Iowa 58, Indiana 43

Indiana Iowa basketball

Indiana was outrebounded 39-23 and badly outscored in the paint as the undermanned Iowa Hawkeyes came into Assembly Hall and simply worked harder than the Hoosiers.

According to a good source near a radio, Tom Crean has already said this was one of the softest low post performance he’s ever seen.

Should be interesting to hear what he has to say when he gets in here.

Iowa coach Todd Lickliter was just at the mic, and was obviously pleased with how his team fared. Said the key was defending hard — Indiana did not get many clean looks — and that being in the right position on defense led to the rebounding advantage.

Here’s a box score for you to review.

And some audio files to listen to.

[10:06 UPDATE]

OK, Dustin Dopirak here throwing on some additional thoughts while Korman finishes his column and while I watch the end of this Saints-Vikings game.

Comb through the above audio and you’ll find people saying much of the same thing. The Hoosiers weren’t tough enough, they didn’t fight hard enough, they didn’t block out, they didn’t screen well.

If you look through the statistics, it’s impossible to argue. The Hoosiers lost the rebounding battle, 39-23. Iowa scored 20 second-chance points to their seven and 34 points in the paint to their 16. This loss certainly had a lot to do with that. Though the Hawkeyes didn’t have a height advantage, they clearly had an advantage in bulk and in strength.

But this had almost as much to do with offensive dysfunction. The Hoosiers shot just 16-for-45 from the field and managed just three assists against 16 turnovers. That’s not going to do a lot for the ratio.

One thing that became obvious is the Hoosiers can’t win if they aren’t getting offense from anyone other than Verdell Jones and Christian Watford. Neither were spectacular. Jones had 14 points and Watford finished with 10 on 4-for-12 shooting. No one else made more than two field goals.

Crean said he might change the lineup to include three forwards instead of three guards, because Jeremiah Rivers, Verdell Jones and Jordan Hulls combined for just two rebounds. Crean wouldn’t say who that meant would come into the lineup or who would join it (though Derek Elston seems like a safe bet there). One way or another, this one’s going to require some soul-searching on the Hoosiers’ part during their six day layoff before traveling to Champagne for a 2 p.m. game next Saturday.


  1. Since we are so soft , you would think Elston would help significantly in that area.
    He would also help in the rebounding dept.
    Why does he not play?

  2. Why doesn’t Bawa play, why not play 3 big men? It is coaching!!! Crean lost some credits tonight. People are going to start questioning his decisions. Hold players accountable!!! Set the program back 10yrs! Terrible, terrible loss for recruiting potential Indiana kids. Why would you come to IU???

  3. Why does Crean continue to play kids that don’t give effort. They may be great practice players. Get Bawa game experience for next year. This year is over. Enough already!

  4. What kind of offense is crean running? Looks like Mike Davis- stand and create one on one! What a pathetic coaching plan against the worst Iowa team in years. How do you expect fans to react. Boo!

  5. all of you are quacks… give the man time. It might just be easier for you to bandwagon a team, how about KY?

  6. That was pretty terrible tonight. I was watching on BTN and couldn’t stomach our lack of offensive flow. It was an absolute joke. I don’t blame this all on Crean…only half. The other half is directly on the players shoulders. My observations…

    – Dumes reverted back to his old ways, and was in WAYYYY to long
    – Elston will never develop if he doesn’t play. The times i saw him in, he had a mostly positive impact (rebound, layup, and 2 point jumper). He did get lost on defense a few times, BUT LET HIM DEVELOP!!!
    -Moore and Hulls in at the same time is a terrible backcourt combo
    -VJIII continues to get his
    -Pritch…I just don’t know anymore. I want him to play well, but he just struggles.
    -Hulls didn’t know what to do tonight. I saw hesitation on his part…he didn’t know if he should run the point or try to score.

    Do not take this as an attack on crean…I am just observing what I saw in the game…and most of it was pretty terrible.

