1. Here are my pineapple’s predictions for the next 5 games:

    1) Indiana 99, PSU 50
    2) Indiana 120, Iowa 33
    3) Indiana 81, Illinois 69
    4) Indiana 32, Purdue 5
    5) Indiana 64, Northwestern 40

    If Crean stops Twittering and starts coaching, these goals are perfectly attainable. If he loses any of these games, or fails to cover the spread, he should be fired. Doesn’t he realize what basketball means to the people of this state?

  2. I loved the breakdown of the Barbasol commercials. Funny as hell! The stuff works though, but Im glad the games on the deuce tonight.

  3. FINAL: IU 67, PSU 61.
    IU: Dumes 15; Jones 14; Watford 11, 9reb; Hulls 9; Elston 8; Rivers 6; Capobianco 2; Moore 2; Pritchard 6reb.
    IU: 24-54 (44%) FG; 9-20 (45%) 3PT; 10-14 (71%) FT; 31 reb; 12 TO; 12 (21) fouls.
    PSU: 23-62 (37%) FG; 4-22 (18%) 3PT; 11-18 (61%) FT; 39 reb; 13 TO; 8 (13) fouls.
    PSU: Battle 22; Ott 13, 7reb; Jackson 9; Frazier 5; Babb 4; Brooks 4, 8reb; Jones 4.

  4. First road win in Tom Crean’s tenure. Look out Big Ten, here come the Hoosiers. Why can’t we play like this against teams like Loyola? It’s mystifying as well as frustrating. We could easily be 11-7 right now with a 4-2 Big Ten conference record (including that debacle at home against Illinois).

  5. psych- shut your piehole. Why even start with that tone? Write this down: young, talented teams are inconsistent. It’s the way it is. We have 9 frickin’ wins already; 3 in the Big 10. Tom Crean is working magic.

    While I’m here, I might as well extend the tradition of sending a big middle finger and a punch in the face to steveArussford, who is probably crying at home right now because we didn’t win by 30.

  6. As glad as I was to see Bawa in the game tonight I now understand why CTC doesn’t play him all that much. He looked absolutely LOST out there, especially on defense. He’s got potential but he’s nowhere near ready to make a significant contribution.

    A big big win for this young IU team. Now let’s go crush Iowa and give Purdue a run for their money.

  7. I don’t know if you have noticed, but the Big Ten has been one of the top 2-3 conferences in the past 2 years. All but 2-3 teams could play in the NCAA tournament. This ain’t the damn Pac 10. Give me a break, it’s a tough job.

    I think we played really well, but i was a bit concerned with the fouling. (Rivers apparently was on a top 10 most wanted list by refs). It was encouraging to see that the offense ran well without the floor general out there. Gotta love the balanced scoring. If Dumes had any doubters, he probably shut them up with this game. When he’s hot, he’s on fire.

  8. Pineapple for Senator! 🙂

    I agree. This was a scrappy win by a young team on the road in the Big Ten. They showed their youth and inexperience at times, but they kept their poise and made plays that halted PSU from making any substantial runs. They are playing their butts off and I don’t think there is much more you could ask from them.

    Someone show the game tape to Selby. He could make this team sing with Creek back next year!

  9. My brother is an Arizona State fan, and tells me how pathetic the league is. Some teams have fallen hard there though. What was the projected number of teams from that league? 2?

  10. Husky, Husky, Husky… you’re so pathetic! I hope stevealford won’t ever let himself intimidated by rednecks like you and your extremely grobian friends. Today, the Hoosiers have demonstrated their tremendous determination and huge talent: despite playing with a huge handicap (having a grossly overpaid bumbling amateur fitness instructor instead of a real coach and laughable “fans” like you) they closed ranks and gutted out their first true road win. From here on I am less concerned about Tom Crean because he’s becoming obviously less and less significant (although he might on occasion prove to be of minor hindrance — the team is young and hasn’t yet learned to tune him out efficiently).

    Also: at your earliest convenience I’ll gladly punch you in your face. Like this.

  11. Cute, Engelbert Humperdink…another dose of Frat House creativity, enlightening us here in the blogosphere like Dan Quayle at a spelling bee.

    The True Zach (steveArussford): just remember what conference the most dominating NCAA basketball program of all time comes from. Here’s a hint: it has a “10” in it, and most of its schools are near the Pacific Ocean. And no, I am not talking about a program that last won championships in the era of Buddy Holly and Leave it to Beaver.

  12. You too are very cute because your sagacity is now at an all time low yet you are still full of energy and loquacious as if you didn’t even notice…

    I’m not entirely clear why you’re making all these Engel references but maybe you’re just being sagacious again?!

  13. You no name guys have managed to destroyed what use to be a great website. Your no-names goes just right with your no….. knowledge of basketball or IU. I would ask u to go back to your Purdue site but it would not do any good. Your trash is not worth a comment so from now on I will only read the info from HT and go to the next available good blog site. It’s sad how you took what use to be a something great and have now turned it into crap. I hope you all stay here and leave the rest of the world alone. Good bye!

  14. ^^
    “Your trash is not worth a comment so from now on I will only read the info from HT and go to the next available good blog site.”

    By HT, I am assuming you mean HuskyTom. Thank you.

    And for you, Compete Dude, I have you wrapped around my finger. Please don’t pull it.

  15. Husky,

    This is all I got to say, Pac 10 teams in the Top 25 the last couple weeks………NONE! End of story, not a single Pac 10 team is worthy of a top 25 vote.

  16. MIke P,

    I totally agree with you on this one. I hate reading this stuff.

    Good win by the hoosiers, also.

  17. Husky Tom, I was not referring to u as HT. I meant Herald Times per the picture at the top of the page H-T sports writers.

  18. I’m with you guys on this. But you knew that. I don’t what this thread is about, but it isn’t about that fine victory last night. Chris, can we please clean up this mess once and for all? Thanks.

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