Indiana releases football schedule from here to eternity

Or, just the next three years. But, hey, that’s progress. Got to hand it to Fred Glass for letting this be known now.

OK, so there are a few TBAs. But most of the gaps are filled in. Get ready.

Sept. 2 – TOWSON
Sept. 18 – at Western Kentucky
Sept. 25 – AKRON
Oct. 9 – at Ohio State
Oct. 23 – at Illinois
Nov. 6 – IOWA
Nov. 13 – at Wisconsin
Nov. 20 – vs. Penn State (FedExField)
Nov. 27 – at Purdue
Sept. 3 – at Ball State
Sept. 10 – VIRGINIA
Oct. 1 – at Northwestern
Oct. 15 – at Michigan
Oct. 22 – ILLINOIS
Oct. 29 – OHIO STATE
Nov. 5 – at Iowa
Nov. 12 – at Michigan State
Nov. 19 – TBA
Nov. 26 – PURDUE
Sept. 8 – TBA
Sept. 15 – BALL STATE
Oct. 6 – at Minnesota
Oct. 13 – MICHIGAN
Oct. 20 – at Illinois
Oct. 27 – at Ohio State
Nov. 3 – IOWA
Nov. 17 – Navy (site TBA)
Nov. 24 – at Purdue

A press release follows the jump:


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – The Indiana University Department of Athletics has released schedules for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 football seasons, as announced today by Vice President and Director of Athletics Fred Glass. Several games are the product of multi-game agreements entered into by Glass, including series with Navy, Missouri, Wake Forest, Virginia, Ball State, Indiana State, and Delaware State, one of the nation’s great historically black colleges and universities (HBCU). The Big Ten Conference has released conference schedules through 2012, and for the first time in recent IU Athletics history the Department of Athletics is releasing to the general public in advance, the full schedules for three upcoming seasons.

“Games at Memorial Stadium are becoming must see family events again. Breaking with recent tradition to release future football schedules will give our fans time to plan for football weekends both here in Bloomington and for road games. Scheduling high quality non-conference opponents like Navy, Missouri, Wake Forest and Virginia and having in-state contests against Ball State and Indiana State to go along with our home Big Ten schedule will bring great football to Memorial Stadium. We hope our fans will come experience the excitement of college football in Bloomington,” Glass said.

The 2010 schedule features six home games, including Michigan and Iowa, as well as a second straight Thursday night season opener. Indiana will also face Penn State at FedExField, home of the Washington Redskins and the NFL’s largest stadium. Four of the Hoosiers’ opponents won games this postseason, including the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Capital One Bowl and Champs Sports Bowl.

“We are looking forward to taking on this challenging schedule,” Indiana head coach Bill Lynch said. “The Big Ten Conference certainly proved its worth during the bowl season. We appreciate the fan support we received in 2009 and will need Hoosier Nation to come out in full force once again in 2010 as we take on the Big Ten’s best.”

Indiana will start a pair of two-game series against in-state schools Ball State and Indiana State. The Hoosiers play Ball State in both 2011 and 2012, and IU will play the first of two home games against Indiana State in 2012. The other ISU home date will be in 2013.

The Hoosiers also added some high caliber out-of-state opponents on future schedules. Indiana will play Virginia at Memorial Stadium on Sept. 10, 2011, completing a home-and-home series that commenced last year. The Hoosiers will host Delaware State at home on Sept. 24, 2011. IU begins a home-and-home series with Navy in 2012 and 2013. The sequence of that series is yet to be determined.

In future years, Indiana has signed on to play a series against Missouri (2013 and 2014) of the Big 12 and perennial MAC title contender Bowling Green (2013, 2014 and 2017). IU has also reached a home-and-home agreement to play Wake Forest in 2015 and 2016.

The IU Department of Athletics will begin mailing season ticket renewals in the coming weeks. To order season tickets, contact the IU Athletics Ticket Office at 1-866-IUSPORTS or visit

Indiana kicks off the 2010 campaign on a Thursday night for the second straight season. The Hoosiers will host Towson on Sept. 2, in the first meeting between the two schools. IU played its first Thursday game in Memorial Stadium in 2009, as it earned a 19-13 victory over Eastern Kentucky.

