IU In-State Recruit Watch: Ron Patterson

The powers that be — and by that I mean Korman — tell me I need to get out of the office more. And because what would be the most productive use of my time (hanging out at Assembly Hall, watching practice and talking to players) isn’t allowed by the IU powers that be, we’ve decided I should instead go to some Indiana high school games and check out some of the players IU is recruiting for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 classes.

So this is how we’re going to start this. I’ll try to get to as many games as possible that are in the state (in most cases, within a two-hour drive) talk to some people and fill you in on some of my impressions of their games. Disclaimer. I’ve seen a decent bit of basketball in six plus years of covering Division I , but that being said, the highest level of basketball I ever played in was a high school rec league and I offer no illusions that I could coach at a level higher than that, so take everything I offer in these with that considerable grain of salt. What I say here is meant to inform and start some form of discussion, but shouldn’t be confused with any sort of professional be-all, end-all evaluation.

So now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about Ron Patterson, the sophomore at Broad Ripple High School whom IU has reportedly offered a scholarship to for the class of 2012.

Patterson’s had bigger numbers and better games than the one he had Wednesday night at Bishop Chatard. He scored just 10 points in Broad Ripple’s comfortable victory after sitting out the entire second quarter due to foul trouble, but in the minutes he did play, he showed a lot of the reasons he’s getting Division I offers.

For one thing, he’s got a Division I frame. He’s listed at 6-3, 185 pounds. He’s already pretty well defined, but you can easily see him adding 15 pounds of muscle or more by the time he gets to college and maybe more once he arrives. He has a smooth shooting stroke from both mid-range and beyond the 3-point arc, and he can be effective driving in straight lines. Against high school players at least — and if he doesn’t get any taller, this can only be so much a part of his game — he showed a decent post-up game, hitting a nice turnaround jumper in the first half.

Defensively, he needs some work as is almost universally the case in high school sophomores. Broad Ripple spent the entire game in a 2-3 zone. At times Patterson was active in it, at times he stood around, at times he gambled too much and allowed Bishop Chatard to find players cutting baseline where he was supposed to be stationed. It’s important to note, though, that he wasn’t indifferent about it. He wants to be a factor on defense, and with work, he can be.

What stood out to me most, though, was that he didn’t try to do everything himself. Two plays were specific examples of this. Early on, just after hitting the turnaround jumper he hit in the post, he drew a double team and made a beautiful pass out of it to find a cutting teammate for a layup. Later in the game, when Bishop Chatard switched from man to man to a 1-3-1 half-court trap, he caught the ball in the left corner and had an opportunity to take a quick three. He opted against it, however, drew two defenders and passed across court for to an open teammate on the right wing for a wide open 3-pointer.

“He comes to win the games,” Broad Ripple coach Basil Mawbey said. “That’s one of the things the college coaches like about him best from AAU is he does want to win the games. He wants to win and that’s his first priority. … A lot of the times he has to shoot all of those, and if was the time of the game that we needed him he would’ve shot. He does a lot of things reading what has to be done at a certain times. He wants to win and if he has to score 28 for us to win, he’ll do it if he has to score 15 and get 10 rebounds he’ll do it. He’ll do whatever it takes to win.”


  1. Sweet, thats what I’m talkin’ about. If you need any help, you know someone to ride with and chit chat bout the happenings in life I’d be the one. You know how boring it can be out there, traveling to the games alone, I promise I wont ask to many stupid questions. RHF, please???

  2. If only Patterson were going to come to Indiana. The only players I am more pessimistic about are Teague and AJ Hammonds.

  3. The optimistic ones though are Smith-Rivera, Perea, Jurkin, and a few others (Zeller hopefully).

    Get a couple of these guys and we will have very, very competitive teams.

  4. Patterson would come in very well coached also. Mawbey is one of the best coaches in the state.
    I would love to pull Patterson, DSR, and Hammons out of this class.

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