  7. Why Elston doesn’t get minutes is beyond me. The kid comes in, gets an offensive rebound and put back to score in the first half, then drops in a long two from the corner. Brings energy to the floor. Then we bench him and continue to play Dumes aka Dumba** who consistently screwed up in the 2nd half. So yeah, I question the decisions made tonight. I was hoping Crean would have put in Fink, Gambles, and others just to see if he could get a spark. Lickliter clearly had a better game plan, his kids executed and they won. Our coaches didn’t adjust to the dribble penetration all night. Burned over and over in the first half, then Iowa scores their first bucket of the 2nd half on dribble penetration. Call me a quack all you want, but Crean has culpability for this loss as much as the players who for the most part were pathetic. He could have won some fans over with sending a message to the guys not producing during the game by playing some that could or at least would give some effort. I feel sorry for the fans that had to witness that in person. After tonight it’s no wonder they stormed the floor after MN game.

  8. I think most fans know why Rivers transfered from Georgetown now. He was not going to get to play this out of control for Georgetown. Iowa lacks athletes at every position! Rivers line- 2points against Iowa. Ouch. But he will start next game. Indictment of Coach Crean if he continues to play a starting guard who cannot score or rebound or get assists.

  9. I’m fine with Crean…but to respond to your question. If I had to pick another coach other than crean…Tony Bennett.

  10. I have to agree with Sam. Point guard play at this level is so crucial. We haven’t had leadership there since Coverdale. Hulls can’t make his own shot, Daniel Moore doesn’t shoot, Rivers can’t shoot, and frankly, Verdell is hot and cold (which is why, if Dumes can’t light it up of the bench, we’re done.)

    Bottom line, we don’t have the weapons to compete across the Big Ten grind. These kids, are just that, kids. I’ve seen Rivers, he’s big. But Dumes, Watford, Hulls, Moore, Jones III…you could knock them over with a wet rag. I’m pretty sure Crean is looking for some tougher kids/men.

    It’s baby steps for this program. However, tonight was a step backwards.

  11. Reminiscing the times RMK benched his entire starting 5 even though the game was clearly undecided, because their heads weren’t in it.

  12. Why Crean does not start Dumes is beyond me! Elston is gradually coming around with the BIG TEN bodies, let them be big or small the defensive play with helpside defense from Dumes was good, the assist from Dumes was good for Elston and the team. You have gotta be kiddin’ Your comment on dumba@@ is not needed he didn’t coach the game nor start, or referee and he contributed and no you can’t blame him as your scapecoat! GET A LIFE real soon! I.U. is awesome (TC) IS A Terri((() COA**

  13. You folks making the comparison of Mike Davis’ offense are missing a major point. Mike Davis actually had set plays with an effort to get people open for layups or jumpshots. The majority of our shots are off the dribble, players not square, throwing up balls toward the hoop. I do not understand how Rivers can have a year off and be such a crap shooter – his problem too is he is rarely square – If Rivers was this bad of a shooter coming in the coaches should have just had him relearn to shoot correctly. I wish we ran the Davis offense in comparison to this. Bawa is not the answer. Sadly the players look to be uninspired.

  14. The only THING he does is stand and clap his hands. Examples:

    1. Dumes throws the play directly to an Iowa player= Crean claps.

    2. Dumes dribbles off his leg= Crean claps.

    3. Rivers takes ANOTHER jumper he has a 0% chance of making= Crean claps.

    At some point you have to some accountabilty to your team and fans!


  15. J Pat…Minny and Penn St…lets see..bottom feeders for 50 years. Currently, neither team makes the NCAA tournement. I want coach Crean to succeed and I will cheer them on every game – most of which I have attended for the past 20+ years. Please, are you serious..where were we after the Minny and Penn State games..I forgot Rushing the Court! We have routinely kicked their butts and should do the same today. Do you see us at the same level as Minny and Penn State or Duke, UNC, and UK? Sadly, we look mid to lower MAC conference.

  16. bk, you did not answer my question. Nobody came on here and talked crap after those games. By the way, we were predicted to lose to Minny and PSU. bk, what were your expectations this year???

  17. forgot, in our second year of rebuilding I see us like PSU or Minny. 3rd year slightly better, 4th a little better and fifth like UNC or Duke or Kansas…my expectations!

  18. J Pat..I like your expectations and can live with it. I just fear we are longer away than you predict. Who knows? Cheer like hell and hope we turn it around. I will just relax and enjoy it to paraphrase our former hall of fame coach. To be is not worth talking crap about this anymore. The next two years will tell us where we are.

  19. bk, if I don’t show it on here, I am frustrated too. If we lose this game next year, I will be with you and some others. I expect steady progress every year, trust me. Just keep in mind that IU beat a good Pitt team and recently lost there best player. Some are forgetting the loss of Creek was huge!