After an off week, Indiana hits the road when it travels to Bowling Green, Ky., to face Western Kentucky on Sept. 18. The Hoosiers defeated the Hilltoppers, 31-13, in the lone meeting between the two programs on Aug. 30, 2008.

Akron returns to the Bloomington for the second time and meets IU for the third time in four seasons on Sept. 25. Indiana collected a 41-24 win in 2007 and a 38-21 triumph in Ohio last year.

For the second consecutive season the Hoosiers open conference play against Michigan and Ohio State. Following a late 36-33 loss in Ann Arbor in 2009, the Wolverines travel to Memorial Stadium for the first time since 2006 on Oct. 2. IU pays its first visit to Ohio Stadium since 2006 to face the Buckeyes the following Saturday.

Taking a break from Big Ten play and celebrating Homecoming, Indiana wraps up non-conference play with its first-ever meeting against Arkansas State on Oct. 16. The 2010 Homecoming date was previously scheduled for the weekend of Oct. 30, but the addition of a third home football game in October prompted the change. The Hoosiers have won five of their last six Homecoming contests, including a 27-14 victory over Illinois in 2009.

“Moving Homecoming from the last weekend of October to the middle of the month should provide us with a better chance for warmer weather and peak fall colors in Bloomington. We felt most alumni returning to campus for Homecoming would prefer a mid-October date over late fall,” said Tom Martz, president and CEO, IU Alumni Association.

Indiana hits the road once again at Illinois on Oct. 23 before returning to The Rock for its final two home games of the season. IU hosts two of the Big Ten’s top teams from a year ago in Northwestern (Oct. 30) and Iowa (Nov. 6).

The Hoosiers wrap up their campaign facing Wisconsin (Nov. 13), Penn State (Nov. 20) and Purdue (Nov. 27) for the third straight season. Indiana goes to Madison, Wis., before taking on the Nittany Lions. IU will play in metropolitan Washington, D.C., for the first time since a 1935 meeting with the University of Maryland in Baltimore.

Indiana closes out the season in West Lafayette, Ind., with the 86th battle for the Old Oaken Bucket and the 113th overall meeting between the Hoosiers and Boilermakers.


  1. Let’s fill that 9/8/2012 TBA with U of L! That’s a school we should be playing home and home in football and basketball. I sure would appreciate getting to see the Hoosiers back in Louisville once in a while!

  2. Fred Glass is a turd.

    Arkansas State for Homecoming?

    Korman, what did it cost IU to get out of the CMU game? I want to make sure we deduct that from our $3Million SELLOUT to Penn State.

    Let me repeat, Fred Glass is a turd. And the CIB in Indy is proof.

  3. Looking at next year’s schedule makes me feel sick. It is deja vu all over again – I see the possibity for 7 solid wins… yet how many times have I said that?

    Please, SPorts Illustrated, pick the HOosiers to finish in the middle of the pack. That is the only way Glass will come to his senses when we go 1-7 in the Big 10 again.

  4. By the way, I couldn’t agree more with the “turd” assessment…

    Anyone who arrogantly declares “Of , course ” Lynch should be back after two straight 1-7 conference seasons, and then saying “no changes are necessary” needs to be flushed .

    Thank God Greenspan was able to hire Crean…otherwise Fred would have hired a bargain-bin turd to run the basketball show…

  5. i might be overly optimistic but i see an outside chance at being 7-1 going into the iowa game next year. i think michigan continues to be down and rich rod will be on his way out making room for LSU castaway les miles. but what i am wondering is what will happen if the B10 decides to become a 12 team league? of the big ten comes to be a 12 team conference i would really love to see a KickOff special where the big10 takes on the sec. kind of like the big 10 acc showdown. this should take place the first game of the year so it does ruin national championships. also the BTN and SEC network would split the games. can you imagine the money in this???

  6. I gotta say that in my meetings with all of the Big Ten ADs over the years, Fred Glass has a stench similar to that which I find in my toilet bowl from time to time.

