you think one loss to the Clippers over an 82 game season is going to bother me, you are wasting your time. The NBA is a total bore, in the first place; I would trade 5 Laker championships for one Husky or Hoosier Final Four run in a heartbeat. Second, the Lakers have been to 15 championships and competed in many more, dude. And we aren’t talking about Hoosier championships, which were won before black people were allowed to play and when peaches were still used for basketballs.

    My conscience is so nonplussed by your silly taunts. If you want to hit me hard, keep reminding me of Malcolm Armstead. Otherwise, you are wasting your time. I feel about as bothered as Dick Van Dyke singing Chim Chimenee.

  26. Washington basketball is silly. IU basketball is silly (currently). LA Lakers have been humiliated by the lowly Clippers — no, they were acting silly! And the Seattle Seahawks? These guys at least got autographs from the Titans last night.

    😯 Bad karma for rooting against former Hoosiers, that’s what!

    Now you pretend to be not interested, but like the cat in this clip you’re playing dead one second too late! Watch and I promise to stop rubbing it in.

  27. crazy cat-

    Though you’re doing a marvelous job of impersonating, I think Husky Tom is less a twit than you believe…And though you continually desire to s*it on top of everything I write and post, I still think he knows the smell of my wind.

  28. Still a young, inexperienced team.
    Lost another player, a really good player.
    Win emotional home game in front of fantastic crowd.
    Travel to first conference road game.
    Come out flat?

    Not a big surprise, but I am disappointed too. This one game still isn’t going to ruin our whole season, or years to come. I still believe that better days are ahead while the team endures a few of these bumps. I’m still behind them all.

    Rivers? He’s a pretty good player without the ball and helps us then alot. With the ball? Not nearly as much.

    Hulls? I like him a lot and am glad he’s getting his minutes, but does anybody else think he is hurrying his 3-ball a little bit?

    Go Hoosiers! Get the next one.

  29. You clowns that only come on here after a loss are idiots. None of you were anywhere to be found after the Michigan game. You are the frauds.

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