  20. I think the Iowa game was our worst performance of the year (at Ohio St was pretty bad, but at least that was on the road). That said, I’m trying to look at the big picture…
    The decimation of the IU program between 07/08 and 08/09 remains unprecedented. Sure, there are examples of teams that had great success starting multiple underclassmen, but I challenge people to find an example of a team that had virtually 100% player turnover (Kyle Taber, the lone returning scholarship player in 08/09, was a former walk-on and was good for 1.3 points a game in 07/08 and 4.3 points a game in 08/09) and 100% coaching turnover in the same year… For extra credit, find one that also received NCAA sanctions during that time frame and one where the previous coach was booted before the end of the previous season after coaching less than 2 seasons…
    I think Crean has done a good job so far. Yes, I have questions, one of which is why Elston isn’t seeing more playing time, but I digress.
    We have 11 games remaining (excluding the B10 tourney), and if I had to bet, I’d say we win 2 or 3 of them. Our remaining home games are: Mich St, Wisconsin, Purdue, Ohio St and Northwestern – currently sitting 1st, 2nd, T3rd, T3rd and T6th in the conference. Remaining road games are Illinois, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Purdue… My guess is that we have one more game where we play well above expectations (that is, beat a team that should blow us out of the gym) and one more game where we play well below expectations (that is, get blown out by a team we should be competitive with).
    If we win 3 more games (again, excluding the B10 tourney), that would put us at 12-18, coming off a year when we finished 6-25. Regardless of whether this year meets certain people’s expectations, I think it is pretty obvious that we have improved significantly relative to last year – even after losing our best player before the start of conference play…

  21. “The decimation of the IU program between 07/08 and 08/09 remains unprecedented”

    I tend to agree especially since it seems to be still going on.

  22. Devan Dumas is the most selfish player that has played here in a number of years. To say that he should be starting is just crazy. He always looks for his shot first, dribbles into traffic way too much and rarely makes the correct pass or decision. The best play he made this year was turning down a shot and passing to Jones for a crucial three. He has to play some minutes because of Creek’s injury but I would rather see Daniel Mooore get the minutes.

    And why did Alston play only 9 minutes? He is just what wwe need – a smart big guy that plays hard! We certainly don’t get that from the other bigs.

  23. Junkie, you might be right about Dumes but without him IU loses the Minny game. I posted about Dumes recently a couple times.

  24. J Pat – I tend to agree with you about the Minnie game. I was watching it with my wife and a friend and we lost count the number of mistakes that Dumas made, particularly in the first half. Many of the fouls on our bigs were a result of Dumas getting beat off the dribble. He had a coupel 2 on is where he ahould have passed but shot himself. And he seems to be the poster child for dribbling into double teams. After he made a couple of good plays and we ended up winning I commented that, despite all of his mistakes, the headline would be that he was the game hero.

    As much as he drives us crazy, we will have to live with his mistakes through this year with Creek out. Hopefully he won’t cheap shot an opponent as he did last year.

    People need to give this team some slack. It will contninue to play some decent games as well as some real stinkers like Iowa. Lots of potential but it’s still boys against men at this point.

  25. Late into the game IU was trying to come back and had it down to 11 or so. Moore, Hulls, Rivers, VJ III, and Watford were on the floor – 4 point guards and a gifted but thin freshman. Iowa was able to rebound every missed shot and even Iowa misses on the front end of 1 on 1. No subs for the guards for D….Overall, I agree that Bawa needs time, and Elston is getting better. We also need Pritchard or Copabianco up front to muscle the other bigs. This enables our guards to rebound. I do feel for Crean though….he will win and he is an excellent communicator. Crean will get the recruits and the players will learn his system and mature but (ouch) it will take 2- 3 more years. I played big ten sports…freshman are freshman and not consistent. Sophmores are not much better. Juniors and seniors are the necessary mainstay for a succesfull program (unless you can get 3-4 5* recruits). This will mature into a good team and then IU will be back…unfortunately this is a bit painful – and I just hope the bigs get more experience – because defense and rebounds set up the fast pace Crean likes and we have limited bigs. Bawa in my opinion is our best hope with Prichard inside – Elston has a big upside, and Bobby can shot the three – and I hope we see three of them on the floor at the same time…

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