  7. What ever happened to playing USF? I know we were supposed to play them this year, but they pulled out for a home/home with FSU. Did they ever get put back on the schedule?

  8. Trying to be postive but I only see a 6 win season at best and that is if IU is lucky in certain situations. With a young new defense and no changes in the coaching staff…the trust and confidence is not there with me. I hope for the best and am planning a road trip for my family to either Wisky or Ohio St.

    My daughter who starts Kindergarten next year was very upset with me when I dropped the bomb that I would not be getting season tickets for the first time in 13 seasons or so. She looked at me and said, “But dad, it’s still fun.” I wish I was young again when win/loss did not matter so much! The March deadline is a little early but it should be neat to pick my own seats for the first time.

  9. What is the point of winning games against nobodies and then getting humiliated in a bowl game. I think the schedule is insulting to a Big Ten team.

  10. I wish the NCAA cared about what the fans want to see. All they care about is sponsors dollars.

    I’ve said before and have even mailed the NCAA that any 6 wins should not give a team a bowl bid. I’m fine with 6 being the magic number, but teams should have to be at least .500 in their conference. That means IU wouldn’t have made a bowl game in 2007.

    I firmly believe if the conference schedule meant more, the OoC schedule wouldn’t be as weak as some schools make them.

  11. Man forget 2010, 2011 is BRUTAL. Lynch better take advantage of next year’s schedule because ’11 is going to be a bear. Starting out at BSU then coming home to a Groh-less UVA team is not a pretty site.

  12. I have to chuckle at folks who say these schedules are weak compared to other B10 teams. From top to bottom, most other B10 schedules are the 8 conference games, a game against a I-AA school, a game against a couple I-A teams from non big six conferences, and a game against another big six conference team.

    In past seasons, IU shied from the big six game and usually played MAC schools. Now they’re adding in those teams (and I’ll throw Navy in the mix even though they’re independent). If anything, it’s looking more like the schedules of their B10 bretehren.

    I also like signing back on with Ball State and adding ISU. If anything, you’re going to be assured those schools are always going to give their best shot to upset the Hoosiers and thus make the game more competitive.

    I like the scheduling. The next couple seasons should reveal if IU is making any progress in their program. And hopefully Delaware State has one of those great marching bands that HBCU’s seem to have and they make the trip as well.

  13. Here is my 2010 predictions.

    TOWSON – W (1-0)
    at Western Kentucky – W (2-0)
    AKRON – W (3-0)
    MICHIGAN – L (3-1)
    at Ohio State – L (3-2)
    at Illinois – L (3-4)
    NORTHWESTERN – W (4-4)
    IOWA – L (4-5)
    at Wisconsin – L (4-6)
    vs. Penn State (FedExField) – L (4-7)
    at Purdue – L (4-8)

  14. Mike P, I was being overly generous on best case scenario. I had a W at homecoming and NW. I know nothing about Arkansas St though. Are you getting tickets again this year???

  15. I plan on it. I love football and so does the boy. Can’t think of another place I’d rather be on a Saturday afternoon in the fall than a football game.

    Arkansas St. game can go either way, but they played Iowa well this year and I believe they return a lot of their core for next season. That is why I’m predicting a loss.

    My Great Grandmother taught at Arkansas State, many, many, many years ago. I believe she was in the English Dept.

    My father attended Arkansas St. as a freshman in 1969-70 and was a member of the basketball team, but an untimely heart attack at 19 years of age forced him to take a leave from school.

  16. I just went and looked at Arkansas St., they actually lost more than what I thought. I’m going to switch that game to a “W” and a 5-7 season.

  17. Mike, sad to hear about your dad. My father is sick right now as I type. We have managed to have a great relationship just in the past 10 years.
    I actually want to go and research Ar St. a bit now. Good seeing you at the womens game last night. GO COLTS!!!

  18. I had a good time last night at the game. Little Mike P. got free tickets through school and wanted to go. He had a lot of fun and was selected as one of the honorary captains before the game, which means he got to run out to center court and have his name called over the PA.

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